Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 95

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 95

Chapter 95: An Episode Of Going Down The Mountain Shen Yaoling turned her head and said angrily.

“Humph! If there’s anything fun, don’t let Ling’er go.

Master, you’re biased!” “Your Senior Brother left in such a hurry.

He must have something urgent to deal with.

You shouldn’t join in the fun.

” As she said this, Bai Xueling looked at Su Xing.

“I don’t care what you’re here for.

“However, you haven’t left the mountain for many years.

You must know that people are evil.

Don’t trust others so easily.

” Su Xing understood the reason and nodded repeatedly! Bai Xueling took out a yellow talisman from her storage ring that had been folded into a triangle and tied into a triangle with a red ribbon.

She handed it over.

“This is my voice transmission talisman.

If you have any difficulties, you can contact me through the voice transmission talisman.

” Although it was called a voice transmission talisman, the principle was actually similar to the phone function in his previous life.

The only difference was that one used the battery and the other required spiritual energy to activate it.

After a few attempts, Su Xing had mastered the usage of the voice transmission talisman.




“Thank you, Master!” “Master, Where’s Ling’er’s?” “You little girl, you don’t even go out.

What are you going to do with the voice transmission talisman?” Even though she said that, Bai Xueling still took out three voice transmission talismans from her storage ring.

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COM “I’ll say this first.

I can give you the voice transmission talisman, but it must be based on cultivation.

” “If you have to, you can’t use the voice transmission talisman to disturb your Senior Brother.

Do you understand?” “Yes! I understand, Master!” Shen Yaoling took the initiative to take the voice transmission talisman and gave it to the other two Senior Sisters.

Su Xing held the voice transmission talisman and seemed to be deep in thought.

She did not know if it was an illusion, but after refining and absorbing energy last time, her cultivation had improved greatly.

At the same time, Shen Yaoling always looked at her with a strange gaze.

“Master, Junior Sisters, it’s urgent.

I’ll go down the mountain now.

” “After I leave, remember to cultivate well and listen to master’s words!” Hearing Su Xing’s concerned words, all the girls nodded.

“Senior brother! Ling’er will miss you!” Shen Yaoling looked at Su Xing with a serious face and said.

“Why do you miss Yyur Senior Brother?” Hearing this, Bai Xueling’s pretty face suddenly became interesting as she said unhappily.

“If you have time, why don’t you think more about the telepathic sword that I taught you?” “What I said is true, but cultivation and thinking about Senior Brother don’t conflict…” Shen Yaoling whispered.

Faced with the different gazes of the women, Su Xing smiled and did not say anything.

He looked around and then turned around to leave.

Looking at Su Xing’s departing back, Bai Xueling suddenly felt a trace of melancholy.

Everyone needed to learn to take charge of their own affairs.

Just like a baby eagle, they always had to leave the comfortable bird nest and soar high in the sky alone.

It was also time for this inexperienced disciple of his to accept the harsh beating of the immortal cultivation world and learn about the law of the jungle and the ruthlessness of the cultivation world.

Moreover, his current cultivation level was so high that even he could not see through it.

As long as he did not seek death, he wouldn’t be in too much danger.

The night wind whistled past, and the young man’s figure had already disappeared into the vast night.

“He has already gone far away, stop looking!” “All of you go back and rest early.

Tomorrow, I will make a daily cultivation plan for all of you!” “Master, then what should we eat tonight? Ling’er is hungry!” Bai Xueling could not help but be stunned when she heard that! Hungry? Cultivators had long stopped eating grain and ahd entered the fasting period.

Why would they be hungry? Just as she was confused, Su Yan’er sighed.

“Junior Sister Ling’er, you’d better meditate and cultivate.

After Senior Brother leaves, there won’t be any dinner.

” … At this time, the Moon was already in the middle of the sky.

On the mountain path to the South of Sunset Peak.

Su Xing returned to the wooden house and simply packed a few clothes.

Then, he went straight down the mountain path to the south of Sunset Peak.

He was walking.

Thousands of thoughts slowly welled up in his heart! Sigh! This was his first time going down the mountain, so he really could not bear to part with it.

Parting always made people feel sad! Under the weak moonlight, every flower and grass around him became indistinct to his sight.

Waving his hand in the direction of the wooden house, Su Xing no longer hesitated.

He turned around and quickened his pace.

When he was about halfway up the mountain.

Suddenly, a strange fluctuation came from the air.

He seemed to be familiar with the source of this strange fluctuation.

Hmm? “This aura, could it be that someone has broken into the bewitching array!” But who would go up the Sunset Peak and wander around in the middle of the night? Su Xing muttered, then disappeared in a flash.

When he reappeared.

The scene that appeared before his eyes confirmed his guess.

As far as the eye could see, a pink fog filled the air.

Waves of a sweet and fishy smell surged over.

The pink fog looked extremely charming, but its identity was not enough to make people avoid it like snakes or scorpions.

The fog was the fog that was emitted by the Bewitching Formation’s eye.

After the person who entered the formation inhaled the miasma, they would have hallucinations.

The various desires in their hearts would be magnified endlessly, causing them to go crazy.

It could be said that the Bewitching Formation was one of the necessary formations to kill without being seen.

And at this moment, a very erotic scene was happening inside the bewitching formation.

Surrounded by the pink fog, there was a familiar figure whose clothes were disheveled.

His perfect body was faintly discernible in the fog, and he was extremely charming.

The owner of that figure, Su Xing, recognized him.

It was the disciple who came to acknowledge him as his master yesterday, Thunder Peak’s little chili Li Yiyi.

However, Li Yiyi’s current state was not quite right.

Her mind had been confused by the Bewitching Formation, and she seemed to have fallen into a wonderful illusion.

“Li Yiyi? It’s actually her!” Did I not tell her to go back first last night? Why would she appear here? Fortunately, she happened to bump into her when she went down the mountain.

Otherwise, who knew what would have happened! At this moment, Li Yiyi’s eyes were blurred and she did not move at all.

It was obvious that she had inhaled a large amount of the bewitching formation’s miasma.

Since things had come to this, Su Xing did not have time to think too much He hurriedly mustered his Qi to resist the influence of the miasma and charged into the formation alone to save her.

“Junior Sister Yiyi, you…” Once he entered the Bewitching Formation, Su Xing cursed inwardly.

At this moment, Li Yiyi seemed to have found her target of attack and was no longer in her original confused state.

She completely ignored her naked appearance and pounced on Su Xing while gasping for air.

When her half-naked body was running, a large patch of snow-white skin was also faintly discernible, making one’s eyes dazzle.

“Gulp!” Su Xing subconsciously moved his throat.

“What a huge, what a powerful formation…” Due to her unconscious state, Li Yiyi’s attack was very chaotic, and Su Xing easily dodged it.

He dodged left and right.

Su Xing’s robust body was like a cheetah, shuttling back and forth in the thick pink fog.

“Bewitching array, disperse!” A streak of spiritual energy shot out from his fingertip and fiercely struck at the array core.

Rumble! The array core was broken, and the pink fog instantly dispersed.

The core of the array was the eye of the formation.

As long as the array core was broken, it would destroy the operation of the Bewitching Formation.

Su Xing did not have time to relax.

A high-pitched female voice suddenly resounded throughout the entire mountain forest.