Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 189

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 189

Chapter 189: The Return of the Virgin Mary Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Peter stood in the S-Grade queen insect’s nest and pondered over the information that the queen insect had just mentioned.

When he entered the area controlled by the Mechanical City, he had entered several small towns.

At that time, he could feel a very tense atmosphere as the Mechanical City had sent out patrolling mechas very frequently.

“Queen insect, what is the furthest area that the mutated creatures you control can reach?”   Peter asked the queen insect this question.

It should be known that other mutated creatures or queen insects would not know whether a mutated creature was being controlled by a queen insect.

This allowed the queen insect to scout a very large area using mutated creatures.

“Master, the mutated creatures I send out can reach the low-lying land south of the Mechanical City.

” The coordinates given by the queen insect was also the area where the scouts had discovered the mechas.

Together with the unique appearance of the mutated creatures, it was easy for them to discover targets that the human camp could not detect.

Just after the queen insect finished speaking, a mutated vulture flew into the nest.

Peter looked at the mutated vulture because he knew that flying mutated creatures like this were very suitable for scouting in the wilderness.

  As expected, when the mutated vulture walked up to the S-Grade queen insect, the queen insect could communicate with this mutated creature via brain waves.

After a short wait, when the queen insect looked at Peter, Peter could feel a look of fear in the queen insect’s eyes.




“Master, this vulture has brought back a piece of terrifying information.

Many mutated creatures are also gathering in the Washington area.

This was discovered this morning.

When this vulture left the area, many mutated beasts had gathered.

They began to move in our direction.

” The information that the S-Grade queen insect mentioned also shocked Peter.

He couldn’t figure out why two different factions had assembled one after another.

This couldn’t be a coincidence.

Furthermore, the mutated creatures in the Washington area were not controlled by the queen insect.

“Queen insect, send more mutated creatures to closely observe the mutated beasts that are beginning to move.

”   Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM Then, Peter remembered something and added, “Queen insect, will you come back to the Genetics College with me later? Or will you hide underground near the Genetics College like before?” No matter what the purpose of the mutated beasts was this time, Peter’s priority was to ensure the safety of the queen insect.

Once the queen insect died, the people he controlled through the queen insect would also die.

This was the outcome Peter hated to see.

Even though the queen insect now had the strength to protect itself, he didn’t dare to let it take the risk.

The S-Grade queen insect was the only soul slave that Peter could control.

Thus, it would carry out Master Peter’s orders unconditionally.

… The endless night shrouded the ancient Mechanical City.

A special mecha appeared a few hundred meters away from the city gate.

This mecha was shaped like a smart vehicle and was a modified transport mecha.

  When the mecha passed through the city gate, it only underwent the most basic inspection.

Then, it drove into Area C of the Mechanical City, which was a dense factory area.

A very high-leveled Enforcer was already waiting there, with a very obvious No.

0 symbol engraved on his chest.

Then, a humanoid cyborg walked out of the mecha.

The metal surface of its body was very smooth and clean.

From the perspective of Enforcer No.

0, it looked more like a beautiful piece of art.

However, Enforcer No.

0 knew very well that the person in front of him was the highest ruler who controlled the entire Mechanical City.

Enforcer No.

0 walked forward and lowered his body to show his respect.

“Great Virgin Mary, welcome back!” The Virgin Mary controlled her beautiful mechanical body and walked past the Enforcer.

Instead of looking at the Enforcer who was still bending over, she gave her first order after returning.

“Ask Enforcer No.

3, who is in charge of the mutated mecha beasts, to look for me.

Also, gather all the mecha armies immediately.

” “Great Virgin Mary, everything is as you wish!” Then, Enforcer No.

0 watched the Virgin Mary leave with a respectful expression.

  As the most special Enforcer in the Mechanical City, Enforcer No.

0 had a unique number.

Other than the Virgin Mary, Enforcer No.

0 had the greatest authority in the city.

Enforcer No.

0 watched as the Virgin Mary passed through a wall before turning to leave.

What he had to do next was very urgent.

He first informed Enforcer No.

3 to look for the Virgin Mary.

At the same time, a smart car drove towards him.

A few minutes later, a woman appeared in front of the smart car.

There was also a No.

3 logo engraved on her chest.

Enforcer No.

0, who was sitting in the car, only mentioned a destination after Enforcer No.

3 appeared.

Then, the smart car instantly revved its engine and sped away.

After the smart vehicle left, Enforcer No.

3 walked towards a wall.

However, when she heard the sound of the engine behind her, she felt very uncomfortable.

An expression of distrust appeared on her face.

It was not until Enforcer No.

3 passed through the wall and entered a dim space that she began to adjust the displeasure that she had felt against Enforcer No.


After all, Enforcer No.

0 was the person that the Virgin Mary trusted the most.

He was far from someone that she, as Enforcer No.

3, could replace.

After being guided by a special device, Enforcer No.

3 finally arrived at a room.

When she pushed open the door, she saw the Virgin Mary standing in front of a huge screen with her back facing her.

Enforcer No.

3 knelt on one knee and looked at the Virgin Mary’s back.

“Great Virgin Mary, everything is as you wish!” The Virgin Mary ignored Enforcer No.

3 who was behind her.

Instead, she stared at the screen in front of her.

On the screen was a video of a mecha army advancing with a very special mecha in front of them.

Through the transparent glass window on the surface of the mecha, the Virgin Mary was observing a man inside the mecha.

“Oria, you’ve finally chosen the Great Bishop!” Meanwhile, Enforcer No.

3 maintained her posture.

She was not allowed to get up before the Virgin Mary turned around.

However, this did not stop her from thinking about what the Virgin Mary had just mentioned about Oria.

She knew that Oria had once been a close friend of the former Virgin Mary.

Thus, they had always maintained a very special relationship.

This was no longer a secret in the Mechanical City.

However, to the surprise of Enforcer No.

3, she could clearly see from the display screen in front of her that Oria was commanding a huge mecha army.

Furthermore, his target was the Mechanical City.

Just as Enforcer No.

3 was letting her imagination run wild, the Virgin Mary finally turned around and looked at Enforcer No.

3, who was kneeling on the ground.

  “How many Genetic Warriors have we captured now?”