Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 188

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 188

Chapter 188: The Discovery of the S-Grade Queen Insect Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios When the morning light began to envelop the ground, the Genetics College, which was located 57km north of New York Base City, welcomed the returning team of Genetic Warriors.

Professor Eugene deliberately put on his formal suit and stood on the right side of the parking lot.

Beside him were the teachers of the college.

Meanwhile, selected elite students who held signs welcoming the return of the God of War Peter stood behind the teachers.

Every student looked excited.

  This was because Professor Eugene had previously promised these elite students that as long as the God of War Peter returned with the mysterious warrior, he would be able to increase the level of the Genetics College’s gene potion to a new level.

This was a very exciting thing for the elite students.

This was because they could step through the threshold of the Genetic General in advance and obtain the citizenship issued by the Federation.

This way, their families would no longer have to endure hunger.

Even students with relatively good family backgrounds could obtain other benefits from their citizenship.

A few minutes later, Professor Eugene was the first to see a small black dot in the distant sky.

Then, the roar of the aircraft engine reached his ears.

“Attention everyone, the aircraft that the God of War Peter is in has appeared.

”   As soon as Professor Eugene finished speaking, the teachers standing beside him began to instruct the students behind them on the details of their actions after the aircraft landed.




The black dot in the sky grew larger and larger until the people waiting in the parking lot began to see the landing gear that had been lowered from the aircraft.

Then, the welcoming team began to sound the welcome tune of the West Point Genetics College.

An exciting and passionate song resounded over the parking lot.

Then, the aircraft that Peter was on slowly landed on the designated parking lot.

When the hatch of the aircraft opened, the first person to appear in front of everyone was not the God of War Peter, but the mischievous Donna that everyone remembered.

Professor Eugene was furious when he saw Donna appear from the hatch first.

The welcome ceremony that he had carefully prepared had been disrupted by a little girl.

  Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM After Donna jumped off the hatch, Barker led Elise and Bela out of the aircraft.

Professor Eugene saw that there was still no sign of the God of War Peter.

He looked at Barker, who was walking over, with a troubled expression.

Before Barker could say anything, Professor Eugene spoke first.

“Barker, didn’t the God of War Peter come back with you?” Professor Eugene saw that Barker was still holding a container.

He couldn’t tell what was inside.

Meanwhile, Barker walked up to Professor Eugene and answered, “Professor Eugene, I didn’t say that the God of War Peter was coming back with us.

The God of War Peter has something important to do.

Didn’t he tell you?” After Barker finished speaking, he looked around at the welcoming team and looked at Professor Eugene again.

  “Oh my god, all of this is to welcome the God of War Peter!” Barker could also see Professor Eugene’s awkward expression on his troubled face.

In order to ease the awkward atmosphere, he handed the container to Professor Eugene.

“Professor Eugene, this is the power of the mysterious warrior that the God of War Peter found.

” Professor Eugene subconsciously took the container from Barker.

When he received it, he could feel that the container was very light.

Other than the weight of the container itself, he determined that it was probably empty.

“Is this container empty?!” Professor Eugene only had one arm.

Thus, he hugged the container that was only the size of a basketball with one hand and tried to shake it.

“Professor Eugene, you have to shake it gently.

The God of War Peter went through a lot of trouble to find this.

” On the way back to the Genetics College in the aircraft, Barker held the container in his arms the entire time as if he were protecting his child.

This was because when the God of War Peter left, he had told Barker that Barker had to protect the container with his life.

  Professor Eugene heard Barker’s reminder of the importance of the container in his arms.

He glared at Barker.

“Why did you hand such an important thing to me!” It was then that Barker realized that there was something wrong with handing such an important item to Professor Eugene, who only had one arm.

Thus, Barker smiled awkwardly and took the container from Professor Eugene.

Professor Eugene turned to let the other teachers and students go back first.

Then, he motioned to Barker.

“Let’s go.

Take the container and follow me to the laboratory.

” This time, Professor Eugene’s carefully prepared welcome ceremony ended in failure.

The only thing that made Professor Eugene feel regret for was that Callie was not present.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be the one who was embarrassed.

As the fiancée of the God of War Peter, Callie had also returned to New York Base City after Peter left the Genetics College.

This was something Peter had deliberately asked her to do when he left.

Now, after General David was frightened away by Peter, New York Base City desperately needed someone who could replace the former President.

Originally, the large families had planned to support the God of War Peter as the new President of the Federation in order to please him.

However, Peter did not agree.

He felt that it was better to let Callie run for the position of the new President of the Federation.

… When Barker returned to the Genetics College with the container, Peter had arrived at the nest of the S-Grade queen insect.

From the moment he entered the area controlled by the S-Grade queen insect, he could feel that the mutated creatures here had changed greatly.

The last time he had come to the queen insect’s nest was a month ago.

In the span of a short month, the S-Grade queen insect had increased the level of the mutated beasts.

  The most obvious change was that as soon as Peter entered the nest of the queen insect, more than ten B-Grade mutated creatures appeared in front of him.

He knew that the S-Grade queen insect was deliberately controlling these B-Grade mutated creatures.

However, these powerful mutated creatures were bloodthirsty and violent.

When they discovered that a human had entered their territory, they would definitely leave the cave and threaten Peter with their strength.

Peter entered the tunnel and went to the cave where the S-Grade queen insect lived.

He found that the cave still contained traces of the last attack on the queen insect as the walls on both sides were filled with traces of being attacked by firearms.

It seemed that the S-Grade queen insect was still repairing its nest.

When the S-Grade queen insect saw Peter appear in the cave, it curled up and lowered its huge body.

This was a form of respect for Peter.

“Master, thank you for your reminder.

You saved my life.

” Previously, the Virgin Mary of the Mechanical City had sent an S-Grade mutated mecha beast to the nest of the S-Grade queen insect to attack it.

It was Peter who had discovered the Virgin Mary’s scheme in advance and reminded the queen insect to avoid death.

The S-Grade queen insect saw Master Peter nod before continuing to speak in human language.

“Master, the scouts I sent out yesterday discovered a very important piece of information.

A mecha army is gathering in the Washington area.

” Peter really didn’t know about this discovery.


After all, he had been traveling and didn’t have time to pay attention to the situation in Washington.