Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 165

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 165

Chapter 165: S-Grade Mutated Mecha Snake When it was almost noon the next day, Peter found traces of the mutants in a valley.

The entire surface of a rock had been burned by the high temperature, leaving traces that looked like charcoal on it.

However, after chasing them all the way here, he didn’t discover anything new.

Just as Peter was deciding whether to continue his pursuit, an unusual sound came from the valley.

It sounded like a powerful mutant creature.

Rumble! Rocks began to fall from the valley as a huge snake appeared at the entrance.

The moment the snake appeared, a system prompt sounded in Peter’s mind.

[S-Grade mutated mecha snake genes detected.

Extracting…] [Extraction failed.

Genes cannot be extracted.

] The system prompt surprised Peter as this had never happened before.

After confronting Peter for more than ten minutes, the S-Grade mutated mecha snake spat out a mouthful of venom.

This fight was nothing to the snake.

After all, many snakes could even hide for more than ten hours without moving in order to hunt for food.

However, for other creatures, especially humans, this was a burden.

Meanwhile, humans were highly focused, but as time passed, their bodies would become stiff.

At this time, once the opponent launched a sudden attack, their bodies would momentarily disobey their orders and they would be tricked.

However, Peter was different from other people.




Firstly, his mental strength was 100 times higher than that of ordinary people.

More importantly, he had the ability to put his target in an illusion.

Upon seeing the venom coming at him, his body quickly darted to the side.

The venom missed and landed on the ground more than ten meters away.

However, this venom was clearly a special venom that had mutated.

When it landed on the ground, a white smoke flashed and the surface of the ground was corroded, forming a large hole.

Peter broke out in a cold sweat.

In order to prevent the snake from continuing to spray venom, he could only punch the huge snake’s head.

Now, the S-Grade mutated mecha snake was a monster.

When faced with Peter’s attacks, it raised its mechanical right arm and easily blocked it.

Then, it stretched out its very sharp mechanical arm and grabbed Peter’s head.

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COM Peter turned and dodged, continuing to attack the neck of the giant snake.

The scales of the S-Grade mutated mecha snake were very tough.

Furthermore, there was more than one layer of scales on the body of the S-Grade mutated mecha snake.

Thus, its special structure transmitted the power of Peter’s attack, causing the impact of his attack to spread to the other parts of its body.

Then, Peter tried to attack the vital parts of its head.

However, the mechanical arms on the back of the S-Grade mutated mecha swung to defend against his attack.

Furthermore, its two arms waved with a huge force that made Peter’s hands and arms numb.

“Master, the body of this giant snake has also been modified.

” This was No.

0’s reminder.


0 scanned the scale structure of the S-Grade mutated mecha snake with his eyes and sent the results of his analysis into Peter’s mind.

“Master, the weakness of the giant snake is at the back of its neck.

That’s where its defense is the weakest.

” Peter asked No.

0 to operate the smart mecha and attract the giant snake’s attention from the front.

Then, he took the opportunity to circle behind the giant snake and punch the back of its neck.

With the support of 50 times more rage, Peter punched the hard scales of the giant snake.

A powerful impact instantly penetrated its tough scales and caused serious damage to the flesh tissue inside.

After activating 50 times more rage, Peter’s power increased to 6 million kg.

This terrifying power hit the vital parts of the giant snake and caused tremendous damage.

The huge pain made the S-Grade mutated mecha snake cry out miserably.

It had lost its mind from the intense pain.

For a moment, the human genes in its body could no longer suppress the snake genes and began to release its power frantically.

Meanwhile, Peter could clearly feel the change in the mutated mecha in front of him.

Previously, the giant snake had a hint of human rationality.

This was because when it was transformed into a mutated mecha beast, the person who transformed the giant snake added the incomplete consciousness of a human to suppress the consciousness of the giant snake.

However, under Peter’s full-power attack, the consciousness of the mutated mecha snake began to dominate and successfully seized the control of the giant snake’s body.

Soon, the body of the S-Grade mutated mecha changed dramatically.

The giant snake roared and twisted, ready to attack Peter.


0 continued to scan the giant snake in front of him.

Then, his main body’s indicator light flashed wildly as he did rapid calculations.

“Master, I’ve analyzed the structure of this fellow’s body.

It has just undergone genetic restructuring.

The beast genes hidden in its body have transformed it into this form.

However, this change violates the law of material conservation.

In order to maintain this form, it forcibly tore off its genetic chain and released huge amounts of energy to maintain this form for a short period of time.

” As a Genetic God of War, Peter knew very well that the genetic chain in the giant snake had been torn apart.

Thus, it would not be long before its entire body collapsed.

“According to my calculations, the snake won’t last more than six minutes before its body disintegrates.

” At this moment, the giant snake raised its head to more than two meters above the ground.

Then, it flicked its tongue while hissing.

Its bloody mouth was slightly opened, emitting a bloody smell.

The thick snake’s tail was squirming wantonly, flipping over the nearby rocks.

At the end of the snake’s tail was no longer a scale, but a metal protective device made of alloy.

Not only could it protect the snake’s tail, it could also be used to attack.

The agile snake tail flew towards Peter.

At this moment, Peter also discovered that at the end of the tail was a spiked mace made of metal.

At this critical moment, No.

0 detected the power value on the snake’s tail in time.

“Master, dodge quickly.

The power of the giant snake has exceeded 1 million kg and is still rising rapidly.

” No.

0 spoke quickly because the snake’s tail was flying from dozens of meters away.

Thus, he had time to remind Peter.

At this moment, a rare expression of shock appeared on Peter’s face.

The power of the giant snake in front of him ahd exceeded 1 million kg.

This meant that with Peter’s current physical strength, he could not withstand the attack of the giant snake.

At this moment, there was a whistle as the snake’s tail flew several meters in front of Peter.

Peter’s speed reached its limit, allowing him to safely dodge the attack of the snake’s tail.

However, he knew that the mutated mecha snake still had a few minutes to go berserk.

Thus, it was very difficult for him not to be attacked by the giant snake during this period of time.

Peter had just regained his balance when determination flashed in his eyes.

Then, he attacked the giant snake again.

“Fifty times more rage!” Peter punched the neck of the giant snake, directly piercing through it.

Meanwhile, the huge head of the snake had fallen to the ground.

Then, the headless body of the snake twisted about in place, looking very strange.

However, the head of the snake was also opening and closing its mouth, spraying venom from its venomous fangs.

Peter knew that it wouldn’t live for long, as he had just aimed at the vital parts of the snake.

The snake’s body and head on the ground twisted for a while before completely turning into blood.

A few minutes later, its corpse actually turned into blood with a foul smell.

This was the gene chain fracture that No.

0 had mentioned.

Its body had collapsed as a result.

Since the S-Grade mutated mecha snake in front of him had turned into a pool of blood, Peter felt that it was a pity that he could not extract its genes.