Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 166

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Why Did A Giant Snake Appear Here?   Peter stopped paying attention to the giant snake that had turned into a pool of blood in front of him.

Instead, he turned to look at No.


After all, his interaction with No.

0 during this period had made the two of them have a tacit understanding.

Sometimes, they just needed to look at each other to know what the other was thinking.

When No.

0 sensed Peter looking at him, he actively began to search for information about the giant snake on the Skynet.

It was not only Peter who felt that the appearance of the S-Grade mutated mecha snake was strange.

Even No.

0 sensed a hint of danger.

This was because a powerful S-Grade mutated mecha beast would not appear in the valley without a goal.

Furthermore, there were no creatures here that could attract the interest of the giant snake.

There was only one possibility.

The target of the S-Grade mutated mecha was Peter.

“Master, I just searched through the Skynet.

The last time that giant snake appeared was in the swamp area northeast of New York Base City.

” After No.

0 finished speaking, he also told Peter the coordinates of the swamp area.

Peter heard the coordinates that No.

0 had given him and thought of the swamp area that No.

0 had just mentioned.

He suddenly had a bad feeling.

This was because the nest of the S-Grade queen insect was in the swamp area.

It was still believable that No.

0 could search for traces of the giant snake in the Skynet.

After all, after the giant snake appeared in an area, it was easy for it to be discovered by humans as long as it left behind signs of its movement.

Peter was now very worried about the S-Grade queen insect.

After all, he was the one who usually took the initiative to contact the S-Grade queen insect.

Now that Peter was a little far from New York Base City, he was beyond the detection range of the queen insect’s brain waves.

If he wanted to contact the S-Grade queen insect, he could only do so through Professor Eugene, who was staying at the Genetics College.




Then, Peter took out his smart device and called Professor Eugene.

After a short wait, Professor Eugene’s voice sounded from the other end.

“Yes, Master! What can I do for you?” On the other side of the call, Professor Eugene was in the laboratory, repeatedly testing the genetic memory imaging device.

When he suddenly received a call from Peter, he knew that something important must have happened.

“Professor Eugene, contact the queen insect immediately and tell me the results.

” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM As the soul slave of the S-Grade queen insect, Professor Eugene could contact the S-Grade queen insect through his brain waves.

As long as he was within the range of the queen insect’s brain waves, he could contact the S-Grade queen insect.

A few minutes later, Professor Eugene told Peter about the queen insect’s situation through his smart device.

A week ago, a huge snake-like mutated creature suddenly intruded into the area controlled by the S-Grade queen insect.

This shocked the S-Grade queen insect, but it was also very happy.

This was because the S-Grade queen insect could use its control ability to make the giant snake its soul slave.

However, when the S-Grade queen insect tried to control the giant snake, it suddenly realized that the giant snake could not be controlled.

Then, the S-Grade queen insect decisively attacked the giant snake.

It controlled a large number of mutated creatures to surround the giant snake, but they were unable to cause any harm to the giant snake.

This made the S-Grade queen insect sense a hint of danger.

Since this giant snake was not afraid of the siege of the mutated beasts, it must be stronger than the queen insect.

The S-Grade queen insect was not very powerful, but its intelligence was outstanding.

Thus, it used the opportunity when the mutated beasts attacked the giant snake to escape from the cave and hide under a freshwater lake.

Peter breathed a sigh of relief when he learned that nothing had happened to the S-Grade queen insect.

After all, the S-Grade queen insect was too important to him to allow anything to happen to it.

This was because the soul slaves controlled by the S-Grade queen insect were also Peter’s soul slaves.

Once the queen insect died, the soul slaves of the queen insect would also die.

This included Professor Eugene from the Genetics College, Locke, the heir of the Locke family, and the former President of the Federation, who was also Callie’s grandfather.

These three people were very important to Peter.

Thus, he was afraid that an accident would happen to the S-Grade queen insect, causing the death of the three soul slaves.

The true goal of the S-Grade mutated mecha snake when it intruded into the area of the S-Grade queen insect was probably to kill the queen insect.

This guess made Peter feel a great sense of danger.

He had to think of a way to increase the strength of the S-Grade queen insect after returning to New York Base City.

Peter knew that S-Grade mutant creatures were more powerful than A-Grade mutant creatures.

Furthermore, S-Grade mutated mecha beasts that had been modified were even stronger than the S-Grade mutant creatures.

This terrifying creature had joined the ranks of the human-made mechas.

Thus, in terms of defense and power, ordinary S-Grade mutated creatures could not defeat it.

A very bold plan appeared in Peter’s mind.

He wanted to transform the S-Grade queen insect into an S-Grade mutated mecha queen insect.

However, Peter had made this journey to find the mysterious warrior.

Thus, he would not be able to return to New York Base City anytime soon.

Meanwhile, the last place where the two mutants Barker and Donna had found disappeared was in the valley.

However, Peter felt that the giant snake he had just killed should have nothing to do with the two people.

The reason was very simple.

Only the Mechanical City or the Holy City could transform powerful mutated creatures into Mecha Beasts.

At this moment, No.

0 exited the Skynet and turned to look at Peter.

“Master, the giant snake must have been created by the Mechanical City.

I just saw a piece of information on the Skynet.

” Peter also looked at No.

0 and motioned for him to continue.

“There is a high chance that modified mutated creatures will appear within the control range of the Mechanical City.

There are more than 40 of such instances recorded on the Skynet.

” Currently, everyone in the northern region knew that the relationship between the Mechanical City and the Holy City was very complicated.

A war might break out between the two places.

He wondered how the Holy City would react to the mutated mecha beasts created by the Mechanical City.

This was entirely dependent on the attitude of the Holy War Bishop.

In fact, Peter was willing to see a war between the Mechanical City and the Holy City.

This was a good thing for New York Base City, as they could have some time to catch their breath.

After all, New York Base City was rebuilding its defense system after the beast siege.

This all took time.

After No.

0 told Peter about his latest discovery, he also told him about another shocking discovery.

Peter had not expected the two people who had suddenly disappeared to appear in the Mechanical City.

He had always thought that the two of them would leave the northern region, but he had not expected them to directly enter the very dangerous Mechanical City.

“Master, after they enter the Mechanical City, I won’t be able to continue monitoring their whereabouts as the Mechanical City will easily discover my presence that way.

” Peter understood that surveillance was two-way.

When one was spying on others, others might also discover their location.


0, send me the distribution map of the Mechanical City.

” No.

0 didn’t know what Peter was going to do, but he followed Peter’s orders and stole a detailed map of the Mechanical City from the Internet.

Then, he showed the map to Peter through a virtual image.

“Master, why do you want the map of the Mechanical City?” Peter controlled the ratio of the map while answering No.

0’s question.

“I want to infiltrate the Mechanical City.