Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 156

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 156

Chapter 156: The Released Slaves The next moment, the lights on the slaves’ neck bands all turned off.

There was a click as the neck bands were unlocked.

“We… we’re free!” Tears brimmed in the eyes of the slaves as they picked up their weapons and smashed open the warehouse of the Hassan manor.

Then, they snatched away the food, weapons, clothes, and other supplies inside.

As for what their future fate would be, Peter didn’t want to care about it and couldn’t be bothered.

In short, this would definitely cause quite a bit of trouble in the northern region.

After releasing the slaves from the Hassan family, Peter simply scanned old Hassan with his perception skills and found a key hanging from his neck.

Peter yanked off the key and went to the vault.

There was a very hidden small button under the password input panel on the door of the vault.

With a light press, the entire password panel suddenly popped up, revealing a scanning screen inside.

“This screen is used to scan your fingerprints and pupils.

Leave it to me.

Use your terminal to scan it.

” Peter followed No.

0’s instructions.

After an electronic sound, the scanning screen actually descended, revealing a keyhole.

“I can’t help you with that.

” .



Peter smiled.

“It’s okay.

I’ve got the key.

This is a mechanical lock, not an electronic one.

After all, you’re not a god.

” Then, he inserted the key into the keyhole.

The door to the treasure vault opened.

It was a room that was nine square meters in size.

There were three shelves against the wall, and they were filled with various boxes.

Peter walked over and opened a large box that was placed in the most prominent spot on the shelf in front of him.

There were three payment cards inside.

Peter scanned the three payment cards with his personal terminal.

He found that two of the cards were full and had a total of 20 million points.

“Haha, you’re rich.

This is probably the Hassan family’s savings that they have accumulated over several decades.

” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.


0 spoke proudly, and Peter nodded.

After all, he had only obtained 100,000 points so far.

However, what would he think if he knew that the monthly income of the four great families was more than the entire savings of the Hassan family? Peter waved his hands and the three large personal payment cards entered his portable mecha space.

The remaining boxes contained jewelry, precious herbs, rare mineral resources, and even two whole boxes of drugs.

Peter waved his hand and stored these things into his mecha space.

This time, he had gained a lot.

“Master, someone is here.

There are six maglev smart cars, and all of them are armed.

The leader is Young Master Hassan.

” No.

0 issued an alarm.


0, leave that Young Master Hassan behind.

Send the rest of them to their death.

” “Yes, Master.

” Young Master Hassan was very depressed.

The incident at the hotel yesterday had embarrassed him.

Furthermore, what he could not accept was that someone had actually uploaded a video of him kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy.

Soon, he was mocked by the hoodlums who often hung out with him.

As a result, Hassan was furious.

He ordered his subordinates to monitor Peter at the hotel and set up multiple checkpoints on the road from Maple Leaf Town to the nameless town.

However, Peter took an unusual route and went straight to the manor of the Hassan family.

Young Master Hassan, who was depressed, waited on the road all morning without seeing Peter.

At this time, he received a message from his family that something had happened to the headquarters of the Hassan family.

Thus, they had to give up on the siege.

Hassan led more than 50 military personnel to rush back to help.

Hassan knew that once his family was finished off, he would also be done for.

His luxurious life and his domineering reliance would be gone.

Along the way, there were burning flames everywhere.

They were also attacked by small groups of slaves.

The leader of the military personnel suggested that they save old Hassan first, so they went straight to the villa.

From afar, he saw that the entire manor was in ruins.

Furthermore, there were a large number of corpses outside the manor.

Thus, he thought that a slave riot had occurred.

The only fortunate thing was that there were two mechas standing at the entrance of the mecha.

It seemed like the situation had been controlled.

Then, the smart car stopped.

Young Master Hassan was the first to get out of the smart car.

He shouted through his earpiece, “No.

4, No.

5, what’s the situation now!” “Everything is normal, Young Master Hassan.

” An unfamiliar voice sounded from his earpiece.

Hassan was stunned.

After all, he remembered that there was no Mecha Master in the family who had such a voice.

“Who are you? What do you want to do?” Donna took over No.

0 and laughed out loud.

“Who am I? Is your memory that bad? Have you forgotten that we just met yesterday? As for why I’m here, I’m obviously sending you to hell to reunite with your father.

” Before Donna could finish speaking, No.

0 operated its mecha and fired.

The weapons of the mechas were like armor-piercing shells against the maglev smart cars.

Most of the armed personnel had yet to get off the smart cars when the smart cars turned into a sea of fire.

No one in the smart cars was spared.

Although Young Master Hassan was not killed, he was thrown to the ground by the huge shockwave of the explosion.

His back was filled with shrapnel as he lay on the ground and wailed.

Then, No.

0, who was operating a mecha, walked forward and grabbed him, holding him in its hand.


0’s control over the mecha was very exquisite.

Not only did it prevent Young Master Hassan from escaping, it also did not allow him to be pinched to death.

However, Young Master Hassan was once again frightened until he peed his pants.

Thus, some yellow and black things flowed down the mecha’s hand.

Donna immediately felt so disgusted that she almost puked out her breakfast.

She wanted to pinch him to death immediately.

At that moment, Peter walked out of the manor.

He asked No.

0 to close all the doors, windows, and ventilation systems on the outside of the manor, but he opened all the doors inside the manor.

Then, Peter went to the kitchen and turned on all the gas switches.

Although most humans used electricity when cooking in the space age, many delicacies had to be cooked using fire.

Therefore, the homes of wealthy people like Hassan were equipped with a gas system in their kitchen.

Soon, this combustible gas filled the entire manor.

“Over here!” No.

0 waved its hand proudly.

Then, the mecha’s arm grabbed Young Master Hassan and swung him up and down, causing Hassan to cry out in pain.

The mecha had grabbed his body, while his head was exposed outside the mecha’s arm.

Peter walked forward.

Then, No.

0 operated the mecha to lower its arm and place Young Master Hassan’s head down to face Peter.

As a result, his feces and urine flowed through the gap between the fingers of the mecha into Young Master Hassan’s mouth.

Peter smiled at Hassan, whose head was facing down.

“I heard that you came to find me.

Are you trying to take my life? Look, I’ve come to find you.

” “Are you going to let me go?” Hassan cried.

At this moment, his own feces and urine poured into his mouth and nostrils, making him look as if he was in extreme suffering.