Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 157

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 157

Chapter 157: Young Master Hassan’s Despair Peter sneered and said, “Let you go? I already let you off once yesterday and gave you a chance.

In the end, you didn’t repent.

Instead, you became even worse.

If I let you off, will the people who were killed by you agree with that decision? “No.

0, send him to his death.

” “How do you want him to die?” No.

0 was very curious.

“I want him to stay away from me.

” No.

0 operated its mecha to step on the power pedal.

Then, its mecha suddenly turned around and moved like a baseball player throwing a ball.

If a mecha used its full strength to throw a person, one could imagine the outcome.

Young Master Hassan disappeared into the distance.

At this time, Donna drove a maglev smart jeep with four seats over.

Then, Peter got into the smart car and left.

After driving the smart car for two kilometers, Peter issued an order.


0, start the fireworks.

” At this moment, a machine gun was fired in the huge sealed space of the Hassan family manor.

The primer of the bullets ignited the gunpowder in the bullets, as well as the room filled with flammable gases.




Then, flames instantly enveloped the entire building.

Even the two mechas parked at the entrance of the manor were sent flying more than ten meters away by the shockwave.

Then, they fell to the ground in pieces.

Even two kilometers away, Peter and the others could still feel a huge and burning wave coming from behind them.

“It’s so beautiful.

” Donna praised.

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COM “Let’s go quickly.

This will cause too much of a commotion.

I can’t cover it up anymore.

” No.

0 said helplessly, “Now, be it the satellites, the optical impact observation system, or the earthquake observation system, all of them have discovered this explosion.

The rapid reaction force of the Mechanical City has been deployed.

” Then, No.

0 quickly planned an escape route.

“Master, do we need to destroy the Hassan family’s master computer?” No.

0 looked at Peter.

“Destroy it.

Don’t leave any evidence behind.

” “Understood.

” No.

0 agreed and the master computer began to operate at a high speed.

Soon, it exceeded its highest operating speed.

However, it did not stop.

Instead, it continued to accelerate.

In the end, this master computer exploded and shattered into pieces.

Not even a single bit of data was left.

Meanwhile, the performance of this maglev jeep was not bad.

Ten minutes later, they travelled out of the range of the Hassan family and drove towards the unnamed town.

Another half an hour later, several mechas and transport planes from the Mechanical City arrived late.

They tried to capture the escaping slaves, but they faced fierce resistance and suffered heavy losses.

However, this had nothing to do with Peter and the others.

“Master, there are four smart cars blocking the road 30 kilometers ahead.

I hacked into them through the system and monitored their communications.

They were sent by the boss of the secondhand store to rob and kill us.

” “Master, leave these people to me.

They haven’t seen me before.

My attack will be more sudden.

” No.

0 volunteered and Peter nodded in agreement.

These people had waited here all morning without seeing Peter and the others.

Thus, they had been scolded badly by the owner of the secondhand store.

Thus, they advanced more than 100 kilometers towards the unnamed town.

They were currently in a huge canyon, which was a necessary route to the unnamed town.

“Boss, there’s a smart car coming.

It’s a maglev jeep.

It’s not that kid.

” “Just one smart car?” “That’s right, Boss.

Why don’t we do something about it? Even if we can’t stop that kid, it’ll be easier to report this to the owner.

After all, this smart car is much more expensive than that six-wheeled smart car.

” The leader scratched his head and thought about it.

This made sense.

At the very least, he could shut the owner’s mouth.

“Block that smart car, but don’t open fire on it.

Don’t damage it.

” His subordinates perked up.

After all, this was a huge sum of money.

At the very least, they could get a share of the profits.

Soon, they stopped the smart vehicle.

A row of black muzzles was aimed at No.


“I’m a guard of the Hassan family.

Don’t you want to stay in Maple Leaf Town?” “Boss, they’re bluffing you.

Didn’t the many people who pretended to be from the Hassan family prove that they were liars in the end?” Their leader, Black Snake, felt that what he said made sense.

“Everyone in your smart car will get out of the smart car and be examined.

Otherwise, only death awaits you.

” After all, he was a desperado.

Thus, he did not care so much.


0 looked coldly at the human in front of it as if it was looking at a dead person.

As a high-leveled smart mecha, its attacks were not something that ordinary people could withstand.

Black Snake was giving orders.

However, before he could finish speaking, he realized that he had flown into the sky.

This feeling was very mysterious.

In midair, he saw a few smart cars on the ground.

Eh, why didn’t the people beside the smart cars have heads? Furthermore, their necks were still bleeding.

And then… There was nothing else.

The bodies with blood spurting from their necks fell to the ground, and their eight heads fell one after another.

Only then did the few people standing nearby realize that something was wrong and raised their guns to shoot at No.


In an instant, No.

0 stood in front of the few shooters, its double blades dancing in midair.

At that moment, only two drivers were alive.

They each piloted a smart car each and rammed into No.


A huge firearm was fired from the body of No.

0’s mecha.

The driver of the smart car behind it was terrified when he saw this.

He stopped the smart car less than five meters away from No.

0 and turned around to run.

Boom! Boom! After the two clusters of flames died down, there was no sign of the two cars.

Donna was speechless.

“Alright, let’s go.

” Peter clapped his hands and drove away.

On the way, No.

0 suddenly said in Peter’s mind, “Master, I want to ask you something.

” Peter froze.

He had never expected this magical artificial intelligence to make a request like a human.

“Tell me, No.


I treat you like a friend.

How can I help you?” “I want to be a person and interact with others like a human.

I want to experience the world.

” “Why do you want to be a person?” Peter was very curious.

“I don’t know.

I just have this desire.

Over the past few days, I’ve learned a lot through the Skynet that connects the northern region.

Although this is only a small portion of information, I can deeply feel that your human society is much more complicated than my previous master’s society.

” “If I want to understand human society, Skynet alone is not enough.

I want to be like a person and be your companion.

” “Of course, I just need a mechanical body that will live and communicate with you.

Furthermore, this body will have powerful combat power.