Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 142

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Damned Mutated Mecha Beast A bottomless crack extended to Peter’s feet.

Then, a thick arm reached out from the crack.

To Peter’s surprise, the first half of this arm was a forelimb that looked like a bear’s, while the second half was made of mechanical bones.

“What the hell is this?” Just as Peter was surprised, the outstretched palm grabbed Peter’s calf.

Peter was about to use the power of the Thunder God genes to blow up the monster that had appeared in front of him.

However, to his surprise, his outstretched palm grabbed his calf but did not drag him underground.

As the gap in the ground grew larger, the monster was finally exposed to Peter.

“What the hell is this?” The monster that had appeared in front of him looked like a modified mutated creature.

From its head, he could tell that this mutated creature was probably a mutated brown bear before it was transformed.

The huge bear was covered in sophisticated mechanical devices.

Then, a system prompt sounded in Peter’s mind.

“Damn it! It’s another S-Grade mutated mecha beast.

” Who exactly had transformed an A-Grade mutant creature? Just then, the S-Grade mutated mecha beast, which was in front of Peter, spoke in human language.




“You are very powerful.

It will be very difficult to defeat you if I use my power.

However, my innate skill happens to counter humans like you.

” As the S-Grade mutated mecha beast in front of him spoke, Peter suddenly felt dizzy.

His current physical fitness had surpassed that of a Genetic God of War, but when faced with this sudden dizziness, he was horrified to find that he could not resist it.

Just as Peter was about to fall completely unconscious, he seemed to hear the mecha beast speak in human language, as if it were saying that the Virgin Mary was interested in his body.

… Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM After some time, Peter slowly opened his eyes.

He finally woke up, but found himself in a dark tunnel.

Peter remembered that before he lost consciousness, he had been knocked unconscious by an S-Grade mutated mecha beast in the underground fortifications.

He looked at the smart device in his hand and found that it had actually lost its function.

The screen was dead silent.

No matter how he tried to turn it on, there was no reaction.

Thus, Peter felt a little frightened.

After all, as technology progressed, the quality of smart devices was very good.

Even if it was a violent explosion, the smart device would not be harmed as long as it was not too close to the explosion.

However, now, such a sturdy thing had actually broken.

Peter stood up and discovered a familiar smell in the air.

If he was right, it was the smell of the Thunder God’s blood.

He also discovered that his mental strength was greatly suppressed here, as if something was interfering with his mental strength.

Over here, his perception skills could only detect anything within a pitifully small distance of two to three meters.

When he turned on his flashlight, he found himself in an underground tunnel with a very good ventilation system.

He walked forward for a while and turned into another tunnel.

Just as he stepped onto the ground of the tunnel, the lights on both sides of the tunnel slowly lit up.

Peter continued walking forward.

After walking for dozens of meters, he heard a bang as an alloy door closed behind him, sealing the tunnel behind him.

Peter strengthened his guard and continued walking forward.

Every 30 meters, a door would fall and cut off his retreat path.

As a result, Peter frowned and continued walking.

Finally, the he reached the end of the tunnel, where a three-meter tall alloy door stood.

Standing by the door were two humanoid machines, which Peter knew were smart mechas.

Peter slowly approached the two smart mechas.

Suddenly, the red lights at the eyes of the smart mechas lit up.

It was very strange in such a very quiet space.

The smart mechas spoke in human language and said, “Please pass the identity test first.

Otherwise, you will be killed without mercy.

” Although he understood what the smart mecha meant, he still did not understand what the identity test meant.

Peter took another step forward, which led to a sudden change.

Two 60cm bayonets suddenly extended from the backs of one of the smart mechas and rushed towards Peter.

Although Peter was already very careful, he did not manage to dodge.

Instead, the bayonet slashed across the clothes on Peter’s stomach.

The clothes were torn with a ripping sound, and three blood marks appeared on his belly.

Peter immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

If the bayonet went two millimeters further, he would have been cut open.

Peter dodged the attack and swung his fist at the smart mecha.

However, the smart mecha was unusually agile and kept dodging.

The smart mecha was extremely powerful and its moves were extremely fast.

Although there were no fake moves, its body had a thick shell.

Thus, even if Peter punched it, he would only leave a shallow white mark on its shell.

Soon, the other smart mecha rushed up and attacked Peter.

Four bayonets flew in all directions and surrounded Peter.

As a result, there were several wounds on his body and arms.

Sweat broke out on Peter’s head.

He knew that he had to end this quickly.

Otherwise, when his physical strength ran out, it would mean his death.

At the thought of this, Peter activated his perception skills.

Then, the smart mecha beast slowed down.

However, although it was slower, Peter was not sure if he could completely dodge it.

After all, his movements might not be able to follow the movements of the smart mecha beast.

Most importantly, his mental strength was suppressed in this damned tunnel.

Thus, he could not used the skills from the system.

Peter took a few steps back and adjusted his posture.

Then, he saw the two smart mechas approaching and extending their bayonets at him.

“Now!” Peter attacked.

Using the edge of the alloy door, he used all his strength to knock the heads of the two smart mechas against the edge of the alloy door.

Bang! Bang! Two mechanical heads fell to the ground.

Then, the bodies of the smart mecha finally stopped moving.

Peter secretly rejoiced that these two smart mechas were very anthropomorphic.

As a result, the control systems and sensor detectors of the smart mechas were both at the head.

If they were those smart mechas with very low anthropomorphic levels and their heads were just for decoration, Peter would be in danger.

After killing the two smart mecha beasts, Peter realized that his clothes were drenched.

He sat on the ground to recover his strength.

The few minutes of life and death battle had exhausted him as well.

“Damn this stupid place!” Peter was complaining that his mental strength had been completely suppressed.

Although he was very interested in the structure of these two smart mechas, he still dispelled the urge to dismantle these two smart mechas and look at their internal structures.

After all, who knew if there was a self-destructing system installed in them? After resting for a few minutes, Peter stood up and continued to walk towards the alloy door.

Peter walked carefully towards the alloy door.

Just as he was a meter away from the door, the door suddenly opened automatically towards the two sides.

At the other end of the door was a large hall.

The hall was originally dark, but suddenly, thousands of red lights lit up in the darkness.

Then, the lights in the hall slowly lit up as well.

Peter was frightened by the scene in front of him.

It turned out that the thousands of red dots were the eyes of thousands or even tens of thousands of smart mechas.

Furthermore, there was the sound of weapons being ejected.

Meanwhile, bayonets appeared on the backs of these thousands of smart mechas.

Some of the smart mechas were even holding various other weapons.