Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 122

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Will Thomas Be Successfully Killed? Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios This was an ordinary advancement route, but the way Donna was advancing was very similar to that of the God of War Peter.

Peter had previously felt that he saw a shadow of Anna in Donna.

Both girls had a very tenacious personality and seemed like they would never admit defeat.

Why did she suddenly possess such a mysterious power? What exactly was going on? Could there really be a miracle in this world? Thomas was completely shocked.

This also made his killing intent reach a boiling point.

This girl had to die.

His father, Rockefeller, had often taught him that a person who could create miracles would be an extremely dangerous person.

He had to eliminate this danger before it germinated.


Thomas’s greatest dream was to become an existence like the God of War Peter.

He wanted to become a God of War that was the center of attention.

Then, all the humans in the Federation would crawl at his feet.




Thomas, who was already in a state of frenzy, roared angrily.

His fist broke through the obstruction and hit Donna’s forehead ruthlessly.

However, he did not see the blush that instantly flashed across Donna’s forehead.

In the end, the fist hit Donna’s forehead, and she was sent flying again.

At the same time, there was a loud bang as the air exploded… Although Donna had been sent flying by Thomas, the upper echelons of the Genetics College who had watched their battle knew very well that Donna had broken through a potential level.

As the air exploded, this attracted the attention of the artificial intelligence in the surveillance system.

As a result, this match, which had been ranked third from the bottom, simply rose halfway through the attention rankings.

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COM “This is what a genius is! The potential of the Federation’s future God of War!” Barker appeared very calm regarding this.

After all, in his opinion, it was very normal for the elites of the two powerful families to behave like this.

Such a rapid increase in power was rare, unless that person was like the God of War Peter.

Barker went to a corner and activated a smart device.

This was a surveillance system that could connect to the competition surveillance system and check the match that had suddenly risen in rankings.

… Donna used the power from the explosion in the air to travel 100 meters in five seconds.

Donna found her current speed hard to believe.

However, she didn’t have time to think about it carefully as Thomas had caught up to her again.

Although her potential had leveled up, she couldn’t defeat Thomas, who was at Level 6.

Then, she quickly rushed into the forest ahead.

Donna knew that she had become stronger, but she also knew that she was still no match for the person behind her.

She didn’t know why Thomas wanted to kill her, but her desire to survive made her run.

The faster she ran, the better it was.

For this reason, she increased her speed to the limit and disappeared into the forest in the blink of an eye.

The dense forest was filled with weeds and the terrain was uneven.

However, Donna could not care less about these things.

She walked forward like a crazy person and did not follow the path that she had agreed on with her teammates.

According to their agreement, Donna was responsible for attracting Thomas while the others thought of ways to kill the other members of Thomas’s team.

Then, they would design traps along the way and try to get a better ranking.

This was a decision that they had discussed over and over again.

However, the results of their repeated deductions were depressing.

They could not fight the powerful Thomas no matter what.

Their defeat was certain before the match even began.

This made them angry and helpless.

However, they didn’t want to fail just like that.

Thus, a bold plan was formed.

This plan had been proposed by Alice.

After analyzing the information they had gathered, she guessed that Thomas would definitely hunt them alone.

Thus, they decided to kill him instead.

It seemed comical that four people whose combined strength was far inferior to Thomas wanted to hunt him down instead.

However, this was indeed their plan.

According to the plan, Donna, the strongest of the four, was responsible for attracting Thomas.

Then, the others would strive to kill the other members of Thomas’s team.

If all of this could be completed, they would then set up a trap on a path.

Then, Donna would be responsible for luring Thomas into the trap for the final showdown.

This was the only plan that the four of them could develop that would allow them to win.

Of course, the prerequisite was that Donna could provide enough time for everyone.

Now that Donna had done it, the others had already completed their goal, but Donna could not lure Thomas into a trap.

Meanwhile, Peter, who was watching Donna in the stands, had been thinking about an idea.

He wanted to see Donna’s reaction after using the gene-strengthening potion.

He wanted to see the effects of the mysterious power of the Eastern secret art and the power obtained from genetic extraction.

This was what Peter wanted to see the most and looked forward to the most.

At this moment, after escaping into the forest, Donna had been thinking that there was something wrong with the plan they had previously formulated.

When she was fighting with Thomas just now, she had directly felt the power that Thomas possessed.

Thus, Donna had completely given up on those traps as she felt that they were simply a joke.

Those traps that they thought were very powerful were really nothing to someone like Thomas.

With a better plan in mind, Donna ran in the other direction while turning off her communication device.

… Alice stood on high ground and looked into the distance.

She could not see clearly in the dense forest.

She, Elvin, and Anthony had already set up many traps.

Even if they could not trap Thomas, they would tire him out.

This was their current idea, but it was only because they hadn’t seen Thomas’s strength as someone with Level 6 potential.

Otherwise, they definitely wouldn’t have wasted their time setting up traps.

Alice simply felt that this was the only chance they had of winning.

Although this chance was still very small, they would do whatever it took to complete this impossible goal and kill Thomas instead.

Everything was ready.

They were simply waiting for Donna to lure Thomas here.

However, they hadn’t seen Donna anywhere.

Could something have happened? Alice tried to contact Donna, but her communication device had been turned off throughout the competition.

What was going on? Alice glanced at Anthony, who was beside her.

Anthony was frowning.

If Donna had failed or been killed, then the group match should be over and Instructor Barker would inform them via his smart device.

However, so far they had received no information.

This meant that Donna had not been killed, but why hadn’t she brought Thomas back as planned? Alice’s expression became very serious.

She suddenly thought of a possibility.

Thomas might be an abnormal person, and an extremely arrogant and conceited person.

This kind of person was the easiest to anger and do something that no one could imagine terrifying.

Could he be angered for some reason and want to kill Donna? Alice felt a chill at the thought of this possibility.

Then, she told the others about her guess.