Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 123

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Does Peter Want to Save Donna? Anthony and Elvin decided to look for Donna almost without hesitation.

Alice looked at the two of them and nodded.

Then, the three of them hid deeper into the forest.

At the same time, they used the only personnel positioning system allowed by the hunting mission.

Through the positioning system, they discovered that Donna was moving forward rapidly.

However, her direction was opposite to the route they had planned.

This made the three of them have a bad feeling.

Thus, they sped up and chased after Donna.

… “Why is she so fast!” Thomas continued to chase after Donna, his gloomy expression becoming more obvious.

Although the pursuit took only ten minutes, this had completely subverted Thomas’s understanding.

A girl with only Level 4 potential could actually escape from his full-power attack.

Donna didn’t know what Thomas was thinking.

All she was thinking about now was how to escape.

She hadn’t regretted joining the Genetics College until now.

After using all her means, Donna began to feel despair.

Her mind seemed to have been hollowed out.

Meanwhile, Thomas, who was behind her, was like a ghost that she could not escape from.

At this moment, Donna suddenly stopped and turned around to see Thomas still chasing after her.

She was in another extremely dangerous situation because there was a cliff in front of her.

Professor Eugene, who had been watching the large screen all along, was very surprised that Donna had been able to escape until now.

“A Level 4 potential user has actually been chased by a Level 6 potential user for such a long time.

If it weren’t for the cliff that appeared ahead, perhaps this Donna really would have created a miracle.

” Then, God of War Peter looked at Donna on the screen and smiled.




“Donna has much more potential than Thomas.

” When everyone heard the God of War Peter’s evaluation of Donna, they began to think about something.

It was none other than whether they should accept Donna into their respective groups.

In particular, when they saw that Donna had relied on her outstanding willpower to prevent Thomas from succeeding during his escape, they had already set their hearts on Donna.

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COM Thomas finally caught up to Donna.

He looked at her with a hint of smugness.

“Why aren’t you running anymore?” “Oh, there’s a cliff ahead.

Why didn’t you jump down?” While Thomas was taunting Donna, the genetic power that had been activated in his body made him realize that he had to get rid of the girl in front of him as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the power in his body couldn’t last much longer.

Meanwhile, the God of War Peter, who had been watching Donna in the stands, saw that Thomas chased her to the edge of the cliff.

In his eyes, the power in Thomas’s body couldn’t last long.

This was because Peter knew ordinary humans very well.

After extracting their genetic power, they wouldn’t last long.

Just as Peter was paying attention to Donna’s fight, a Genetic General was also looking at Peter, waiting for Peter’s orders.

The Genetics College could not tolerate Thomas forcibly killing Donna, and they would not allow this to happen.

Even Peter would not watch her be killed by Thomas, let alone the Locke family behind Donna.

After Barker became a Genetic General, he had followed the God of War Peter and became his right-hand man.

Originally, this position should have belonged to Anna, but after the bizarre incident, she could only recover her injured body in the hospital.

Through the virtual image system, Barker could see the reaction of the God of War Peter.

Then, he quickly followed the orders issued by the God of War Peter.

The battle between the two newcomers on the large screen had entered the most critical moment.

Thomas was about to run out of power, and Donna had been forced to the edge of the cliff.

Everyone present thought that this was the best time to stop the battle.

Peter finally made a gesture to issue his order.

General Barker, who was standing guard in front of the virtual image, got up and rushed to the battlefield as quickly as possible after seeing the God of War Peter’s order.

Barker was not far from Donna.

With his physical fitness as a Genetic General, if he increased his speed to the limit, he would be able to reach the cliff where Donna was in less than a minute.

The image switched to the cliff where Donna was.

Thomas was almost upon her.

From Donna’s eyes, she could see Thomas raising his fists.

A blow that would extract genetic power in advance was about to land on her.

An anxious expression appeared on Donna’s face.

In this critical moment, she could only think of one person who could save her.

When she entered the Genetics College, although Donna intentionally hid her identity and did not directly look for the God of War Peter, she knew that with the God of War Peter’s perception, he might discover her after the competition began.

In reality, Donna was also betting that the God of War Peter would discover her.

Then, he would be able to save her during this crisis.

Meanwhile, Thomas was about to punch out with both fists.

If this attack landed on Donna’s vital organs, the result would be death on the spot.

At this critical moment, Donna’s brain was working rapidly.

She had to think of a way to save herself.

Right now, she had no chance of fighting back, unless she jumped off the cliff.

If she was lucky, she could leave an intact corpse behind.

In her panic, she thought of a way that might be effective — to delay time.

Since Thomas, who was in front of her, wanted to kill her, she would use words that could provoke him to stall for time and try to survive before the God of War Peter came to save her.

This was also only a potentially effective method, because she did not know if the God of War Peter had paid attention to her.

Even if the God of War Peter had noticed her before, if he did not come to save her or took too long to rush over, she would not be able to last until the God of War Peter arrived.

The thought flashed across Donna’s mind.

She quickly reacted and tried the method she had just thought of.

“Thomas! Do you know who I am? You dare kill me? Aren’t you afraid of the rage of the Locke family!” Before Thomas attacked, Donna immediately shouted out her identity and threatened him.

As expected, her words were effective.

Thomas froze on the spot.

His raised fists did not fall, but the gloomy expression on his face turned to one of surprise.

“You… you’re Donna!” Thomas was not stupid.

After the girl in front of him mentioned that she was from the Locke family, the first person he thought of was the daughter of the Locke family and Locke’s sister, Donna.

He leaned in front of Donna and wanted to reach out to take off her protective gear.

This was the only way he could see if the face behind the mask was actually Donna.

“How dare you!” Donna raised her hand to stop the other party.

The rules of the competition were very clear.

Regardless of whether the protective gear was taken off by themselves or other people, they would be eliminated by the intelligent system.

Her actions just now had reminded Thomas of this.

“Since you don’t want me to see your true appearance, you can’t blame me.

” Thomas quickly raised his fist and was ready to punch Donna.

Bang! After a dull thud, Donna looked at the sudden change in situation and was surprised.

At this critical moment, General Barker arrived in time and kicked Thomas out before he could do anything.