Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 116

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Overall Increase in the Strength of the Genetics College Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios After the siege by the mutated beasts, many students would prioritize the genetics course when selecting their top choice of course.

After the new students completed the various reporting procedures, they would have to face military training during their first class.

The military training was held in the new campus of the Genetics College.

The instructors were active Genetic Warriors in the Federation.

Currently, Genetic Warriors were a respected profession in the Federation.

This was because the God of War Peter had successfully repelled the mutated beasts that attacked the city.

After Barker underwent the most recent genetic enhancement, he successfully rose to the level of a Genetic General.

He had an unusually strong physique and outstanding courage.

He had once followed the God of War Peter to participate in the combat test.

Furthermore, he had experienced the horror of death when mutated beasts attacked the city.

He had also obtained a medal from the Genetics College.

This made him a qualified instructor, a Genetic General who could sacrifice his life for the human Federation.


Barker lectured the many new students.

“You are all the elites of the Federation.

You will pioneer the future of the Federation.

Thus, you need to know that the Federation has never truly escaped the quagmire of war.

Our freedom, our peace, and even our lives are constantly in danger.

They can be taken away at any moment.

” Barker stood on the podium and looked at the students below.

His straight body was as imposing as a mountain, and his voice could be heard throughout the entire field without the use of a loudspeaker.

“For the future of the Federation, and for the sake of your family and friends, you have to have a strong body and the capital to protect them.

In this era of the multiverse where danger is everywhere, no one can escape the fate of war.

War is everywhere.

Anyone who tries to escape from war will become food for the mutated creatures!” “In the following days, I will bring you guys to undergo the harshest test.

You will experience a terrifying war that seems distant, but is actually within an arm’s reach.

I will bring you guys to build your powerful bodies and build your tenacious will! All of this is for the peace of the Federation.

We will fight for peace, glory, and greatness!” .



Barker’s simple speech did not cause much of a reaction from the students.

In the eyes of many who were used to peace, war was very distant.

Only the core members of the large families could understand the true meaning behind Barker’s words.

This was because only they knew how vulnerable the Federation had been when they encountered the mutated beasts.

Currently, New York Base City was still unstable.

There were also a large number of mutated beasts outside preparing for the next siege.

After the President of the Federation suddenly disappeared, the upper echelons of the Federation were all controlled by General David.

He even reduced the number of mecha armies.

However, secretly nurtured his mecha army and Genetic Warrior army.

Very few people knew about the mysterious Holy War Organization that was the catalyst for all of this.

Only by destroying the entire Holy War Organization could God of War Peter spare the time to resolve the threat that the mutated creatures posed to the human Federation.

For more than 500 years, every President of the Human Federation had tried to eliminate the mutated creatures and restore the dominance of mankind.

However, after countless wars with the mutated creatures, they did not achieve actual victory.

Many Mecha Warriors and Genetic Warriors used their blood to protect every base city that humans defended.

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COM This was the reality.

The S-Grade leaders among the mutant creatures had never given up on their ambition to conquer the human Federation.

War was like a sharp sword hanging above their heads that could fall at any moment.

The Federation army that protected their homeland and resisted the mutated creatures.

Thus, they were also extremely important.

As a result, they became an indispensable part of the Federation, and it was not strange for them to have unparalleled prestige and glory.

It was because of this that the Genetics College paid special attention to the military training of the new students under the atmosphere of war that could happen at any moment.

Once the mutated beasts arrived, these new students with young faces would become a group of Federation warriors that would protect the human Federation.

This time, there were a total of 1,036 new students, who were divided into 15 groups.

They underwent training that nurtured attributes including physical fitness, speed, strength, and willpower.

For a week, no one could refuse to participate for any reason.

Otherwise, they would have to face expulsion.

This was a very serious punishment for these new students.

The freshmen who had been expelled would not be able to obtain their citizenship after returning to the base city.

They could only find another way.

A fifth of the new students did not survive the first few days of the special training.

While Genetic Warriors were rare in the base city, they could be found everywhere here.

Many people who endured the training had their potential activated.

Only then could they use the gene-strengthening potion to improve their physical fitness.

Meanwhile, the new students with powerful family backgrounds did surprisingly well in various tests.

It seemed like they had hired professional coaches to train them before they entered the Genetics College.

After completing the first two training tests, Barker began to conduct the last two training tests: the strength and willpower tests.

Before that, a girl who attracted attention appeared among the new students.

Peter would be surprised to see the girl if he were present.

This was because the girl’s name was Donna.

She was the girl who had dragged Peter to cause trouble in the restaurant.

She was also Locke’s sister.

After Donna parted ways with the God of War Peter in the base city, she happened to be in time for the Genetics College’s recruitment of new students.

Thus, she simply signed up to join the Federal Genetics College.

As for her real goal, it was unlikely that she would be interested in becoming a Genetic Warrior.

It was very likely that her target was the God of War Peter.

She practiced a secret art from the East.

Similar to the Genetic Warriors, this secret art also required an improvement in her physical fitness to unleash greater power.

After a week of training, Donna had a deeper understanding of the Genetic Warriors.

She discovered that genes could help with her secret art.

Furthermore, her speed of improvement in power was much faster than before.

When she first saw the God of War Peter, she deliberately wanted to test Peter’s strength.

In the end, even before Peter completely burst forth with the power of the genes in his body, he could almost injure her severely.

If it weren’t for Donna’s agile reactions, no one else in her position would be so lucky.

Barker had also been paying attention to Donna’s performance.

During the training, he would often suddenly check on her physical fitness.

“Donna, run to the wall 100 meters away in seven seconds.

The timer starts now.

” Donna was already used to this kind of sudden spot checks.

Furthermore, she had studied very seriously after entering the Genetics College, and she showed great interest in power and speed.

“Pure power training will not allow you to become qualified Genetic Warriors.

Speed is also very important if you want to survive on the battlefield.

” After Barker finished speaking, he began to check on Donna’s speed results.