Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 117

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Donna Sees Courage and Kindness However, it took less than six seconds for Donna to run to the wall 100 meters away.

This shocked Barker.

He knew that this girl had never used a gene-strengthening potion before.

Thus, he felt that this speed was indeed different.

Barker reported Donna’s results to the God of War Peter.

This was his responsibility.

When he discovered students with great potential among the newcomers, he had to inform the God of War Peter in time.

After reporting this to Peter, Barker continued to train the new students in the Genetics College.

The first thing he conducted was combat training.

The original groups were broken up, and everyone was divided into ten groups according to the number of people left.

Each group had more than a hundred new students.

Then, the groups were further divided into ten teams with around ten people in each team.

Within each team, the members would draw lots to determine their opponents.

The combat training adopted an elimination system.

After five rounds of elimination, one winner would emerge.

The winners that qualified would compete against the winners of the other teams.

In the end, the top three winners would be decided.

Everyone in the teams of the top three winners would receive a generous amount of points from the Genetics College.

This was also the God of War Peter’s idea.

When he first joined the Genetics College, he almost starved because he lacked points.

Genetic Warriors who graduated from the Genetics College would have priority when being recruited by the Federation army after graduation.

Outstanding talents could even become officers in the Federal Genetic Army.

Not only would they enjoy their citizenship, they would also obtain additional qualifications to stay in high-leveled residential areas.

Of course, this was not very attractive to the children of the large families.

After all, they did not lack money or opportunities.

However, to them, there was another thing called honor.

They would not easily give up the chance to vie for honor and let commoners surpass them.

If this was the case for the nobles, then it was even more attractive for ordinary people.

For ordinary people, this was tantamount to a chance to instantly rise to power.

Thus, entering the Genetics College was a glory for a commoner child as it was a chance to escape fate.

Thus, this seemingly ordinary battle became unusually important among the students.

Donna didn’t really care at first as she just wanted to increase her power.

Thus, she didn’t want to be distracted by anything.

However, something changed her mind and also changed the trajectory of her life once again.

That incident happened to a student who was in the same group as her.

He was the son of a poor citizen who had come to New York Base City.

His name was Anthony.




Anthony was a little thin, but he was very strong.

He was muscular and looked like a child from a poor family who often did physical labor.

Anthony rarely spoke but was very diligent.

He was always the first to wake up.

When he woke up, he would clean the rooms that the team had been assigned to.

After dinner, he would prepare tea for everyone.

He was always the first to sleep at night and would clean the rooms before sleeping.

He even prepared hot water for everyone.

According to Barker’s arrangements, the divided teams would have five days to familiarize themselves with each other.

This was to allow everyone to unleash their best abilities.

Other than Anthony, there were two other team members in the team that Donna was in.

One of them was a lively and cute girl who came from a middle-class family.

She always had an endless amount of things to say.

She talked about potential and makeup, from the Mecha Warriors to the Genetic Warriors, and from the bad things that her neighbor had done to the Federation’s war.

The thoughts of this little girl often jumped back and forth.

If one had just come into contact with her, one simply couldn’t follow her train of thought.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM The other member was from Washington Base City.

He was a neurotic boy with a very low threshold for laughter.

He was always laughing, but one hardly knew why he was laughing.

These people were not from very wealthy families, with the exception of Donna.

However, Donna had always hidden her identity as a member of the Locke family.

They were also very easygoing and quickly got along with one another.

However, Anthony did not talk much, so Donna was not too close to him.

Anthony rarely spoke.

However, after he came back from his trip the night before, he really did not say a word.

Not only did he stop talking, he also stopped working.

Instead, he sat outside the house all day staring at the sky in a daze.

Donna felt that Anthony was acting unusually and wanted to ask him about it.

However, Anthony did not answer her.

Looking at Anthony’s tightly furrowed eyebrows, Donna knew that something must have happened to this guy.

However, even if he did not want to say anything, she had no choice.

Donna was helpless, but Alice had a solution.

She went out for a while and called Donna aside when she came back.

Then, she said mysteriously, “Do you know what’s going on with Anthony?” Donna looked at Alice without saying anything.

Meanwhile, Elvin stared straight at Alice and asked cooperatively, “What’s going on?” Alice sighed and her expression changed.

For the first time, she became very serious.

According to Alice, Anthony’s family was very poor.

Over the years, in order to allow Anthony to study, Anthony’s mother had racked up a lot of debt.

Originally, his mother had hope now that Anthony had been admitted to the Genetics College.

However, she had not expected that Anthony’s father, who was addicted to gambling, would gamble away the student loan that Anthony had applied for from the Federation a few days ago.

Now that his father was gone, Anthony’s tuition fees could not be paid for.

Not only would he be forced to drop out of school, he would also be sued by the Federation’s laws.

He might even go to jail.

“What kind of father is this? How inhumane!” Elvin shook his head and panted angrily.

Donna also felt unusually angry.

Meanwhile, Alice pouted and bit her lip.

“Being angry now isn’t a solution either.

We have to think of a way to help Anthony.

Otherwise, his life might really be ruined…” “How can we help? Alice, tell me…” Elvin had always been simple and straightforward, especially when talking to Alice.

Donna didn’t say anything.

They should help Anthony, but the best way to help him was to pay for his school fees.

However, if Donna helped him, she couldn’t continue hiding her identity as she would expose that she was a member of the Locke family.

“I have an idea!” Alice looked at the two of them and spoke seriously.

“What is it? Tell me and I’ll do it.

” Evan must have fallen for Alice.

“The solution is for us to get into the top three places in this competition.

Then, Anthony will have the money.

I will give all my rewards to Anthony too!” Alice suggested.

“This is a good idea!” Elvin simply didn’t think about whether this matter was feasible.

In short, as long as it was something that Alice said, he had to agree with her and absolutely wouldn’t refute her.

“That’s an idea, but…” Donna felt that this was not an ordinary task.

If she were to compete alone, she might have a chance.

However, even then, the chances were not high, let alone in a team competition.

After all, the team competition focused on collective strength.

Based on their current strength, this goal was almost impossible to achieve.

“How will we know if we haven’t tried it out? Besides, this is the only way.

We just have to try our best.

Otherwise, I’ll feel guilty for the rest of my life!” Alice said firmly with her bright eyes.

“Yes, you’re right.

” Elvin continued to answer affirmatively.

Donna was stunned.

She suddenly saw an admirable quality in this seemingly heartless girl.

She was kind and brave.