Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 113

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Is This Donna’s Goal? All the customers in the restaurant stopped what they were doing and looked at Donna with pity in their eyes.

Most of the customers who often came to this restaurant knew the pretty woman, but they did not dare to doubt the woman’s true identity.

After all, the God of War Peter’s identity was too special.

No one would dare to pretend to be the God of War Peter’s family member.

Thus, even though these customers knew that the woman was domineering, they still sucked up to her.

When these customers saw a girl suddenly run in and cut the woman’s leather coat, they were extremely shocked.

At the same time, they felt that this girl’s future fate would be very tragic.

After all, offending the sister of the God of War Peter would result in severe injuries, even if she did not die.

“Someone, capture this damned girl.

I want to bring her back to feed the mutated creatures!” As soon as the woman finished speaking, the man who had been sitting opposite the woman stood up and walked towards Donna.

Judging from his actions, he wanted to show off in front of the woman.

He wanted to personally capture Donna and present her to the woman.

At this moment, Peter, who was standing at the entrance, understood something.

He knew that Donna did not come to this restaurant to cause trouble on purpose.

Instead, she had a goal.

However, no matter what Donna wanted Peter to see, Peter would definitely protect Donna first.

“If you dare to touch that girl, I guarantee that you will never see the sunset today!” After Peter said this, he instantly shocked everyone in the restaurant.

They all looked at the burly man at the door with puzzled and surprised expressions.

“Who is that person!?” .



“Oh my god, isn’t he afraid of the rage of the God of War Peter?” “Keep your voice down.

Judging by his size, he should be a Genetic Warrior too.

He might know the God of War Peter.

” Just as everyone was discussing, the man stopped extending his hand towards Donna.

He was not a fool.

On the contrary, he was a smart guy.

He wanted to suck up to the girl, but after Peter shouted that sentence, he stopped grabbing Donna’s hand.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM The reason was simple.

Everyone present had heard what the woman had just shouted, including Peter, who was standing at the door.

Therefore, this man was not stupid.

For the burly man to dare to stand out even though he knew that the woman was the God of War Peter’s sister, the burly man must have a powerful background.

The woman had been observing everyone’s reaction.

However, while she was enjoying their attention, she was angry with what the burly man had said.

That was supposed to be her line, so how could she be willing to let a burly man say it and steal her limelight? Thus, the woman pointed angrily at Peter, who was at the door.

“You should be a Genetic Warrior too.

Aren’t you afraid of the God of War Peter’s rage?” This sentence almost made Peter laugh.

If Donna hadn’t brought him to this restaurant today, Peter would never have known that there were people pretending to be his family members in the base city.

Peter couldn’t be bothered with the woman opposite him.

Instead, he wanted to take Donna away as soon as possible as he couldn’t delay the afternoon’s matters.

The woman could feel Peter’s disregard for her, which only made her angrier.

Everyone present saw that the woman was hiding her smart device and was about to send a voice message.

This action was very obvious.

The person the woman was contacting must be the God of War Peter.

Peter saw what the woman was doing and was momentarily stunned.

Could it be that this woman was really calling for a Genetic God of War? If that was the case, who was he? He was the only Genetic God of War in New York Base City.

Anna was also a Genetic God of War, but she was still recovering at the Genetics College.

How could she appear here? Peter felt that things had progressed beyond his expectations.

It seemed that Donna had pulled him here not just to expose the woman’s lies.

Peter looked at Donna again.

This girl had an expression that was even more arrogant than the woman’s expression.

Good lord, was she competing to see who was more arrogant? With a sharp dagger in hand, Donna walked towards the woman.

“What are you doing! Don’t come here.

Waiter!” The waiter, who had been standing opposite Peter, looked reluctant when he heard the woman calling for him.

However, as long as it was an important person eating in the restaurant, he could only brace himself and turn to look at Peter, who was behind him.

“Sir, please control your sister.

Otherwise, I can only call the police to handle this matter.

” Everyone present could tell that the girl who had caused trouble in the restaurant was probably Peter’s younger sister.

Peter was speechless.

Since when did he have a younger sister? “Donna, stop fooling around and leave with me.

” No matter why Donna had dragged him to this restaurant, he felt that she had gone too far.

As Peter called Donna’s name, the woman seemed to think of something and looked at Donna with venomous eyes.

“So you’re that little scoundrel from the Locke family.

I should have known it was you.

” It was clear now that things had progressed to this stage.

Peter had thought that it was Donna who had thought of letting Peter discover that someone was pretending to be his family member.

However, given the current situation, Donna was trying to vent her anger.

As a result, Peter wanted to rush over and spank Donna.

Peter didn’t know about the feud between Donna and the woman, but he didn’t want to care about it either.

Just as Peter walked into the restaurant and was about to leave with Donna, several strong men with figures that were not inferior to Peter’s barged in from the door.

When the woman saw the few strong men appear, her attitude instantly became even stronger.

“Don’t even think about leaving here.

These people are C-Grade Genetic Warriors.

They are also under my brother Peter.

” Then, the woman motioned for them to surround Peter and Donna’s way out.

How could Peter not guess what they were going to do next? “Get lost!” Peter didn’t bother to argue with the rotten fish in front of him and simply erupted with a strong aura of power.

If the few strong men in front of him were really C-Grade Genetic Warriors as the woman had said, they wouldn’t be stupid enough to continue to stop Peter.

One of the strong men finally looked terrified when he felt the violent power erupting from Peter’s body.

His boss was Aaron.

Just now, his boss had received a distress message from this young woman, which was why he had sent them here to capture her.

In the base city, there was no power that dared to go against their boss.

However, they also knew that the Peter in front of them was not someone they could deal with.

The strength that Peter showed made them realize that the Genetic Warrior in front of them was likely a Genetic General.

“You are a Genetic General!” After one of the strong men voiced his guess, everyone present was shocked.

In the base city, the existence of a Genetic General was not inferior to that of a Genetic God of War.

After all, ordinary people couldn’t encounter a Genetic God of War.

However, a Genetic General was different.

As long as one deliberately looked for one, it was not difficult to find them.