Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 106

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 106

Chapter 106: General David’s Purpose is Very Sick Half an hour later, Peter turned to open the door to the secret room and let Callie and Professor Eugene in.

He and John had finalized their analysis of the situation, but they needed to ask Professor Eugene something.

After the door of the secret room opened, Professor Eugene smelled the special smell in the room when he entered.

After detecting this smell, he quickly explained the reason for the smell.

“This is the smell of the Thunder God’s blood.

Why is it here?” After Professor Eugene said this, John, who was behind Peter, looked at Anna in surprise.

Meanwhile, Peter walked up to Professor Eugene.

“Professor Eugene, are you sure the smell in the room is from the blood of the Thunder God?” In fact, Peter had chosen to believe Professor Eugene after he said that, but he had to confirm this with Professor Eugene again for safety reasons.

After Peter received confirmation from Professor Eugene, his and John’s previous guess was confirmed.

For this reason, he had asked Professor Eugene to bring Betty along.

This was because he needed Betty’s participation next.

Peter decided to extract the insect from Anna’s body first.

This process would require the help of Professor Eugene and Betty.

However, neither Peter nor John, Anna’s father, were the most suitable candidates.

Meanwhile, Betty and Professor Eugene were more daring.

Although the insect in Anna’s body was dead, the insect had parasitized Anna’s spinal column for a long time.

Thus, it was very difficult to extract the insect without harming Anna’s spinal nerves.




There was a very complete set of medical equipment in the secret room that could be used to anesthetize Anna.

Meanwhile, as Anna’s father, John couldn’t bear to see the process of the insect being removed from Anna’s body.

Thus, he had already left the secret room.

Peter also left the secret room with Callie.

When they got outside, Callie asked him a question.

“You two were in there for so long.

What exactly happened?” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM After Callie finished speaking, she even looked at John, who was standing nearby.

“It’s more complicated than we thought.

It involves the final destination of the Genetic Warriors and Mecha Warriors.

” After Callie heard Peter’s words, she became even more confused.

However, it was not Peter’s fault that he did not make himself clear.

After all, the background behind this bizarre incident was not something that could be explained in a few words.

Thus, Peter could only patiently start from the beginning.

As a result, it took him more than half an hour to tell Callie everything that had happened and the results.

Meanwhile, John had been standing nearby without saying a word.

He seemed to be thinking about something.

More than ten minutes later, the door to the secret room was opened.

John was the first to rush in as he desperately wanted to know Anna’s current situation.

Professor Eugene, who was in the secret room, was holding the corpse of a strange-looking insect.

Peter and the others didn’t have to get close to him to smell a strong scent.

This was the smell of the Thunder God’s blood that Professor Eugene had mentioned.

Professor Eugene turned to Peter.

“God of War Peter, the blood of the Thunder God is flowing in this insect.

Betty is already conducting a test.

I believe the results will be out soon.

” Peter was not surprised by what Professor Eugene said.

After all, this was the result that he and John had previously guessed.

The Holy War Organization had used the blood of the Thunder God to nurture the insects.

Thus, it was understandable that the insect’s blood contained the blood of the Thunder God.

However, after Professor Eugene discovered this secret, his eyes lit up with excitement.

“God of War Peter, Anna’s unintentional move solved the secret of these insects.

It turns out that the Holy War Organization parasitized the Genetic Warriors through the insects.

That was how they could improve the combat power of the Genetic Warriors in a short period of time.

” Peter knew what Professor Eugene was going to say.

When Anna already had one insect in her, she deliberately let the other insect enter her body to prevent Peter from becoming a monster like her.

As a result, the two insects in Anna’s body were secreting the Thunder God’s blood at the same time.

He tried to think about it.

After the Thunder God’s blood secreted by an insect was absorbed by its host, it would allow a Genetic General to advance to a Genetic God of War in a short period of time.

However, when two insects secreted the Thunder God’s blood at the same time, even the physical fitness of the Genetic God of War could not withstand the immense energy.

Therefore, Anna’s body was festering.

It was fortunate that she did not immediately explode and die, but she could not last too long either.

Her physical skills would be destroyed and she would eventually die.

After learning the secret of the insects, Professor Eugene was excited to discover that he had a new method of extracting the Thunder God’s genes.

This meant that the increase in Peter’s combat power would enter an explosive stage.

However, Professor Eugene was not sure if there would be any cyclical restrictions on the Thunder God genes.

For example, Peter could not extract the Thunder God genes again immediately after extracting them once.

Instead, he would need two weeks to completely absorb the genes before he could continue the next extraction.

This was because the power contained in the Thunder God’s blood was too domineering.

It could easily cause the extractor’s body to explode and die.

Professor Eugene immediately rushed back to his laboratory with the corpse of the insect and began to experiment.

Meanwhile, Peter led Callie to Anna.

After going through back surgery, the two worms in Anna’s body had been completely removed.

As for whether her nerves had been damaged, they would only know when she woke up.

“Peter, will Anna…” Callie didn’t finish her sentence, but Peter knew what she meant.

Callie was worried that Anna’s nerves would suffer from irreversible damage and she wouldn’t be able to stand up again.

Peter stretched out his palm and held Callie tightly.

“No, she’ll be fine!” As Callie looked at Anna, her vision started to grow blurry.

“Peter, you can’t let that damned David off the hook.

He’s a very sick man who tortured Anna like this.

” Peter had told Callie everything when they were outside the secret room.

It turned out that the insect that David had given Anna contained John’s incomplete consciousness.

This was something that John had discovered himself.

After Peter transported Anna’s body to the secret room, John felt a very special feeling in his brain.

Finally, after Peter grabbed the insect on Anna’s back, the feeling became stronger.

In the end, John relied on a special device in his mecha body to successfully retrieve the incomplete consciousness that was left in the insect.

Thus, after John told Peter the truth he knew, Peter learned that all of this was planned by David.

David had actually used the mystical powers of the Holy War Organization to place John’s remaining consciousness into the insect.

Then, he asked Anna to activate the insect and enter Peter’s body to control him.

This way, Anna would eventually discover that the God of War Peter, who she controlled, had another consciousness.

This consciousness was the consciousness of her father, John, that was left behind in the insect.