Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 107

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Investigating David’s Hidden Strength John’s complete consciousness had been split by the Holy War Organization using a mysterious power.

After he was transformed into a smart mecha, the Holy War Organization added the most important part of his consciousness into the smart mecha.

This was what surprised John and Peter the most.

After all, according to the practices of the Holy War Organization, they would not do such a dangerous thing.

This basically meant that John, who had been transformed into a smart mecha, would definitely experience the awakening of his consciousness.

At first, John guessed that there might be an operational error in the Holy War Organization.

However, he felt that this possibility was not valid.

After all, controlling the consciousness of humans was a very delicate task.

How could there be such a huge mistake? In the end, it could only be one scenario.

There was a person in the Holy War Organization who disliked the practices of the Holy War Organization and intentionally placed John’s main consciousness into the smart mecha.

This speculation by John made Peter realize a possibility.

As long as a guide that could enter the base of the Holy War Organization could find this person who disliked the Holy War Organization, they could use this person as a breakthrough point to infiltrate the Holy War Organization.

This was Peter and John’s guess.

However, it had not been confirmed yet.

Thus, this was undoubtedly a gamble to them.

If they wanted to find that person, they could only find a way through David.

Meanwhile, Peter happened to be dealing with the matter of David betraying the human camp.

However, out of cautiousness, Peter still had to find out David’s true power, which he had been hiding.

When Peter first encountered the smart mechas, he was almost injured by them due to carelessness.

As the ambassador of the Holy War Organization in the Federation, General David definitely had some unknown power supporting him.

Thus, what Peter needed to do now was to figure out David’s strength.

The Federation had been without a President for a very long time after the previous siege on the city.

Thus, David definitely wanted to become the new President of the Federation.

This would require him to find families in the Federation who supported him.




At this point, Peter thought of Locke, who was the heir apparent of the Locke family.

Furthermore, the current leader of the Locke family was Locke’s father.

However, according to the information from the outside world, the current leader of the Locke family had previously been besieged by mutant creatures.

Although he eventually survived, his body was no longer as strong as before.

The S-Grade queen insect was still waiting for orders near the Genetics College.

It so happened that Peter could get the S-Grade queen insect to contact Locke.

As the soul slave of the S-Grade queen insect, Locke would definitely obey his master’s orders.

Then, Peter sent a message to the S-Grade queen insect and asked it to go back to its cave.

It would be very dangerous for the S-Grade queen insect to stay in the range of the Federal railguns for a long time.

Soon, Peter received a reply from the S-Grade queen insect.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM [Master, I have already contacted Locke.

He will carry out Master’s plan unconditionally.

I will return to the cave now.

Don’t worry, Master.

] Peter closed the message he had received and got up to leave the basement of the laboratory.

Anna had yet to wake up and was expected to wake up tomorrow.

To Peter’s surprise, Callie had volunteered to stay and look after Anna, as John would also be by Anna’s side.

This reassured Peter.

After leaving the laboratory building, Peter did not take the aircraft from the Genetics College.

This was because he was afraid of exposing his identity.

Instead, he piloted a private aircraft alone to New York Base City.

There were no accidents on the way.

Peter arrived safely at New York Base City.

Then, he hid his identity and met Locke, who had been waiting for a long time, in a separate room.

“Locke, you already know my plan.

I need you to complete your control of the Locke family as soon as possible.

If there’s anything you need my help with, I can help you.

” At this time, Locke was standing very humbly opposite Peter.

After all, he had become the soul slave of the S-Grade queen insect.

Thus, he was more restrained towards Peter.

“Master, my father’s condition is constantly worsening.

There’s no resistance to me becoming the leader of the family for the time being.

I’ll accept the family matters as soon as possible and try to help Master.

” Peter was very satisfied with Locke’s answer.

Then, he took a glass container from the bag he had brought with him.

It contained a special strengthening potion that he had prepared for Locke.

Peter’s goal was simple.

He did not want Locke to be killed by David because of him.

A few minutes later, Peter watched Locke leave.

Then, he began to implement his plan.

First, after Locke gained complete control of his family, he would allow Locke to use his identity as the head of the family to expose General David for secretly betraying the human race.

Then, he would see how General David reacted.

If he had guessed correctly, General David would definitely lose his cool.

He might expose a portion of his hidden strength, but the cunning David would definitely not expose his full strength.

Peter just had to figure out how many smart mechas General David had.

This was because the smart mechas sent to him by the Holy War Organization were definitely different from the smart mechas Peter had seen.

As for how strong they were, Peter would have to see it with his own eyes.

Peter wasn’t idle when Locke went to carry out his plan.

Instead, he transformed into an ordinary human and scouted the area around the Federal building.

It was not until the sky was completely dark that Peter blended with the crowd and left.

He gained nothing on the first day.

The next morning, Peter received a message from Callie.

The message said that Anna had woken up and wanted to see him.

Meanwhile, the end of the message contained Callie’s concern for him.

It was a good thing for everyone that Anna had woken up.

After all, only Anna could solve the doubts of the entire incident.

However, Peter was not in a hurry.

Peter spent the morning still unable to find any leads near the Federal building.

General David had never left the Federal building even once.

In the afternoon, snow began to fall from the sky.

Winter had begun in New York Base City, and the city was drowned by silvery-white snowflakes.

In front of the Federal Building was a park for the people to play.

In summer, the trees inside were very lush.

However, it was winter now, and many trees were pressed down by the snow.

This was another kind of beauty.

Peter walked alone in the park.

Few people came to the park this season.

Only Peter’s footprints could be seen on the snow-covered ground.

More snow fell from the sky.

Just as Peter was about to return to his residence, he suddenly heard an unfamiliar voice behind him.

“Hello, do you need a gene-strengthening potion?” Peter found it strange that someone would still be promoting a gene potion here at this time of the year.

Thus, he turned to look in the direction of the voice.