Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 103

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Anna’s Experience In The Illusion After Peter activated the illusion, Anna instantly entered the illusion.

Meanwhile, Peter could see Anna’s experience in the illusion through the image in front of him.

At the same time, Peter first sent a message to the S-Grade queen insect to come near the Genetics College.

This was his plan for the worst-case scenario.

If the insect in Anna’s body was still controlling her after she escaped the illusion, Peter would let the S-Grade queen insect control Anna next and make Anna its soul slave.

This was the only way to save Anna now.

After Peter told the S-Grade queen insect about his plan, he began to pay attention to Anna’s experiences in the illusion.

The following was Anna’s experience in the illusion.

Anna’s consciousness took the appearance of a little girl after entering the illusion.

This must have been an experience from her childhood.

An old house appeared in the image.

In the clearing outside the house, Anna was playing a game with her friends.

This was a game that the little girls of that era often played, which was called Hide-and-Seek.

Anna played the role of searching for her other friends.

Meanwhile, when Anna was counting down with her eyes covered, her other friends had already scattered to places where they could hide.

Next, Anna had to find each of the hiding friends one by one until she found the last friend who was hiding.

Then, they could continue to the next round of the game.

This game sounded very simple, but Anna and the others were playing in a large area.

There was also an abandoned park nearby, where many of her friends chose to hide.

This undoubtedly increased Anna’s difficulty in finding her friends.

After the countdown, Anna didn’t enter the park to look for her companions first.

Instead, she entered the building closest to her.

The top floor of the building was her home.

At this moment, her father and mother were both working in the factory.

Only a younger brother, who was two years younger than her, was at home.

She needed to check on her younger brother and see if he was awake.




The building was only seven stories tall.

Thus, it did not take Anna long to arrive at the door of her house.

She entered the passcode with her small hand and unlocked the door.

However, there was no sound of her brother shouting inside.

Anna knew her brother was still asleep, so she decided it would be better to go in and take a look at him.

Then, she went into the house and saw her brother sleeping soundly in his bed in the bedroom that they shared.

Although Anna was only two years older than her brother, she already knew how much longer her brother could sleep for by observing his breathing frequency.

In the end, Anna confirmed that her brother could sleep for at least another hour.

Then, she prepared to go out and continue searching for her friends.

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COM When Anna opened the door, she suddenly heard the roar of a friend from the corridor.

“Save me! I’m scared!” From the voice, Anna could tell that it was from a girl called Aisha, who lived below her.

She also had a younger brother, but he was only two years old.

Aisha’s roar frightened Anna.

She was afraid to leave the house, but her curiosity was urging her to go out and see what was going on.

However, before Anna could make a choice, her brother’s cries sounded behind her.

As a result, Anna displayed a terrified expression.

In her consciousness, she knew that her brother had been startled awake by something.

At this moment, a rare brave expression appeared on Anna’s face.

She turned around and rushed towards the bedroom.

However, the moment she entered the bedroom, fear appeared on her small face again.

She saw that the bedroom window had been destroyed by a huge tentacle.

Then, the end of the tentacle was wrapped around her younger brother.

Since Anna was still a child, she had never seen such a terrifying scene.

Thus, her body was not under her control at all.

She stood still and could not even run.

She watched as the face of her younger brother, who was being wrapped by the tentacle, turned red.

This was because of the tentacle squeezing his body.

Her younger brother would soon lose his life.

Just as Anna was shocked, the tentacle suddenly let go of her brother’s body.

The tentacle seemed to have lost interest in her brother.

Then, the tentacle outside the window began to twist its body violently, as if it was being attacked.

Then, Anna saw a scene that she would remember for life.

A very tall human appeared outside the window.

His exposed muscles had swelled to an exaggerated degree.

Anna had seen the human, who had suddenly appeared to save her brother, on television.

If she remembered correctly, the human in front of her was a very famous Genetic Warrior.

His name was John.

Anna shouted the other person’s name excitedly.

At this moment, Peter, who had been watching Anna’s experience, finally realized that something was wrong.

“No, isn’t this Anna’s consciousness?” Everyone knew that Anna’s father was called John.

However, in her consciousness, Anna’s father and mother were working in the factory.

Meanwhile, John, who was originally her father, had become a famous Genetic Warrior.

Furthermore, when Anna’s younger brother was in danger, John had suddenly appeared to save Anna’s younger brother.

Peter wondered why such a huge mistake had appeared in Anna’s consciousness.

It shouldn’t have happened.

The consciousness of entering the illusion would allow one to go through their previous experiences again.

The environment and the dangers they encountered would change, but there would be no changes in the identities of their family members.

This was something Peter could be sure of.

Peter couldn’t figure out what went wrong.

He could only continue to observe Anna’s experience in the illusion.

In the image, Anna had originally planned to run over to see if her brother was in danger after shouting John’s name.

Meanwhile, the monster outside the window had been killed by the powerful John.

However, to Anna’s surprise, John didn’t leave.

Instead, he crawled into the bedroom through the window and kept staring at Anna.

Anna wanted to say a word of thanks, but John’s appearance suddenly changed into a face that terrified Anna.

It was a monster with a human body.

It had only one eye on its ugly face, and its pupil was like a black hole.

In Anna’s consciousness, she actually recognized the monster in front of her.

This meant that Anna had seen this monster, an Enforcer, in reality.

Peter wondered if this Enforcer was related to General David, since Anna had seen him before.

This guess was valid, because Anna had joined General David’s camp after leaving the Genetics College.

General David might have shown her some secret information after controlling Anna.

Then, Anna’s consciousness in the illusion shouted the name of the monster.

“An Enforcer!” After shouting the monster’s name, it seemed as if Anna was starting to go crazy.

This was a stark contrast to her weak body.

When Peter saw this, he finally understood something.

Anna’s consciousness that had entered the illusion was not limited to her own consciousness.

There was very likely another consciousness that had entered the illusion.

Perhaps it was the consciousness of the insect that had parasitized Anna.

Just then, from Anna’s point of view in the illusion, the monster opposite her began to roar at Anna.

Peter was very shocked by what the monster shouted.

“It was you guys who stole the power of the Thunder God!” After the monster shouted this sentence, it began to rush towards Anna in the illusion.

At the end of the scene, Peter only saw a huge palm grabbing Anna.