Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 102

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 102

Chapter 102: What Monster Is This? There was still no response from inside after Peter said this, which left him momentarily dazed.

Had he not made himself clear enough? Just as Peter was about to speak again, there was the sound of objects colliding in the dormitory.

Then, he heard Anna speak.

“God of War Peter, thank you for still being willing to help me.

My body can still take it.

Please don’t provoke me with my father again.

” This time, Peter was outside the door and could clearly hear Anna talking.

This meant that she had reached the door, and there was only the door separating them.

Through the door, Peter could still hear strange noises coming from inside, like the sound of a person clutching the door with their fingers.

In this empty corridor, this sound would make one feel very uncomfortable.

This was also because Peter realized that Anna’s current situation might be worse than he had expected.

“Anna, open the door.

If you believe me, I can take you to see your father.

” Then, the strange noise inside the door suddenly stopped, followed by the sound of the lock being unlocked.

Peter knew Anna would eventually choose to believe what he had said, but the door did not open.

Instead, Anna’s voice came from inside.

“God of War Peter, don’t come in yet.

Wait for me.

” At this time, Peter’s patience had reached its limit.

He had always thought that Anna would rather bear the physical pain alone than ask him for help.

Bang! .



Thus, Peter could only push open the door with all his might and go straight in.

The light in the room was dim.

The next moment Peter entered, he heard Anna’s frightened cry.

“Ah, don’t come here.

I’m not ready!” The room was dim because the blinds on the windows were pulled down to block out the sunlight outside.

Despite this, Peter’s current vision had been enhanced by the last time he was here.

Thus, he could see things very clearly in the dark.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM However, when Peter looked at Anna, who was not far away, he was still shocked by her current appearance.

At this moment, Anna could no longer be called a human.

Instead, she looked like a giant spider with many long tentacles on her back.

“You, what exactly have you experienced!” Peter was afraid to go near Anna.

It wasn’t that he despised her current terrifying appearance, but because he didn’t know how to help her.

Anna only had a blanket covering her body, but it could not hide the ugly tentacles on her back.

In her panic, she stretched out her arm to cover her back with the blanket.

However, the festering skin on her arm was exposed instead.

A very unusual smell filled the room.

Peter didn’t know how to describe this smell.

It wasn’t simply a rotten smell.

It also seemed to be mixed with the smell of a potion.

Peter suddenly felt that he had smelled this smell somewhere before, but he couldn’t remember where.

“God of War Peter, don’t come here.

I have something on me that is harmful to you!” Anna, who was lying on the ground, was trembling.

She was trying to dodge Peter, while the insect in her body was controlling her to get close to Peter.

Peter also noticed Anna’s unusual behavior.

Her body wanted to come over, but seeing what Anna had said, she didn’t want him to get close.

At that moment, Peter suddenly thought of a possibility.

When he had asked the S-Grade queen insect to control the fake President in the cave, the fake President had told him the truth — General David of the Federation was a puppet controlled by the Holy War Organization.

Meanwhile, the thing controlling General David was a special insect that could bore into a person’s body.

“Anna, why has your body become like this!” After Peter asked the question, he saw Anna tremble even more violently.

Her body contorted into a twisted posture, and her face contorted with pain.

At this moment, Anna could no longer speak properly.

She could only make ear-piercing sounds with her mouth.

This made Peter realize that the severity of the problem was beyond his imagination.

If he didn’t treat Anna quickly, she would fall into a deep coma from the intense pain.

The reason why Anna could last until now was entirely because of her physique as a Genetic God of War.

Peter tried to get close to Anna’s body.

He did not have any tools that he could use.

Instead, he raised the chair beside him for emergency use.

After guessing that Anna was probably also controlled by that kind of insect in her body, Peter became vigilant and observed everything around him to prevent the insect from suddenly attacking him.

Right now, Peter wanted to save Anna.

This was because if Anna wanted to harm him, she could use the time they had back at the Genetics College to allow the insect to enter his body.

For her, this was not a difficult task.

However, for some reason, Anna did not choose to do so in the end.

Instead, she silently endured the pain in her body.

What Peter didn’t know was that Anna had finally made a decision after fighting against her inner motivations when she was alone in the dormitory last night.

After activating the insect that she had brought back, she would allow it to enter her own body.

At that time, Anna’s idea was very simple.

Since she already had an insect in her body, if she let another insect enter her body, would this cause the two insects to fight inside her? No matter which insect obtained the final victory, it would not change anything for her.

However, she could prevent the God of War Peter from being hurt.

However, after Anna allowed the insect to enter her, she knew that she was wrong.

Furthermore, she was terribly wrong.

The two insects in her body did not fight.

Instead, they exerted more control over her body.

However, the nutrients in her body could only support one insect.

Thus, she felt horrified that her nutrients had been devoured by the two insects, causing her skin to fester.

Even after the nutrients in Anna’s body were absorbed, the two insects were not full.

Thus, they began to tear Anna’s body apart.

Moreover, the insects were not completely unintelligent.

Instead of biting the important organs in Anna’s body, they specifically targeted the muscles on her back.

She had once thought of asking the God of War Peter for help, but she was afraid that the insects in her body would attack him.

In the end, she had no choice but to look for Professor Eugene.

However, what she received from Professor Eugene was naked mockery.

Anna, who had lost her desire to live, then returned to the dormitory alone.

She planned to end her life in loneliness.

However, to her surprise, the appearance of the God of War Peter reignited her desire to live.

Before she lost consciousness, she had tried her best to resist the control of the insects over her.

When she was almost unable to hold on, she suddenly heard the voice of the God of War Peter.

“Activate the illusion!” This was a last-minute solution Peter thought of.

He wanted to allow the pained Anna to enter the illusion.

This would reduce the damage to her body and the pain to her consciousness.