Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 101

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Anna, What Are You Hiding? Professor Eugene was shocked for a reason.

He knew that the physical fitness of a Genetic Warrior was far superior to that of ordinary humans.

The resistance of their bodies to external viruses was also very strong.

Thus, it was very surprising that the skin of a Genetic God of War showed signs of festering.

Meanwhile, Peter was a very powerful Genetic God of War, but his understanding of genes was still at the elementary stage.

Thus, he couldn’t guess the reason for this.

“Master, I’ve studied genetics for a long time.

When a Genetic Warrior reaches the level of a Genetic General, the immune system in their body has undergone a huge mutation that far exceeds the immune system of ordinary people.

” Professor Eugene looked at the God of War Peter and organized his words.

Then, he continued, “For someone like Anna, who has reached the level of the Genetic God of War, the immune system in her body is very powerful.

I’m sure that Master knows this.

” Peter agreed with what Professor Eugene had just said.

His current physical fitness made him very resistant to many toxic substances.

Otherwise, without a powerful immune system, he would have been poisoned to death if he encountered those highly toxic mutant creatures in the wilderness.

However, this was not absolute.

After all, there were many types of creatures born in nature.

It was very likely that a special venomous mutant creature would appear.

For example, Anna might encounter a mutant creature with this special venom.

Until now, Peter and Professor Eugene had thought that the abnormality with Anna’s body was because she had encountered some strange mutant creature in the wilderness.

Then, her skin had festered after being attacked by that creature.

“Professor Eugene, is there a special potion in the Genetics College?” Peter asked this for a simple reason.

He wanted to help Anna.

Professor Eugene had a complicated expression on his face when he heard that Peter wanted to help Anna.

It was mainly because as a soul slave, he hated Anna for betraying Peter.

“Master, the Genetics College has a special potion.

As for whether it can cure Anna’s condition, I don’t know how effective it will be without using it.

If Anna uses it and her poisoning symptoms worsen, that won’t be good…” .



Peter didn’t say anything in response to Professor Eugene’s displeasure.

Instead, he simply extended his palm to him.

It was very simple.

He wanted Professor Eugene to hand over the special potion.

While Professor Eugene was unhappy with Anna, he would not disobey Peter’s orders either.

Thus, he could only go to obtain the special potion obediently.

Peter waited in his office.

He also used Professor Eugene’s smart device to connect to the external surveillance cameras.

He wanted to see where Anna would eventually go after leaving the laboratory.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM He keyed Anna’s physical features into the surveillance conditions and quickly located Anna’s whereabouts.

The search results showed that Anna did not go anywhere else after leaving the laboratory.

Instead, she returned to her dormitory.

After adjusting the surveillance footage again, the image outside Anna’s window appeared.

To Peter’s surprise, the blinds in the window were pulled down to hide the situation inside the room.

Peter’s first thought was that Anna might have realized that there were surveillance cameras observing her from outside.

Just then, Professor Eugene returned to his office.

He was holding a metal box that contained a special potion, which could be used to treat poisoning.

“Master, there’s a special potion in here.

I don’t think we should give it to Anna so easily.

What if it isn’t because…” Peter heard that Professor Eugene was still trying to convince him.

Thus, he simply stood up and snatched the special potion from Professor Eugene.

Then, he left the office quickly.

He was going to Anna’s dormitory now.

For whatever reason, he felt that he had to help Anna.

The laboratory was not far from the dormitory area.

Thus, Peter could reach his destination quickly.

A few minutes later, Peter was below Anna’s dormitory building again.

He looked up at the window that had been covered by the blinds.

There was no sign of it being opened.

If Anna was really poisoned, then she must be feeling very upset now that she didn’t get the special potion after asking Professor Eugene for help.

This was what Peter thought at that moment.

Furthermore, since Anna did not ask him for help directly, this made Peter feel an inexplicable emotion.

Knock knock knock! Peter went to the door of Anna’s dormitory and raised his hand to knock on the door.

There was no response.

“Anna, it’s Peter.

Open the door.

” Bang! After Peter explained his identity, there was a sound from Anna’s dormitory that sounded like something had been knocked over.

He knew Anna must be inside, but he wondered if she would open the door and let him in.

“Anna, open the door and let me in.

No matter what you are going through, you will always be the most outstanding student in the Genetics College.

” Peter began to use his feelings to appeal to Anna.

He wanted Anna to give up resisting and open the door.

“Anna, I know that you were forced to leave the Genetics College back then.

I learned about your past from Professor Eugene.

You followed your father’s last wish and returned to become a Genetic God of War in a hurry.

” No matter what Peter said outside the door, no sound came from inside the dormitory.

As a result, Peter knew that Anna, who was inside, did not want to see him.

Be it due to shame or other mysterious reasons, she would not open the door, no matter what Peter said.

In his panic, Peter thought of a solution.

He could destroy the door and force his way in.

However, in that case, he also worried that Anna, who was inside, would get a shock and do something crazy.

The method that Peter thought of was also very simple and would be very effective for Anna now.

Previously, he had accidentally found Anna’s father in the cave of the queen insect.

It was just her father’s incomplete consciousness, but for Anna, this was already very pleasant news.

“Anna, how are you going to face your father like this? Don’t you want to see him again?” Peter didn’t say anything directly.

Anna’s father was currently in the basement of the laboratory at Genetics College.

He wanted to see Anna’s reaction first.

Sure enough, Anna’s voice came from inside the dormitory.

“God of War Peter, leave.

Don’t worry about me.

Just leave me alone.

” Peter knew that the mention of Anna’s father would definitely make Anna respond from inside the dormitory.

However, before Peter could continue, an alarm sounded in the room.

Beep beep beep! This was the alarm produced by the air testing system in the room.

Typically, an alarm would automatically sound when the toxic substances in the air reached a certain concentration.

“Could it be that the poison in Anna’s body has increased in concentration?” Peter whispered his guess.

Then, without intending to delay any longer, he spoke loudly about Anna’s father’s whereabouts towards the door.

“Anna, your father is at the Genetics College.

Are you going to open the door or not?”