Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 75

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Peter Sees Callie As the pain in Anna’s body eased, her hurried breathing finally calmed down.

Then, she looked at General David with a bitter gaze.

She regretted her decision.

If she knew that she had been tricked by General David, she would not have left the Genetics College and the God of War Peter.

However, it was too late now.

She could no longer return to the state of a normal person as the insect in her body was constantly devouring the nutrients in her body.

At this moment, Anna had the idea of perishing with General David, but it was only an idea.

She didn’t dare to take the risk.

After all, the pain that had appeared in her body was something that normal people could not tolerate.

Anna knew more or less about the structure of the human body.

She knew that the insect that had entered her body was residing within her spinal column.

That was the main stem of the neurological cluster, the center of a person’s nervous system.

She couldn’t even commit suicide, so how could she hurt David’s body? The atmosphere in the office was tense.

David sat in his chair and looked amused.

“Anna, do you want to know what insect crawled into your body?” After General David asked this question, he observed Anna’s expression and tried to figure out something.

He still remembered how he had felt ten years ago when the insect had entered his body.

Thus, he also wanted to see if Anna would feel the same way as him.

However, after Anna showed a bitter expression, General David laughed happily.

“Haha, you have the same expression as me back then.

” .



Anna looked horrified again when she heard what David had said.

She suddenly understood everything.

Ten years ago, David had also experienced the process of being controlled by an insect.

It turned out that Dave was no longer a normal human ten years ago.

“M-Master, since there is an insect parasitizing your body, why don’t we work together to get rid of them!” “Hahaha!” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM General David felt like he had heard the funniest thing in the world when Anna said this.

He laughed until he cried.

It was only when David finally stopped laughing that the sound of his moving footsteps filled the office.

Then, he walked towards Anna while holding a glass container containing an even larger red insect.

“Anna, when I was parasitized by the insect, I had the same thought as you.

Do you know why I gave up?” General David had walked up to Anna and raised his hand to her face.

A red insect was squirming, as if it were afraid of Anna.

“This insect is called the Pandora Parasite.

It has five grades.

The black insect that resides in your body is a Second-Grade insect.

Meanwhile, the insect that resides in my body is a Third-Grade insect.

” Then, he pointed his other hand at the red insect in his palm.

“This is at the First-Grade, which is the lowest grade.

It is also the Pandora Parasite that I’m preparing to give to Peter.

” Anna’s pupils shrank.

Then, she thought for a moment and instantly understood.

“You’re saying that if this lowest-leveled insect enters the God of War Peter as a parasite, I can also control the God of War Peter through the insect!” “Yes, Anna.

You’re such a smart girl.

It took me a long time to figure out how to make use of the Pandora Parasite grades after learning about them.

” David praised Anna without hesitation.

After all, the smarter and stronger Anna was, the happier he would be.

This way, David would feel a greater sense of achievement when he controlled Anna through the insect.

However, Anna’s thoughts were filled with a deep sense of disgust.

David had wanted to let the Second-Grade insect parasitize the body of another human first.

Then, he would use the levels between the insects to control the bodies controlled by the lower-leveled insects.

Just what kind of person could think of such a sick method? “Anna, don’t you want to control the God of War Peter? He is a rare genetic powerhouse in our human camp.

” After David finished speaking, he did not forget to touch Anna’s sexy lips with his fingers.

“Anna, don’t you want to ride on the body of the God of War Peter to vent your desire?” Seeing Anna turn her head, David deliberately laughed.

“Haha, Anna, don’t think I can’t tell what you’re thinking.

If it weren’t for the sake of obtaining the God of War Peter, would you be so anxious to increase your strength?” “If you weren’t in a hurry to surpass the God of War Peter, you could have stayed in the Genetics College and slowly increased your strength.

However… you chose me, which was a very risky choice.

Isn’t this because of your strong sense of inferiority?” Anna widened her eyes and looked at General David.

“That’s right.

I didn’t want to accept the genetic enhancement from the God of War Peter.

Instead, I wanted to rely on my own ability to increase my strength!” David was waiting for Anna to say this.

Then, he held the red insect out to her again.

“You’re a smart girl.

Bring this insect to the God of War Peter.

Then, you can get everything you want!” At that moment, Anna felt a sense of helplessness.

The insect in her body was of a lower grade than the insect in Dave’s body, so she could not resist him at all.

Her body was completely controlled by the insect.

In the end, Anna was very indignant as she reached out to grab the red insect.

… The God of War Peter and Barker brought the President’s corpse back to the Genetics College in an aircraft.

After the aircraft stopped, Peter walked out of the aircraft first and saw Professor Eugene, who was waiting at the parking lot.

He first asked Barker and Professor Eugene to move the President’s body to Basement Three of the laboratory.

Peter decided not to tell Callie that the President’s body had been taken back to the Genetics College.

Instead, he wanted to check with Callie first to confirm some information.

When he was in the aircraft with Barker, Professor Eugene had informed Peter via communication that Callie was awake.

Peter left the parking lot and turned toward the hospital.

He currently had two doubts.

Firstly, how had Callie found the hiding place of the President of the Federation? Furthermore, what had Callie experienced in the basement, and why didn’t the fake President of the Federation kill Callie? This had always puzzled Peter.

If the fake President was on the same side as General David, there was no reason for him to let Callie off.

This was unless there was a larger scheme behind this matter.

Peter arrived at the hospital and walked to Callie’s single ward.

Through the door and window, he could see Callie sitting up in bed, daydreaming.

“Callie! I’m back.

” Peter felt a strong sense of self-blame the moment he saw Callie.

Callie might be awake now, but she had been in a bad state of mind.

She looked frail.

Meanwhile, Callie’s pent-up emotions finally exploded when she saw that the person who had pushed the door open and entered was Peter, the person she wanted to see the most.

“Boohoo, why are you only back now…”