Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 41

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Extracting the Thunder God Genes Again Peter was surprised to find an A-Grade mutated black tortoise underground.

A moment later… [A-Grade black tortoise genes detected.

Extracting…] [Extraction failed.

The A-Grade mutated black tortoise has the ability to lock its genes.

] As expected… A-Grade mutated creatures had the ability to lock their genes.

At this moment, the A-Grade mutated black tortoise had already revealed its shell.

Its shell was engraved with complicated patterns.

Peter stood on the shell of the tortoise.

For a moment, he couldn’t decide where to start.

The tortoise shell was simply too big.

Just the portion of the shell that was exposed above the ground was almost ten meters wide.

He wanted to see if he could break the hard shell of the black tortoise with a single punch.




Bang! Peter punched with all his might, but there was only a dent on the shell.

Hiss! What a hard tortoise shell… Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM Under normal circumstances, Peter’s power had reached 120,000kg.

However, his punch did not even break through the turtle shell.

How would he deal with this? He wondered if he could break open the hard tortoise shell by activating 50 times more rage.

However, Peter didn’t really want to activate 50 times more rage.

After all, activating it once required a cooldown of 24 hours before it could be used again.

Furthermore, the situation on the island was so dangerous.

Who knew if he would encounter an even greater crisis? “Oh yes, I obtained venom from killing the giant snake just now!” Peter almost forgot about that.

“Venom!” As Peter said the word “venom”, a yellow liquid oozed from his palm.

Then, he pressed his palm, which was secreting venom, tightly against the hard shell.

A magical scene occurred.

The surface of the shell was corroded by the venom and showed signs of softening.

It was effective! Peter exerted strength in his palm, and his palm began to sink.

After a while, a deep pit appeared on the tortoise shell.

The black tortoise sensed danger and began to shake its shell more quickly.

Peter was right.

This black tortoise looked very terrifying, but its attacks were too weak.

If he hadn’t obtained the venom that could ignore the defense of its target… He really wouldn’t be able to do anything about this black tortoise.

Suddenly, Peter felt the resistance that his palm faced while sinking disappear.

He was pleasantly surprised.

This was because the venom had corroded through the thick turtle shell.

As a result, there were no longer any obstructions.

The venom directly entered the body of the black tortoise.

A moment later, the black tortoise let out a few miserable cries.

Its life force was rapidly dissipating.

“Extract the genes of the black tortoise!” The system prompt sounded in Peter’s mind again.

[A-Grade black tortoise genes detected.

Extracting…] [Extraction successful! Congratulations to the host for obtaining 100 times more physical strength!] Haha! Peter laughed happily after obtaining 100 times more physical strength.

This way, the problem of insufficient physical strength was resolved.

Next, he could continue extracting the Thunder God genes.

However, there was something more important.

He wondered how the students who had entered the island were doing.

He had wasted more than twenty minutes dealing with the black tortoise.

These students would become capable generals in the future without exception.

Thus, Peter would not give up on them so easily.

However, the appearance of the black tortoise had overturned the entire surrounding area.

As a result, Peter had no choice but to gather the various instruments nearby.

Fortunately, these instruments were not too badly damaged.

At the very least, there were no problems with using the instruments normally.

After setting up the machines again, Peter immediately looked at the projections.

There was no problem with the first team led by Anna.

Peter was more reassured with Anna around.

Meanwhile, the fourth team had found a cave, but there were no mutated creatures inside.

Peter used the communication system to tell them not to go too deep into the cave and to be careful.

As for the seventh group, they were unlucky enough to be attacked by a small group of mutated rats.

Although they had escaped to a safe place, two students had died, and the remaining eight students had suffered varying degrees of injury.

Peter felt helpless that two students had died in such a short period of his inattentiveness.

At this moment, the leader of the 14th group sent Peter a video.

Peter remembered this group leader.

His name was Beck.

He was the person who had almost been eliminated due to his nervousness.

If Peter hadn’t given him a chance, Beck would be playing a virtual game in his bed now.

However, his future could only be realized through virtual games in that case.

Peter opened the distress video Beck had sent.

Beck’s panicked expression could be heard from the video.

“Big Boss Peter, please save us…” Hmm! Peter rose from his seat in a hurry.

This was because he saw a huge creature appear behind Beck in the video.

It was also a giant snake with wings on its back.

He wondered if this huge snake was related to the giant snake that he had killed previously.

Was it here for revenge? Peter didn’t delay and rushed over as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, Beck’s team was not far from him.

If he ran at full speed, he would arrive in over ten minutes.

He hoped Beck and the others could hold out until Peter arrived.

Otherwise, not a single person in the 14th group would survive.

Peter didn’t use the lights.

Instead, he felt his way through the dark and ran over.

The mutated creature that was awakened by him midway looked around in a daze.

After failing to find its target, it continued sleeping.

Ten minutes later, Peter was very close to the 14th group.

He could even hear Beck’s roar ahead.