Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 42

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Is This The Thunder God’s Skill? Thus, Peter did not slow down and simply charged over.

Time was of the essence! After all, every life he could save was crucial.

Peter had previously killed the giant snake by simply punching it in the head.

However, this was something that he could do only after reaching a power of 120,000kg.

Under normal circumstances, A-Grade mutant creatures were not existences that Genetic Warriors could fight against.

Not even Advanced-Leveled Mecha Warriors could do it.

Meanwhile, the highest grade of Genetic Warriors in the 14th group was only at the C-Grade.

The difference between this and the giant snake was not small.

A person flew towards Peter.

It was a student who had just been sent flying by the giant snake.

Peter was furious as he reached out to catch the flying student.




This was because he did not feel any breathing from the student.

Obviously, the giant snake was angry.

It did not hold back at all.

Instead, it killed everyone with its attacks.

“Damn it!” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM Peter dropped the student in his arms and rushed towards the giant snake.

This time, he didn’t jump up and blow up the snake’s head.

Instead, he simply rushed behind the giant snake and picked up its tail with both hands.

The giant snake realized that its tail had been grabbed and was about to exert its strength.

Peter exploded.

The surviving students watched this in horror.

Big Boss Peter grabbed the snake by the tail and swung it around.

This scene was simply too shocking.

Every student gaped as they watched the head of the snake smash through the nearby trees.

Crack! Crack! The sound of bones breaking could be heard from the thick body of the snake.

“Die!” Peter released his grip on the snake’s tail and simply swung the snake away.

The huge snake crashed into the rocks, creating a hole in the rocks.

Hm? Peter saw a hole in the rock caused by the giant snake and walked over curiously.

At this moment, the giant snake had not completely lost its vitality.

It still wanted to struggle and get up.

However, the joints of its bones were broken.

Thus, every time the snake twisted its body, it would result in excruciating pain.

Peter reached the head of the giant snake and punched it, ending its life.

Then, Peter looked at the hole that had appeared in the rock.

A cool breeze blew from inside the hole.

It seemed that the space inside the cave was not small.

The slightly injured students also came to Peter’s side.

Only by being by his side could these students feel a strong sense of security.

“Big Boss Peter, why is there a hole here?” “Big Boss Peter, let’s go back…” A student whose arm had been broken gritted his teeth and spoke.

He was truly frightened by the giant snake and was afraid that another powerful creature would appear.

However, Peter did find that in the eyes of these students… There was a fiercer expression than before.

Peter called for Beck and asked him to gather the injured students.

Every team had an emergency kit with them.

Thus, it was not a problem for them to treat their wounds simply.

Furthermore, these students had extracted the Thunder God genes.

Thus, after being injured, the self-healing abilities of their bodies would also be much faster than that of ordinary people.

Meanwhile, Peter planned to enter the cave alone to explore.

It wasn’t that Peter was curious.

Rather, when Peter approached the entrance of the cave, a system prompt sounded in his mind.

[Extraction failed…] [Extraction is impossible…] This was the first time the system had repeatedly produced such a sound.

Peter knew that there had to be something good in the cave.

However, Peter had to go into the cave before being able to extract its genes through the system.

According to the reaction of the system, it was very likely that there were powerful creatures inside the cave.

Fortunately, he did not use his rage when he encountered the A-Grade dark tortoise.

This would come in handy.

At the very least, there was an additional layer of insurance.

After the creatures in this world mutated, no one knew what they were like after mutation.

Growing larger was just a simple standard for judgement.

However, the magical natural world would always breed creatures with strange abilities.

Peter was powerful.

If he was not careful, he might suffer an unexpected failure when he encountered mutated creatures with special abilities.

This time, after entering the cave… Peter wasn’t careless and turned on the lights in advance.

A strong light instantly illuminated the path in front of Peter.

“This cave is very deep!” As he continued deeper into the cave, he realized that the depth of the cave exceeded his imagination.

There were traces of man-made excavation on the surrounding walls.

It was very obvious that this cave had not been formed naturally.

This made Peter even more puzzled.

Who had dug this cave? Just then, the system prompt sounded in Peter’s mind again.

[Extraction failed…] “Damn it!” Just how long would it take for him to find the creature! At this moment, Peter suddenly realized that he had overlooked a problem after entering the cave.

After entering the cave, he did not encounter any creatures.

This meant that the danger here was far more severe than he had imagined.

Under what circumstances would other weak creatures not dare to appear here? There was only one answer.

There was an unusually terrifying creature in the cave.

Just then, Peter heard a knocking sound from in front of him.

He immediately turned off the lights.

The surrounding space instantly fell into darkness.

Peter stood still and did not move rashly.

As his eyes slowly adapted to the dark environment… He discovered a faint light ahead.

The light came from an object that illuminated the surrounding walls.

Peter knew that he had reached the end of the cave.

At this moment, the system prompt changed.

[Thunder God’s skill detected.

Extracting…] [Detected that the percentage of Thunder God genes in the host is less than 10%.

You cannot extract the Thunder God’s skill…]