Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 26

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Genetic God of War Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios When Peter first heard about the Genetic God of War, he was more confused than surprised.

This was because there was no information about the Genetic God of War in the Federation.

In fact, just the words “God of War” were unheard of.

However, after a few rounds of genetic extraction, his physical fitness had improved greatly.

Thus, Peter was no longer interested in the Genetic God of War.

After all, his strength had already surpassed that of the Genetic God of War.

However, Professor Eugene had a potion that contained the Thunder God gene.

That was what interested Peter most.

At this moment, Peter knocked on Professor Eugene’s door and walked in.

“Peter! You did well this time.

” .



“The Federation will reward you for killing so many mutated creatures.

” Previously, Professor Eugene was still worried.

After launching the God Creation Plan, Peter’s strength rose slowly.

This would not gain the support of the Federal Genetic Command.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM It was very disadvantageous to the God Creation Plan.

However, Professor Eugene felt that it was good now.

The surge in power that Peter had experienced was because he had extracted the special gene potion.

“Peter, I’m taking you to see someone.

Come with me.

” He guessed that Professor Eugene was taking him to meet the Genetic God of War.

Then, Peter and Professor Eugene left the laboratory and took the elevator down to the basement.

The elevator stopped at Basement Three.

Professor Eugene stepped out of the elevator first, with Peter close behind him.

The originally dark space was instantly illuminated by the lights.

Peter saw clearly now that there was a row of imitation wax statues erected on each side.

“Professor Eugene, what is this?” Professor Eugene walked toward the nearest wax statue and motioned with his arm for Peter to follow.

Peter had no choice but to speed up and catch up to him.

He walked to the front of the wax statue and saw a brief introduction below it.

[B-Grade Genetic Warrior: Robin] [In 2466, he entered the West Point genetics course and became a C-Grade Genetic Warrior after graduation.

] [In 2470, he advanced into a B-Grade Genetic Warrior.

] [In 2471, during the New York Base City defense battle, he killed a B-Grade mutated python alone.

] [In 2472, when attacking the mutated giant ant nest, he killed the B-Grade mutated queen ant alone.

] [In 2473, on Honda Beach in Baia, he led the Genetic Warriors to successfully prevent mutated sea monsters from landing on the beach.

] [In 2475, during a defensive battle to support the San Francisco Base City, he was besieged by a tide of C-Grade mutated rats.

In the end, he was swallowed by the rat tide due to his lack of stamina.

Robin was only 25 years old back then.

] Peter was extremely shocked.

The outside world did not know about this information.

He had always thought that the other Genetic Warriors were just following behind the Mecha Warriors.

They simply cleaned up the remaining mutated creatures on the battlefield.

“Professor Eugene, why doesn’t the outside world know about the deeds of these Genetic Warriors?” Professor Eugene looked at Robin’s wax statue with sadness in his eyes.

“The Federation chose the mechas in the end.

Why would they think of them?” Peter said nothing.

Instead, he simply followed Professor Eugene.

They kept walking and looked at each wax statue.

There was a brief introduction below each wax statue.

Peter did a rough count of the wax figures displayed here.

There were over a hundred of them.

This meant that there had once been an equal number of Genetic Warriors fighting for the survival of mankind.

However, the Federation had forgotten about them.

At this moment, Professor Eugene walked to a large metal door.

“Peter, don’t be surprised or make any noise later, no matter what you see.

” Why did Professor Eugene say that? Could there be something extremely terrifying behind the metal door? Peter responded and stood patiently.

Then, Professor Eugene slowly opened the metal door.

The metal door slowly opened.

Peter’s heart was calm now.

After all, he had been attacked by mutated vultures before.

Thus, he didn’t believe there was anything else that could surprise him.

However, when Peter walked through the metal door, he was still frightened by what he saw.

The space inside was huge and the ceiling was almost 20 meters tall.

A humanoid creature stood in the room.

It looked like a specimen.

This was because Peter felt no hint of life from the humanoid creature.

The humanoid creature was rather tall, and its head was almost touching the roof of the room.

What kind of creature was this? Could this be the Genetic God of War that Professor Eugene mentioned? How could the body of a human become a giant? Puzzled, Peter looked at Professor Eugene.

“Peter, this is the Genetic God of War I was talking about.

” It really was the Genetic God of War! Peter looked up to the giant’s face.

The giant’s appearance was very normal.

There was no difference between him and a normal human.

Then, Professor Eugene walked toward the giant.

“Peter, the special gene potion I gave you previously was extracted from the blood of this giant.

” Peter was truly shocked this time.

After all, when he extracted the special gene potion… The system clearly told him that he was extracting Thunder God genes.

The Thunder God was a character from ancient myths.

Why would it appear here? Professor Eugene said that the Thunder God was the Genetic God of War.

This meant that the Thunder God had once helped humans fight the mutated creatures.

However, what could have caused the powerful Thunder God to lose his life? At this moment, Professor Eugene raised his hand and motioned for Peter to go over.

Peter walked up to the calf of the Thunder God.

Then, the system prompt sounded in his mind.

[Thunder God genes detected.

Extracting…] [You have extracted 0.

5% of Thunder God genes.


Congratulations to the host for obtaining a thousandfold physical enhancement.