Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 25

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Obtaining the Queen Insect’s Control Ability Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Peter was full of anticipation.

The queen insect unlocked its genetic lock.

The extraction couldn’t possibly fail this time, right? [A-Grade mutant queen insect genes detected.

Extracting…] [Extraction successful.

Congratulations to the host for obtaining the queen insect’s control ability.

] Peter guessed that the special ability of this A-Grade mutant queen insect was to control other creatures.

Putting aside the mutated creatures that had just escaped from the other caves, it was not hard to tell this from Locke’s current state.

This eldest grandson of the Locke family was actually being controlled by a queen insect.

If the Federation were to find out about this, it would cause a huge uproar.




After the global mutation, humans had always been at a disadvantage when fighting mutant creatures.

As a result, humans could only hide in the various base cities.

However, there were actually queen insects among these mutated creatures.

He wondered if the queen insect had any other humans under its control besides Locke.

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COM Then, Peter opened the system interface.

[Physical Strength]: 1350 [Rage]: 50 times (Instantly increases physical fitness by 50 times for a duration of eight minutes.

There is a cooldown of 24 hours before it can be used again.

) [Control]: Currently, the host can only control one creature.

Peter immediately used his control ability on the A-Grade queen insect.

[A-Grade mutant queen insect discovered.

Controlling…] [Control successful.

Congratulations to the host for becoming the master of the A-Grade queen insect.

] When Peter realized that he could only control one creature, his first reaction was to control the A-Grade queen insect.

After all, as long as he could successfully control the A-Grade queen insect, he could use it to control more creatures.

However, the prerequisite was to lead the creatures to the A-Grade queen insect.

Otherwise, the A-Grade queen insect could not control other creatures remotely.

This meant that the A-Grade queen insect had become a tool for Peter to control other creatures.

Peter closed the system interface and looked at Locke, who was not far away.

Locke felt Peter’s eyes on him and immediately spoke.

“Master! I’ve done many wrong things to you in the past…” “Master, please forgive me.

” Peter didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at Locke’s wretched appearance.

However, Locke was still useful to Peter.

Thus, Peter would not kill him now.

The faster Locke advanced in the Federation’s mecha army, the better it would be for Peter.

After fully controlling the A-Grade queen insect, Peter checked its memories.

He discovered that two years ago, Locke had participated in a hunting event organized by his family two years ago.

Locke was then discovered by this A-Grade queen insect, which controlled him to become its soul slave.

The goal of the queen insect was to disrupt the stability of the human world.

Controlling humans would cause humans to kill one another.

Furthermore, it turned out that Locke did not seize Peter’s spot in the mecha course entirely because of Callie.

The main reason was that he had received orders from the queen insect.

Since Peter had obtained first place in the mecha course, he became the center of attention.

As a result, the queen insect knew of Peter’s presence through Locke.

If Peter was allowed to study in the mecha course, not long after, Peter would definitely become a powerful Mecha Warrior with his talent.

< This was unacceptable for the mutated creatures.

It would kill Peter when he was in the budding phase.

This was the best solution.

However, the queen insect did not expect that after Peter became a Genetic Warrior, he had obtained a system that could extract genes.

Now, even the queen insect had become Peter’s slave.

The A-Grade queen insect controlled three humans in total.

Apart from Locke, the queen insect also controlled two other humans.

One of them was Kyle, a Lieutenant Colonel from the Locke family.

The other was Second Lieutenant Elinda from the Federal combat unit.

It was the first time Peter had heard of Kyle’s name.

It was probably Locke who had caused Kyle to become a slave of the queen insect.

As for Elinda, although Peter had never seen her in person, he had heard of her name before.

Elinda was a well-known beauty in the Federal combat unit.

It was said that not only was she good-looking, her figure was also very good.

However, Peter had never met her.

He would find Elinda if he had a chance when he was back at the Federation.

One must know that Peter was now also Elinda’s master.

Peter left the underground cave with Locke.

For the time being, there was no better hiding place than the underground cave, so Peter decided it would be better to leave the queen insect here for now.

As they returned to the canyon via their original route.

Peter told Locke to leave first.

After successfully controlling the A-Grade queen insect, there was no need to worry about being attacked by mutated creatures.

That was because all the mutated creatures in this area were controlled by the queen insect.

Unless, of course, Peter was unlucky enough to encounter a mutant creature that wasn’t controlled by the queen insect.

Peter reached the entrance to the canyon and found that Callie and the others were already gone.

Instead, an aircraft had landed where Callie and the others previously were.

When the pilot saw Peter, he jumped.

After all, Peter now looked like a demon from hell.

His entire body was filled with traces of dried blood, as well as pieces of flesh from the mutated creatures.

It was abnormally terrifying.

If Peter had not spoken first, the aircraft pilot would have attacked him with his weapons.

Eventually, Peter left the canyon in an aircraft.

The Federation would send people to the scene to investigate the situation following this combat test.

Peter wasn’t worried that the hiding place of the queen insect would be discovered.

It was because as long as they approached the queen insect, they would be controlled.

After all, few people had extremely powerful brainwaves like Peter.

Those people would not be controlled by the queen insect.

When Peter returned to the Genetics College, he was told that Professor Eugene wanted Peter to go to his laboratory and find him immediately.

It was probably the matter that Professor Eugene had previously mentioned.

Professor Eugene had said that when Peter came back from the combat test, he would bring Peter to meet a Genetic God of War.