Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 72

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 72

Chapter 72: The Return of the Dragons to Their NestPutting aside whether or not Lin Qi could crack an egg, he would not be able to finish it even if he cracked it open.

The first bite would be enough to fill him to death.

Even if Lin Qi could not eat it, he could take it with him.

Lin Qi used his previous life’s experience of raising a dog.

The bigger the body, the more it could eat, which meant that the body was better.

So, Lin Qi picked the biggest dragon egg from the pile, and even secretly weighed it.

The dragon egg was only half a head shorter than Lin Qi.

Fortunately, the egg was not very heavy, or else he would not have been able to carry it.

Lin Qi calculated the time.

It had been more than six hours since they entered the canyon.

If they did not leave now, the group of giant dragons might come back.

Lin Qi had also tested Dark King by questioning it about what the giant dragons were doing since it knew they would be gone that day.

At first, Dark King did not want to say anything, but later, he could not wear down Lin Qi.

It turned out that every year, the giant dragons would choose a day to go out together and find a pleasant place to have a group mating session.

It was said that such an activity could increase the success rate of conceiving.

When Lin Qi heard that, he was speechless for a long time.

‘Forget increasing the success rate of conceiving, wasn’t that just an orgy?’ City dwellers were no strangers to such a thing! Looking at the time, the giant dragons should be back soon.

Their birth rate was not high in the first place, and now that Dark King had eaten one, the dragons would probably kill them in a minute.




Lin Qi hurriedly pulled Dark King up and was about to head for the exit.

However, Dark King was too full from eating.

It walked very slowly, like an old dog.

Looking at its pace, it looked like a grandmother wolf with a walking stick.

The man and the dog slowly walked out of the canyon.

On the way, Lin Qi did not forget to pull two vines and simply made a strap to carry the dragon eggs behind him.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM In the blink of an eye, they were in front of the stone dragon again.

Lin Qi no longer had the fear and awe that he had at the beginning, It could not be helped.

Who knew that after finding out that dragons had orgies every year, it was difficult for one to have any sense of awe anymore.

However, there was one thing that could be said.

That stone dragon was really lazy.

They had been in there for more than six hours, but it had only slept the whole time.

Its posture had not changed.

The stone that Lin Qi had crushed earlier was still on its body.

He did not know why it had been chosen to guard the house.

Perhaps other dragons did not like to mate with it? He patted the dragon egg behind him, praying that it was not the stone dragon’s egg.

Otherwise, the dragon would die of anger in the future.

Lin Qi gathered his thoughts and came to the front of the rock wall.

He quickly climbed up and soon arrived at the top of the stone dragon.

However, when he turned around, he saw that Dark King was still standing there.

It turned out that Dark King had eaten too much and could not climb up at all.

He tried a few times but to no avail.

That made Dark King so anxious that it kept circling around in place.

Lin Qi could not allow Dark King to stay there by himself.

He could only signal to Dark King to wait for a moment.

He climbed to the opposite side first and gently placed the dragon egg on the ground.

Then, he turned around and climbed back.

Dark King realized Lin Qi’s intention and stood there with a grateful expression.

Then, Lin Qi walked in front of Dark King and the first thing he said was, “Call me daddy!” Dark King was stunned at first, then his expression turned fierce.

He was about to bite him.

Lin Qi had already carried Dark King behind him and fixed it with vines.

Dark King heaved a sigh of relief.

He thought that Lin Qi was just pulling his leg, then he thanked him in a low voice, “Brother, I can’t thank you enough.

In the future, you…” Lin Qi pinched the dog’s mouth close.

“Shut up, your breath stinks!” At that moment, Dark King felt that his emotions had been fed to the dog… well, to the man.

It was unknown whether it was because Dark King was heavy or because he had eaten a dragon egg, but Lin Qi had a hard time climbing.

He rested twice before he finally crossed the stone dragon and came to the other side.

As soon as he finished, he threw Dark King down and mouthed, “D*mn dog, remember to lose weight when you go back.

” .


At that point, Dark King had already digested a part of the dragon egg’s essence.

At least he could walk normally.

They immediately took the dragon egg and quickly walked out of the canyon.

Only when they walked out of the canyon did they finally heave a sigh of relief.

At last, it could be considered as a safe trip.

Not only did he take a bag of ingredients, but he also stole a dragon egg.

However, Lin Qi had not decided whether to sell it or raise it himself.

If he sold it, he would be able to reach the peak of his life.

He would no longer have to worry about upgrading the system.

If he raised it himself, he would have a seven-star demonic beast as his pet in the future.

Who would dare bother him with a dragon by his side? ‘Forget it, let’s go back and think about it.

The dragon egg had not hatched yet anyway.

There was plenty of time for planning.

’ The most important thing now is to leave that troublesome place quickly.

“Let’s hurry up and leave! We won’t be able to leave once the giant dragons come back,” Lin Qi said to Dark King.

However, just as he finished speaking, they heard a dragon’s roar coming from the sky behind them.

Lin Qi and Dark King’s expressions instantly changed drastically.

“F*ck! You jinx!” Dark King hurriedly let Lin Qi climb onto his back and ran in the opposite direction.



After the giant dragons had ‘eaten their fill’, they flew back to the Dragon Valley at a leisurely pace.

Most of them had returned to their own caves, and one of the emerald-green dragons returned to the cave where the dragon eggs were.

As soon as it entered the cave, it felt that something was wrong.

The dragon stones used to be neatly stacked there, but today, there were many scattered on the ground.

At first, it did not pay much attention to it, until it saw the dragon eggshell that had been shattered by Dark King and eaten clean.

Then, the giant dragon became angry.

An angry dragon’s roar echoed in the valley.

The other giant dragons were a little confused.

What was wrong? One by one, they flew out of the cave, and when they saw the green giant dragon standing at the entrance of the cave, with a broken dragon eggshell in its claws.

All the giant dragons were furious! After so many years, they had only given birth to nine dragon eggs, and one of them was eaten? “Who was it?!” “Egg thief! I want to slaughter their entire family!” “Damn it! Kill them all and eat them all!” Roar! A huge dark gold dragon stopped its companion’s raging and looked at the huge green dragon.

“Kai! How many of the eggs were eaten?” “One was eaten and one is missing.

It must have been stolen!” The dark gold dragon looked at the stone dragon guarding the house.

“Shi, are you asleep again?” The stone dragon’s body trembled.

After a long time, he slowly nodded.

Roar! The dark gold dragon spat out a fireball and blew the stone dragon away.

The place where the fireball hit was badly charred.

The stone dragon, which could withstand the attack of an eight-star demonic beast, was seriously injured.

The strength of the dark gold dragon was truly terrifying.

After the dark gold dragon punished him, it flapped its wings and flew into the sky.

“Kai! You protect the remaining dragon eggs here.

The others, follow me out to catch the egg thief.

Don’t let any suspicious creatures go! Find the egg thief and bring him back alive.

I want to turn him into ashes myself! “Those who offend our clan, no matter how far away, must be killed!” The Giant Dragon clan were undisputed sovereigns of that world.

Even those mixed-blood dragon beasts could become a lord of a region.

The strength of a pure-blooded dragon was undeniable.