Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 71

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Look at This Egg.

It’s Big and Round.

There was a big difference between dreams and reality.

Lin Qi and Dark King looked at the mountains of gold, silver, and jewelry in front of them, but they could not do anything.

Lin Qi could not help but sigh.

Fate really played a trick on people.

He looked at the system and saw that there were only six hours left before the upgrade was completed.

However, who knew when the giant dragons would come back.

Lin Qi had no choice but to throw away the gold coins in his bag and store some rare ingredients and herbs.

In his previous life, there was a medicinal cuisine in his country.

Not only could it fill his stomach, but it could also strengthen his body.

There were even some special formulas that could be used to treat illnesses.

Although he did not know if there would be a medicinal cuisine in the system, it was better to be prepared.

Even if he could not use it, he could sell it for a lot of money.

The most important thing was that the medicinal ingredients were light and small in size.

Just like that, Lin Qi and Dark King spent more than four hours to search seven or eight caves.

Just when they wanted to give up, they came to a particularly empty cave.

There were only diamonds in that cave, nothing else.




Lin Qi was stunned at first.

What was going on? They had already traveled all the way there, and they had no idea when the giant dragons would be back but in the end, all the fuss was just about diamonds? Those things had no practical use at all! However, when Dark King saw those diamonds, his eyes were wide open.

He ran forward frantically and pulled at the pile of diamonds with all his might.

When Lin Qi saw Dark King act like that, he thought that he had seen wrongly.

Could it be that there was some kind of treasure? Like a magic stone or something.

He hurried forward, picked up a random diamond, looked at it carefully, and then bit it.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM Yes, it was a diamond, the only difference was that it was so pure that Lin Qi held it up to the sunlight without and there was not a trace of impurities.

Lin Qi pulled at Dark King.

“This thing is really worthless.

It’s just an ordinary stone, but it’s harder.

” “What do you know!” Dark King shook off Lin Qi and dived into the pile of diamonds again while telling Lin Qi the story of the ‘Diamond’.

That stone was originally mined by humans.

Humans had conducted various tests on the stone and found that only some high-level offensive spells could break such a stone.

The humans were very happy.

With that kind of stone, they could forge stronger weapons, and it would be easier to hunt low-level demonic beasts.

However, there was a problem.

Ordinary people had no way of polishing the stone.

Although high-level mages had the ability to do so, the stone did not have any magical effects, so they had no incentive to polish it.

Later, the humans gave up.

Only when someone in the family was sick would they purchase some small pieces and give them to the patient, hoping that the patient’s life would be as hard as the stone.

Until one day, the giant dragons learned about the stone.

They found it interesting and wanted to collect it, so they did.

Then, they used the alchemy of the Giant Dragon clan to polish the stone.

Unexpectedly, the impurities in the stone gradually faded in the flame and turned into the shiny diamond that Lin Qi saw now.

Most importantly, the hardness did not change at all.

The stone could only be processed by the Giant Dragon clan so they called it the dragon stone, and the dragon stone slowly became the symbol of the nobility in the clan.

Lin Qi still did not understand.

“Even if the stone is the symbol of the Giant Dragon clan, it’s useless outside of the clan.

” “Even in the Giant Dragon clan, the dragon stone is also a symbol of status.

After all, not all dragons master alchemy, so the more dragon stones they have, the higher the status of the dragon.

Do you understand?” Lin Qi suddenly understood.

Yes, with so many diamonds, how strong must that dragon be? It must have some precious possessions.

Then, he joined Dark King and worked hard to dig… Oh, the pile of dragon stones.

They dug deeper and deeper until Lin Qi suddenly felt something big and round within the pile.

“Dark King, come here quickly, I found something good!” Lin Qi grabbed it with both hands and yanked it out.

Holy sh*t! What a big egg! The egg was about half the size of a human.

It was snow-white in color, and a special luster could be vaguely seen on its surface.

Dark King was ecstatic when it saw the egg.

The black dog approached the egg一sniffing and licking it.

Lin Qi had some guesses when he saw Dark King’s reaction, but he felt that it was a little unbelievable.

He patted Dark King.

“Stop licking it, it stinks from your licking.

This egg… Could it be the…” “Yes, this is a dragon egg! Hahahaha!” Lin Qi looked at the egg, then looked at the pile of dragon stones under his feet.

“That… How many eggs can a dragon give birth to at a time?” “Nonsense, of course, it’s one.

I’ve told you, the giant dragon race’s reproductive ability is very poor…” Dark King subconsciously answered Lin Qi, then he was stunned and suddenly looked at Lin Qi.

Lin Qi threw the dragon stone under his feet to the side, revealing a pile of dragon eggs.

Looking at it, there were about eight or nine of them, which were half the size of a human.

Dark King was also shocked by the scene in front of him.

With so many dragon eggs, it must mean all the dragon eggs of the entire clan were probably here.

Then, Dark King gritted his teeth and said, “D*mn it, I let you bully me before.

But today, I will make sure you have no descendants!” After saying that, he opened his mouth and bit at the dragon egg.

Crack! Crack! The dragon egg was unharmed, leaving Dark King rolling on the ground with its paws nursing its jaw.

After a while, Dark King got up and said, “I’m not done yet.

Kid, move out of the way!” He opened his bloody mouth and spat out a ball of flame from his mouth.

That ball of flame burned on the surface of the dragon egg.

“I’m going to eat roasted dragon egg today!” Dark King sneered.

In the next second, the smile on its face disappeared.

The surface of the dragon egg flashed with a fiery red pattern, which actually absorbed all of Dark King’s flames.

“F*ck, a fire dragon egg!” Dark King still did not give up.

He picked up the dragon stone from the ground and smashed it at the egg.

With a loud sound, the dragon stone cracked in the middle.

Looking at the dragon egg again, a crack actually appeared.

It worked! Dark King began to smash the dragon stone against the dragon egg repeatedly.

He did not know how many dragon stones he had smashed in the process.

Finally, a hole was smashed on the surface of the dragon egg.

Lin Qi saw Dark King stuffing half of its body into the egg, leaving just its butt sticking out.

Then, the sound of slurping came from inside the dragon egg.

Not long after, Dark King came out again.

It laid on the ground then, let out a burp.

Lin Qi noticed that Dark King’s stomach was bulging, and he could not help but sigh.

Earlier, Dark King had eaten four pots of Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup and that still was not enough to sate it.

However, one dragon egg was enough to make it so full.

It was enough to show how amazing the energy contained in the dragon egg was.

Dark King patted the dragon eggshell beside him and said to Lin Qi, “Hey brother, do you want one?” Lin Qi hurriedly waved his hand as if he was saying, “No, no, your little brother does not have the fortune to enjoy such a thing.