Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 67

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 67

Chapter 67: The Mysterious Dark King According to the plan, Dark King lured the rock wolf out.

It ran to a place far enough away, put down the big pot filled with Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup, and prepared to take a detour to leave.

However, it was greedy.

First, it could not help but lick two mouthfuls of mushroom soup.

Then it simply sat there and started eating.

After it finished eating, it raised its head and saw the rock wolf in front of it.

The scene was extremely awkward.

The rock wolf was a five-star devil beast after all.

Its intelligence was not low.

It looked at the big black dog in front of it and then looked at the pot on the ground.

It immediately guessed that it had been deliberately lured away.

However, it was already very far from the cave, so it decided to capture the black dog in front of it first.

Thus, the wolf and the dog started a crazy chase.

Logically speaking, the rock wolf was as fast, so the black dog could easily shake it off.

However, after Dark King finished the pot of soup, its stomach began to hurt, and it even made gurgling sounds from time to time.

Dark King’s stomach was getting more and more painful, but the rock wolf behind him was chasing it relentlessly, not giving it a chance lose it.

As it ran, Dark King suddenly wanted to fart.




What was more coincidental was that the rock wolf was right behind Dark King.

So… The rock wolf said that it had never been humiliated like that, and went crazy.

After Dark King was satisfied, the pain in his stomach stopped, and he sped up, running back to the cliff to pick up Lin Qi.

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Then, the battle between the wolf and the dog turned into a wolf chasing a man and a dog.

When Lin Qi saw the appearance of the rock wolf behind him, he was so shocked that he almost fell off Dark King’s body.

“You f*cking farted?” At that moment, Lin Qi finally understood what had happened.

He also remembered what he had done that morning.

In the morning, to punish the Dark King, Lin Qi added a bunch of detoxifying croton into the soup.

According to the system’s introduction, after consuming that croton, all the toxins could be expelled from the body, and it was the antidote for poisoning.

Of course, the side effect was diarrhea, and it would instantly empty the stomach and intestines.

Dark King had been eating without diarrhea for the past few days, and his stomach had accumulated a lot of things.

Lin Qi thought that the croton was ineffective against Dark King, but he did not expect it to only prolong the attack time.

Dark King was also puzzled.

Why did he suddenly have diarrhea? “Kid, did you put something in the soup?” How could Lin Qi admit it? “Of course not, it’s just a normal Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup.

” “Then why did I…” “You must have eaten too much.

A normal person can eat a spoonful for three days.

Count how many pots of soup you’ve eaten in three days, and how long has it been since you’ve had a sh*t?” “… It’s been a few months, but…” “Stop f*cking around, hurry up and run! I don’t want to fight a devil beast with feces on it.

Besides, don’t you smell the stench?” Lin Qi was going crazy.

If Dark King found out that it was Lin Qi’s doing, he would definitely burn him to death.

What a huge loss! Dark King did not have time to think and quickly sped up.

In less than five minutes, he shook off the rock wolf.

In the end, all he could hear was the wolf’s angry roar.

Dark King led Lin Qi to the previous cave.

As soon as they walked in, it was already hungry.

Lin Qi knew that he was in the wrong, so he quickly took out the white jade mushrooms and other ingredients to make Marsh Mushroom Soup.

[ Name of Dish: Marsh Mushroom Soup, Level-3 Dish, Rare Level, Magic Effect: Can increase the strength of the drinker in all aspects, without leaving any side effects (can only be taken once, no effect after multiple consumption) ] [ Material Consumption: Gray Mushroom (x3) Tree Mushroom (x2) Red Mushroom (x4) White Jade Mushroom (x5) Clear Water (x2) ] [ Cooking… Cooking completed ] [ Ding! You have obtained: Marsh Mushroom Soup ] Lin Qi held the pot of soup and said to Dark King, “This is Marsh Mushroom Soup一it can increase strength in all aspects without any side effects, but can only be consumed once, no effect from the second bowl onwards.

” “Really? You’re not trying to trick me, are you?” Dark King did not believe it.

“You don’t believe it? It’s fine.

I’ll drink another pot for you to see…” Bang! Lin Qi flew off again.

Dark King quickly drank the soup in the pot and closed his eyes to savor it silently.

A moment later, he opened his eyes and looked at Lin Qi.

“It is indeed useful, but the effect is mediocre.

If only I could have 30 to 40 bowls.

Unfortunately…” Lin Qi could not be bothered with it anymore.

“Do you know any other delicacies that have special functions?” “Yes, but most of them require ingredients I lack.

” “Tell me about them.

” Lin Qi told Dark King all the ingredients needed for the Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup, Haste Fruit, and other delicacies.

Dark King thought for a moment and said, “Kid, you’re lucky.

I’ve seen all these ingredients before.

” “Then let’s go!” Lin Qi could not wait any longer.

“There’s no rush.

I can’t do it today.

We’ll set off tomorrow.

” Before Lin Qi could ask for an explanation, he heard a strong wind blowing outside.

Soon, acid rain began to fall.

Lin Qi turned to look at Dark King in surprise.

According to the orc tribe, acid rain did not have any pattern, and it started to fall as soon as it was said.

One second, the sky was clear, and the next second, it started to rain heavily.

Dark King became even more mysterious in Lin Qi’s heart.

Just as Lin Qi wanted to ask more questions, Dark King walked to the side and fell asleep on the ground, snoring.

“Tsk, you don’t want to tell me, but I wasn’t even going to ask,” Lin Qi muttered.

Even if Lin Qi had a raincoat that could protect him from acid rain, he did not want to go out and hang around.

It was still very painful to be splashed by acid rain.

Hence, he laid down with his back to Dark King.

He fell into a deep sleep in a short while.

However, Dark King suddenly opened its eyes and stared at Lin Qi silently.

There was a complicated look in his eyes.

The Marsh Mushroom Soup did have some effect on Dark King, but it was very weak.

It only slightly alleviated his injuries.

Dark King had also been observing Lin Qi for the past two days.

There were many times when it did not know where Lin Qi took out the ingredients, and the ingredients were very fresh.

Storage? However, Dark King did not feel any spatial fluctuations.

It was more like it had taken them out directly from its body.


It had not felt something that interesting for a long time.

Dark King originally thought that its life would be boring for the rest of its life.

The appearance of Lin Qi and the delicacies he had made gave Dark King a glimmer of hope.

“He’s not a bad person.

He has ambition and ability, but he’s a little cheap,” Dark King thought secretly.

If Lin Qi had heard that, he would have confronted Dark King’s parents and replied, “You’re the cheap one.

I learned it from you.

” .


The next day, the man and the dog began their new adventure at dawn.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it the journey of stealing.

The ingredients that Lin Qi wanted were not that rare.

It was just that the production was not high.

Some of them needed extra processing.

Most of the monsters had the habit of storing food.

They were targeting those monsters.