Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 66

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 66

Chapter 66: FartingDark King felt that something was not right.

He was cursing yesterday, why was he so enthusiastic today? However, Dark King thought about it and realized that maybe Lin Qi was convinced that he was not strong enough to fight it.

At that moment, it did not forget to be narcissistic.

Dark King was too powerful and charming that Lin Qi could not help but submit to it.

He was just one step closer to accepting himself as a pet.

Dark King raised its head and walked in front of the mushroom soup with its head held high.

He glanced at Lin Qi disdainfully and finished the soup in no time.

Lin Qi was smiling on the surface, but in his heart, he cursed, ‘Keep pretending.

Keep pretending.

I’ll make you cry later.

’ According to the system’s introduction, the effective time of the ingredients was about 15 minutes.



Lin Qi walked out of the cave.

The aftermath of the volcanic eruption had subsided, so he went back to call Dark King and prepared to go out to look for the ingredients.

“Say, how does it go? “How’s that strength-boosting delicacy of yours working out?” “How about this, I’ll drink it and you can take a look.

” As he said that, he took out the Marsh Mushroom Soup and drank it in one gulp.




Dark King was stunned, there was more of it? “Are you itching for it?” After saying that, he sent Lin Qi flying with a paw.

After the paw slap, Dark King clearly felt that it was different, and its paw felt a little thicker.

“It’s really useful.

” Dark King was amazed.

“Give me a pot!” Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM Lin Qi rubbed his butt and stared at Dark King.

“It’s gone!” “This dish needs a very important ingredient, called white jade mushroom.

Since you live here, you should know how rare this ingredient is.

” “Then you drank it all!” After saying that, he hit Dark King again.



Lin Qi followed behind Dark King with a bruised face and stared at it hatefully.

However, he felt a little different in his heart.

“Why isn’t it working? Hasn’t it been 15 minutes?” “You’re lucky to have met me.

” Dark King in front of him had no idea that Lin Qi had added some ingredients to its food.

“I happen to know a place that has many white jade mushrooms.

” Soon, Dark King brought Lin Qi to a cliff and raised his head toward the opposite direction.

Lin Qi looked in the direction and saw a cave.

“There’s a five-star devil beast living in that cave一rock wolf.

It has a keen sense of smell and likes to collect white jade mushrooms.

” Keen sense of smell? Lin Qi’s heart skipped a beat.

“That’s right.

So, we just need to lure it out with delicious food, and then we can take the opportunity to steal the white jade mushrooms.

” The man and the dog sat by the cliff and began to discuss how to steal the rock wolf’s white jade mushrooms.

Lin Qi told him his plan.

“How about this? I’ll make the Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup first.

You take the soup and lure the rock wolf away.

I’ll take the opportunity to steal the white jade mushrooms from the cave.

You take it and run further away.

Then, you’ll circle back to pick me up.

” Dark King was unhappy.

“Why don’t you it instead?” “You run fast! If it were me, it would have caught up with me in just a few steps.

” Dark King was still a little unwilling.

“What? You’re the Dark King, a super divine beast.

Why are you afraid of a mere five-star devil beast?” Lin Qi provoked.

“What a joke.

I’m afraid of it? No chance! It’s settled then!” It did as it was told.

In order to ensure the effect, Lin Qi took out all his inventory and made a big pot of Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup.

In order to prevent the fragrance from drawing out the rock wolf in advance, he even walked some distance away.

After the delicacy was made, he fastened the lid of the pot.

Lin Qi handed the mushroom soup to Dark King and reminded it again, “This is all of my stock.

If it doesn’t work this time, I’ll have to collect the ingredients again.

Don’t waste them.

” Dark King raised its front paw and patted its chest.

“Don’t worry! I won’t drink it!” Slurp! Lin Qi looked at it speechlessly.

“Why don’t we change the plan? I don’t believe you…” Slurp! Slurp! “Don’t worry about it…” Well, at that point, he could not give up just like that.

“You must remember to come back and pick me up, Dark King!” “Don’t worry!” Slurp! “I’m not an untrustworthy divine beast.

” ‘After this is done, I must think of a way to get some milk and caramel.

This d*mn dog is too unreliable.

’ Lin Qi made up his mind.

After handing the mushroom soup to Dark King, Lin Qi found a few tough vines from the forest and connected their heads and tails.

Then, he tied one end of them to the tree and the other end to himself.

When he was ready, he laid on the edge of the cliff.

The distance between the two rock walls was not wide.

He tied the vines to facilitate evacuation.

After a while, Lin Qi saw the rock wolf walk out of the cave.

Lin Qi thought that since it was called the rock wolf, it might have a hard, rock-like armor on its body.

In fact, the rock wolf was named that way because it lived in the cave on the cliff.

Its claws were very sharp and could be bent freely.

It was especially suitable for rock climbing.

At the same time, its sharp claws were its most powerful weapon.

Its curved claws could hook its prey tightly.

The rock wolf twitched its nose to determine the source of the aroma.

After confirming its position, its four claws hooked onto the rock wall and quickly climbed down the mountain.

Lin Qi did not rush over immediately.

He waited for a moment until he could not see the rock wolf in his field of vision.

Then, he stood up.

He retreated to gain momentum, ran up, and jumped in one go.

He stood steadily at the entrance of the cave.

He untied the vines around his waist and hung them on the protruding part of the rock wall.

He lit the torch that he had prepared beforehand and slowly explored the cave.

The rock wolf was not big, so the cave was only about seven feet tall.

Lin Qi walked all the way to the depths of the cave.

Deep in the cave is a wider area, with a large stone platform at the innermost area which appears to be where the rock wolves slept.

Right next to the platform, there are white jade mushrooms all over the place, and at a glance, there was roughly 20 or 30 of them.

‘We’re rich! We’re rich!’ Five white mushrooms can make a bowl of Marsh Mushroom Soup.

Dark King gets a bowl while Yu Meng and the rest can get one as well.

Lin Qi quickly put all the white jade mushrooms into the system.

He then looked around to see if there was anything else he could collect.

Outside the cave came the anxious cry of Dark King.

Lin Qi’s face turned pale, that d*mn dog was really unreliable.

It had only been a while since he had drawn away He picked up the torch, rushed to the cave entrance, and saw Dark King standing on the cliff before.

“Come quick, the rock wolf’s coming back!” Lin Qi threw away the torch, wrapped the vines around his waist, and jumped forward with all his might.

When he was about to hit the wall, he lifted his feet and dropped his weight on the wall.

On the cliff, Dark King bit on the vine and pulled Lin Qi up forcefully.

“Let’s go, the rock wolf will be back soon!” Dark King signaled for him to ride on it.

Although Lin Qi felt strange, he could only jump on Dark King’s back when he saw that ir was in such a hurry.

Then, Dark King ran away.

He was about to ask Dark King what happened when he heard the rock wolf’s angry roar from behind.

It was accompanied by the sound of trees collapsing.

Lin Qi was shocked.

“What did you do to the rock wolf?” Dark King did not want to tell him at first, but seeing that Lin Qi kept asking, he stammered, “I just farted.