Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 65

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 65

Chapter 65: The Soup Tastes Even Better With Added Ingredients Only then did Lin Qi have the time to size up the black dog.

It had big ears and its entire body was filled with muscles making it as strong as a bull.

Its white canine teeth were like a sharp dagger, and from time to time, its jaws would part to reveal a bright red tongue.

Lin Qi did not know much about the Clean Slate demonic beast, but he felt that it was not that simple.

That dog had too many strange attributes.

It had a big appetite, it spat flames, it was not afraid of the magical black rocks, it was extremely fast, it spoke, and it was very smart.

Even then, when Lin Qi suggested cooperating, the black dog rolled its eyes.

After a while, the black dog seemed to remember something.

Lin Qi actually saw a hint of vulgarity on its face.

Woof! “… Speak the human language!” Lin Qi cursed in his heart.

It even said that it was not a dog yet it kept barking like one.

“We can cooperate, but I have a request.

In addition to providing me with items to increase my strength, you also have to help me teach my opponent a lesson.

Then, I’ll help you out.

” Opponent? Lin Qi’s heart skipped a beat.

“Who? Is it powerful? You can’t beat it?” Lin Qi asked three questions in a row.




“You don’t have to worry about who it is.

It’s definitely not as powerful as me.

I’m a divine beast, the most invincible in the world!” Lin Qi really did not know what to say.

Would it kill him to be humble for once? “Then I also have a condition.

You will lead me to food in quantities large enough to feed a tribe of several hundred people.

” “Deal.

” Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM The big black dog raised its front paw and waved it casually.

Lin Qi looked at the front paw that was still in the air and stretched out his right hand, his palm facing upwards.

“Put your paw on it.

” As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Qi cursed in his heart.

That was because he had raised a border shepherd in his previous life and made it a habit.

The black dog was stunned at first, but it instantly flew into a rage when it came back to its senses.

“Damn it, I’m a divine beast! If you treat me like a dog again, I’ll bite you to death!” The black dog used its front paws to hit the ground with all its might.

“Okay, okay, okay, Mr.

Dog…” “I’m called the Dark King!” … Dark Dog King? However, Lin Qi only dared to think about it secretly.

If he continued to tease him, he was afraid that the conversation would really go south.

A wise man would not take the loss before his eyes.

When the system upgraded and gave him some amazing delicacies, he would see if he could hammer him or not.

That was what Dark King was thinking.

Although that b*stard was weak, his cooking skills were really not bad.

When it recovered its strength, it would take Lin Qi as a pet and make him cook delicious food for it every day.

The man and dog both had their own little tricks up their sleeves.

Thus, the most bizarre combination in history was born.

“Kid, how can you have such amazing food? I’ve lived for 100,000 years, but I’ve never heard of it.

” ‘… 100,000 years and f*cking bragging about it, so you’re a b*stard who turned into a dog spirit?’ “Of course, who do you think I am?” ‘Of course, you would not have heard of it, no one else has the system.

’ Even if Lin Qi taught others how to cook delicacies, it would not have the same effect.

“Oh, I’m hungry.

Cook for the king!” ‘You’re still hungry? You just ate a pot of Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup, but now that you mention it…’ Lin Qi realized that he was hungry too.

After all, he had run for so long, and he did not even finish the steak and soup that he just made.

He did not argue with that silly dog.

Without saying anything, he took out the pot and started to make the Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup.

The black dog sniffed the fragrance coming out of the pot, and its saliva dripped all over the floor.

“Not bad, not bad.

You really can’t judge a book by its cover…” Lin Qi was unhappy.

“Wait a minute, do you think you can be arrogant just because you know how to speak human language? Is this how you use people to judge a book by its cover? What’s wrong with my looks? Tell me clearly.

” That time, it was Dark King’s turn to be speechless.

It was just a saying he said carelessly.

“You think you’re better looking than me when you look like a big black rat?” Dark King was stunned.

‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’ was just a saying.

Was there a need for him to get so defensive? However, Dark King could do nothing but just listen.

No matter how good it was at speaking human language, it was impossible for its fluency to be better than humans.

Seeing that Lin Qi was getting more and more agitated as he spoke, saliva almost sprayed onto Dark King’s face.

Dark King wanted to bite him to death, but he could not bear to part with the pot of soup that was almost ready.

He was so angry! There was nothing he could do.

He was really hungry.

Seeing that the black dog was not making a sound, Lin Qi had also scolded enough, so he continued to make the mushroom soup.

After that mess, the man and the dog did not want to talk to each other.

Only the sound of boiling water could be heard in the empty cave.

Before long, the Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup was ready.

Lin Qi lifted the lid of the pot and was about to taste it.

Dark King next to him smelled it and instantly stood up to Lin Qi’s side.

He raised his paw and sent Lin Qi flying.

‘This is compensation for letting you scold me just now!’ He stuck his head into the pot.

He was not afraid of the heat and finished the entire pot of soup in two mouthfuls.

After finishing the soup, he raised his head and smacked his lips, looking satisfied.

Lin Qi, who was sent flying by the side, was furious.

Hands on his hips, he pointed at Dark King as he cursed.

“How can there be such a cheap dog! How can there be such a small-minded dog?” The black dog ignored him and walked into the depths of the cave.

It stretched its body and was about to sleep.

Before sleeping, it even glanced at Lin Qi.

That b*stard was rambling and it was not listening.

Lin Qi’s voice was hoarse from cursing.

He was still angry.

If he could not beat it, he would skin it alive and eat the dog meat.

Lin Qi had no choice but to make another bowl.

After drinking it, he went to sleep in a huff.

The night was silent.

When Lin Qi opened his eyes the next morning, he found the Dark King staring at him from not far away.

His eyes were glowing green.

Lin Qi was shocked.

“What are you doing?” “Hungry!” Lin Qi let out a long sigh.

He thought Dark King was going to eat him.

Dark King saw that Lin Qi had woken up, so he walked to the side and lay down.

Lin Qi recalled the scene yesterday, and he could not help but feel angry.

He flipped through the system to see if there was anything that could be used against that black dog.

As he flipped through it, he suddenly found a dish.

Lin Qi looked at the introduction of that dish and chuckled coldly.

He was a little too pleased with himself and even laughed out loud.

When Dark King heard the laughter, he looked at Lin Qi.

“What are you laughing at?” Lin Qi quickly stopped smiling.

“Nothing, nothing.

” After saying that, he ignored Dark King and started to cook by himself.

The black dog was a little puzzled, but it did not take it to heart.

Lin Qi took out a pot and continued to cook the Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup.

After all, that dish prevented hunger.

If it were other delicacies, he might not have to do anything for the rest of the day and just cook for Dark King.

Lin Qi controlled the heat.

Seeing that the mushroom soup was almost done, he stole a glance at Dark King.

Seeing that the Dark King had his eyes closed, he quickly took out a bunch of ingredients from the system and quickly threw them into the thick soup.

Lin Qi took the wooden stick and stirred hard.

When the ingredients were completely mixed with the thick soup, he woke Dark King up to eat.

However, at that time, Lin Qi did not eat first.

Instead, he gave everything to Dark King.

Dark King was a little puzzled.

“You don’t want to eat?” Lin Qi showed a standard smile with teeth.

“I’m not hungry.

I can feel full for three days with just a sip of this soup.