Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 49

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 49

Chapter 49: The Rhinoceros Swarm Attack   “Wow, it smells so good and it’s so delicious.

” As Lewis ate, he praised Lin Qi’s cooking skills.

After all, his cooking skills were… He had defeated Jin Lingling.

Moreover, Jin Lingling had even taken Lin Qi as her master.

Yu Meng also walked toward Lin Qi.

She knew that Lin Qi still had food to help recover her magic energy.

Lin Qi busied himself for a while and handed Yu Meng three portions of Fresh Magic Mushrooms and only gave Lewis a steak.

Lewis would not be able to do much tomorrow.

At most, he would be able to divert some firepower toward himself.

However, there was no limit to the supply of Magic Sweet Potatoes for the two of them.

After the three of them had a scrumptious meal, they were ready to rest.

They still had to prepare for the battle tomorrow.

The entrance to the cave was very small, and it could not accommodate the size of demonic beasts so they could rest in peace.

Lin Qi laid on his side and started to secretly make the Rush Candy.

[ Name of Dish: Rush Candy, Level 3 Dish, Rare Level, Magic Effect: Can increase the user’s speed by up to five times the normal speed.

(Can be stacked for a short time, but will be severely weakened after use) ] .



[ Material Consumption: Sweet Flower (x2), Mint (x3), Vanilla (x4), Caramel (x5) , Milk (x1) ] [ Cooking… Cooking completed ] [ Ding! You have obtained: Rush Candy (x10) ] Lin Qi looked at the candy in his hand.

They were no different from ordinary candy.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM However, they were considered rare magic artifacts and had magical effects.

There were only ten of them so Lin Qi could not test the effects.

One less candy meant one less guarantee of success.

Lin Qi kept the Rush Candies, closed his eyes, and fell asleep.

The next morning, the three of them were ready to set off in search of the ore giant.

The plan had been set yesterday, so there was nothing to be arranged today.

Two Rush Candies for each of them, and two Magic Sweet Potatoes.

They could only hold two so that it would not affect their activities.

Lin Qi secretly gave Yu Meng the Enhancement Candy.

The two types of candy Lin Qi had did not look the same.

Plus, Yu Meng had eaten one before, so she knew what kind of candy it was.

She just accepted it without saying anything else.

The ore giant was the same one that the two of them had dealt with before.

They had to kill it and get five-star magic essence.

The three of them arrived at the same place as before and saw the ore giant eating a rock.

Lewis took out a Rush Candy and turned to look at Lin Qi.

Lin Qi nodded at him, and Lewis quickly swallowed the candy.

Seeing how skittish Lewis was, Lin Qi knew that if he did give him the Night Light’s Billow, he still would not be able to become a grand swordmaster in his lifetime.

The candy disappeared as soon as it entered his mouth.

Lewis moved his arms slightly and found that his speed had increased by more than twice.

He was pleasantly surprised and praised the magical artifact called the Rush Candy.

However, he did not know that if one’s physique and talent were good enough, Rush Candy could increase the user’s speed by five times.

Of course, if one was still not fast enough, one could take more and increase the speed by five times.

However, the side effects were relatively worrisome.

“Hahaha… Dumb big rock! Lewis Leonard is here again!” Lewis shouted and rushed toward the ore giant.

The ore giant spotted him.

With Lewis’s taunting, the ore giant was instantly enraged.

Demonic beasts like the ore giant were not particularly fast.

Now that Lewis’s speed had increased, it could not land a single hit on him anymore.

The five-star devil beast had already gained intelligence and roughly understood what the ant in front of him was saying.

Lin Qi heard Lewis’s wild laughter and realized that guy was quite talented at taunting opponents.

If he encounters any demonic beasts or enemies in the future, just give him two delicacies from the system and he would be able to unleash his full taunting prowess.

Even if it was a wooden puppet, there was still a 30 percent chance of success, let alone a demonic beast that was easily irritable.

Lin Qi was very satisfied with Lewis’s performance, and the entire valley was filled with his raucous laughter.

The ore giant’s eyes were bloodshot.

The ant in front of him had already made him lose his patience.

It was time! Yu Meng widened her eyes and looked at the ore giant who was distracted.

Then, she put the two different candies into her mouth and began to chant a spell with her eyes closed.

Lin Qi felt a suffocating chill and could not help but take two steps back.

After Yu Meng was ready, she quickly approached the ore giant.

Her current speed was almost five times faster than before.

That allowed her, a weak mage, to enter the battlefield in close-range.

“Ice Magic: Cold Through the Heaven and Earth!” There was no ice, no frost, but the surrounding bushes, which were rustling because of the ore giant’s pounding, stopped shaking in an instant.

It became stiff like a rock.

The ore giant also realized that something was wrong一its movements were getting slower and slower.

It tried its best to turn its head around, but it stopped moving the moment it saw the person who cast the spell.

“Wait! I… Haven’t escaped yet.

” Although Lewis retreated ahead of time, he still had not managed to escape the range of the ice spell.

After passing by Yu Meng, he fell headfirst into the gravel.

Yu Meng did not intend to stop.

She could feel that the core of the ore giant was still alive.

She took out a Magic Sweet Potato, replenished her magic energy, and continued to maintain the cold.

Seeing that Lewis was in trouble, Lin Qi quickly ran forward to pull him back.

As soon as he got close, Lin Qi realized how intense the cold was.

Gritting his teeth, he walked in front of Lewis and pulled him by his stiff clothes.

“Be gentle, my face…” Lin Qi did not listen to him and dragged him out.

At that point, Yu Meng had already consumed the second Magic Sweet Potato.

That magic spell consumed too much mana.

The ore giant in front of her was already dead.

The last few minutes were just for insurance.

Boom! The ore giant collapsed, and Yu Meng fell to the ground.

The only one who could move now was Lin Qi.

He went up and took out the five-star demonic beast’s magic essence.

Fortunately, Yu Meng could still stand, but Lewis could only lie down and look at the essence in Lin Qi’s hand with a silly smile.

The three of them sat together and recovered a little.

Lin Qi was ready to lead the two down the mountain.

Rumble… A familiar sound… The magic horn rhinoceroses! Hearing that, Lewis almost laughed out loud.

He was really lucky today.

“Lin Qi! Give me something to recover quickly.

We’re going to be rich! Ahahaha!” Lin Qi frowned.

He did not want to attack those harmless magic horn rhinoceroses.

He wanted to find a reason to stop Lewis, but the ground shook and he shut his mouth.

Lin Qi saw the scene in front of him and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

He gave the two of them two Rush Candies and two Magic Sweet Potatoes.

He had also eaten one.

The scene in front of him was too shocking.

Countless rhinoceroses were rushing in their direction.

The trees and hills along the way were razed to the ground.

“Run!” Lin Qi hurriedly yelled.

The three of them quickly ran forward, hoping that the rhinoceros swarm would not be too big.

Hopefully, they could avoid it.

Seeing that, Lin Qi searched through the system.

He took out everything he had that could increase their strength, and the three of them ate as they ran.

However, the rhinoceros swarm behind them still slowly surrounded them.