Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 48

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Hunting Plan If it was a man-eating demonic beast, he would not be so nice, but he would at least give them a quick death.

His action was seen by the others.

They thought Lin Qi just vented his anger on those dead demonic beasts in fury at his own incompetence.

However, no one laughed at Lin Qi that time.

Everyone’s attention was focused on the magic horns worth 10,000 gold coins.

That harvest was almost as good as the reward given after the trial.

The unexpected wealth made everyone ecstatic.

“Let’s go!” Lin Qi said to Yu Meng.

He did not look too good.

No matter what, she was someone who had fought against rare-grade demonic beasts.

How could she not be used to such a scene? Yu Meng did not say anything.

She turned around and left.

However, her impression of Lin Qi had changed.

She did not think that Lin Qi killed those magic horn rhinoceroses to vent his anger.

Yu Meng saw the pity in Lin Qi’s eyes and the gratitude in the magic horn rhinoceroses’ eyes when they were freed from suffering.

What kind of person was he? ‘When did those two hook up? ‘Yu Meng and I clearly stayed together the longest.

’ .



Looking at the two who left together, Lewis felt annoyed and followed them angrily.

The three of them circled around and returned to the cave.

They did not speak to each other, and the atmosphere was rather gloomy.

The three of them were very tired.

They sat or leaned on the ground to rest, each thinking about something.

Lin Qi was thinking about how to persuade Yu Meng to go down the mountain.

Since Yu Meng did not want to go down without the magic essence, he could not just leave her alone without trying to convince her.

After all, they had always cooperated with each other.

Yu Meng’s stubbornness really gave him a headache.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM In Lewis’s heart, he was still thinking about the magic horns worth tens of thousands of gold coins.

If he could get one, then he could go back and enjoy himself.

With that in mind, he could not help but smile It was so wide that it reached his ears.

As for Yu Meng, her thoughts were even more complicated.

She wanted to prove her ability.

As long as she had her heart set on it, she had to go through with it.

Lin Qi kept staring at Yu Meng, hoping that she would change her mind and follow him down the mountain.

Yu Meng felt that someone was staring at her, making her feel uncomfortable.

She glared at him and turned her back toward him.

Lin Qi felt helpless.

He knew that he could not persuade her.

He had to think of another way! The sky gradually turned dark.

A cold wind blew in from the cave opening.

Lin Qi shivered.

‘How can I get another demonic beast’s magic essence? I’m getting a headache just thinking about it.

‘I can’t tell anyone what I got from the Varin clan.

’ Lin Qi scratched his ears and cheeks, trying to think of a way.

“Lin Qi, if you have lice.

Stay away from me.

I don’t want it to spread.

” Lewis, that narrow-minded person, blamed Lin Qi for not being able to get the magic horn earlier.

It was Lin Qi who made him lose his gold coins, so he had to get back at him.

“You’re the one with lice.

I’m thinking of how to kill an ore giant and getting out of there quickly.

” Hearing that, Yu Meng, who had her back to the two of them, lit up slightly.

A faint smile appeared on her stubborn face.

However, her face immediately darkened.

If it were not for the fact that she was weak, she would not need anyone’s help.

The more Lin Qi helped her, the angrier she became.

Her feelings became very conflicting.

Lewis could not sit still when he heard that.

He could not help but shout, “Can we quit? It’s just embarrassing at this point.

Anyway, Lin Qi, you don’t actually care about the trial, right? “It’s about to get dark.

Let’s just go down the mountain already.

” Seeing that the two of them ignored him, Lewis mumbled to himself about wanting to leave.

At that moment, Lin Qi had figured it out! If they wanted to deal with an ore giant, they had to increase Yu Meng’s strength as soon as possible.

She was the main force among the three of them.

The only things that could be found in the gourmet system were Fresh Magic Mushrooms, Magic Sweet Potatoes, and Rush Candies.

They had to use the first two to recover Yu Meng’s magic energy.

Rush Candies were useful for the hunt tomorrow.

It was impossible to attack an ore giant while eating.

At that time, the Rush Candy would be of great use.

As for the raw materials for the Rush Candy, he had already obtained some from the Varin tribe.

There was only a small amount of caramel and milk since there was not much found in the Varin tribe either.

There was only enough to produce ten Rush Candies which was not a lot, but it was enough.

“Come here, I have a plan to deal with the ore giant tomorrow.

” Yu Meng tidied up her veil, stood up, and patted the dust off her skirt while walking over to Lin Qi.

Although Louis was unwilling to listen, he knew that he would definitely be involved tomorrow so he had no choice but to listen.

“The plan goes like this, tomorrow Lewis will go and attract the attention of the ore giant, it’s best…” Hearing that, Lewis immediately interrupted.

“What! You want me to die? Why don’t you go? “I’m just a swordsman, I can’t even take a direct attack from it.

” Lin Qi was not angry after being interrupted by Lewis because that was within his expectations.

A person like Lewis who cherished his life would definitely not agree to the idea of him being bait.

“I definitely won’t let you be in danger.

I still have a lot of food that can enhance your strength.

It will be enough for you to protect yourself.

” There was another thing that Lin Qi did not mention.

‘Although his life was not in danger, the physical pain was unavoidable.

’ Lewis did not have too many tricks up his sleeve.

He would not have thought of that if Lin Qi had not said it out loud.

After that, was a round of bargaining.

Of course, Lewis wanted to fight for more benefits for himself.

“Give me 100 of those candies that can increase my strength.

” “There’s not a single one left.

Just forget it even existed.

” Of course, when the gourmet system was upgraded to level three, it rewarded him with another candy that could increase strength.

However, it would definitely not be used on a newbie like Lewis.

Even if it was all given to him, with his current strength, he would not be able to defeat a five-star ore giant.

That Enhancement Candy should be reserved for Yu Meng.

Lewis could not know about it, or else he would throw a fit.

“The Night Light’s Billow is definitely a must.

Also, that so-called Rush Candy that you mentioned, give me 100 of them.

” Of course, that was an exorbitant demand.

Who asked Lin Qi, to make him bait? He would not stop until he was satisfied.

“I only have two.

Tomorrow, each of you will have one.

” “No, at least 80.

That is my bottom line.

” “I can only give you one more.

” .


The two of them were still haggling until their faces turned red.

Suddenly, they felt a bone-piercing chill.

They both looked at Yu Meng.

That cold chill came from her.

Seeing Yu Meng’s murderous expression, the two of them sat down obediently.

Lin Qi then explained the plan, and there was no argument throughout the whole process.

Next, Lin Qi had to quickly restore the two of them to their full health to execute the plan for the next day.

Lin Qi had already begun to put on an act of cooking to conceal the existence of the system.

“Don’t just sit there.

Let’s eat.

Try to recover tonight.

Tomorrow, we’ll get the five-star magic essence and leave the mountain as soon as possible.

” “Yes, let’s eat first.

” Lewis had only heard the word ‘eat’.

No matter how important the matter was, it was not as important as eating.