Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 38

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Level Three System Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Yu Meng pointed ahead and saw Dong Ling as well as the others slowly walk over to save Luther.

Lin Qi was a little conflicted.

“Luther is on our side.

Do they want to save him and keep him for themselves?” Yu Meng did not care.

After all, in front of a five-star demonic beast, a grand swordmaster was useless, so she could not care less if Luther was with them or not.

However, she had to rely on Lin Qi’s strength to have that confidence.

Yu Meng pulled Lin Qi away, and he could only watch as his guard was snatched away.

On the other side, Dong Ling saved the tall and strong Luther then brought him to a slightly safer place.

The others said, “This guy is not a participant.

Why don’t we let him join us?” “I remember that he is the guard of the young master of the Lin family in New Moon City.

Why don’t we return him to them?” Seeing that Luther was still unconscious, Dong Ling said gently, “Let him recover first.

” .



The sun had started to set in the west.

The participants knew very well that demonic beasts would come out to hunt at night.

Therefore, it was not suitable for them to travel during that period of time.

They had to find a safe area to rest.

Lin Qi also sat down with Yu Meng and the rest.

With Jin Lingling joining them, they did not have to worry about food.

Even in the wild, Jin Lingling’s love for cooking did not lessen.

She put the ingredients she had collected into the cooking pot.

Cooking in the wild also had a different flavor.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM Soon, a pot of delicious porridge was ready.

Lin Qi also gave them some sweet potatoes and steak.

The dishes that night were very scrumptious.

Just as Lin Qi finished cooking the Grilled Steak, a notification appeared from the system.

[ Ding! The experience points of the Super Gourmet System are full.

Host, do you choose to level up? ] Lin Qi was stunned.

He had not expected to level up so soon.

He immediately clicked ‘Confirm’ and spent all the gold coins he had earned in the Black Wind Castle.

[ Ding! Congratulations, the Super Gourmet System has successfully leveled up to Level 3.

Delicacies Unlocked: Fresh Magic Mushrooms, Rush Candy, Fatty Beef with Mushrooms, Enchanted Cilantro ] [ Ding! You have received an Upgrade Package: Enhancement Candy (x1) Fresh Mushrooms (x100) Beef (x100) Berserk Grass (x100) Song God’s Flower (x100) ] After leveling up, Lin Qi unlocked a lot of delicacies, but before he could look over all of them, he was attracted by one of them.

[ Dish Name: Rush Candy ] [ Ingredients: Sweet Flower, Mint, Vanilla, Caramel, Milk.

] [ Effects: Can increase the user’s speed by up to five times.

] Lin Qi had not expected to get that kind of escape artifact so quickly.

He had to prepare that kind of candy in the future in case he needed it.

At that moment, Jin Lingling slowly handed a bowl of porridge to Lin Qi and said, “Master, how about you try my bowl of porridge?” Lin Qi knew that little girl wanted others to give her some advice, so he had not refused.

After tasting it, he casually said, “There are too many flavors, which affect the overall taste of the food.

” If that sentence was spoken by anyone else, Jin Lingling would definitely be furious.

However, everything Lin Qi said, she took it to heart and even wrote it down with a pen.

When Yu Meng saw that Jin Lingling kept pestering Lin Qi, she was too embarrassed to ask Lin Qi for some of his special food.

So, she stared at the two of them, unable to express her thoughts.

Then, Lewis came to strike up a conversation.

“Yu Meng, I still have a lot of dry food here.

Do you want more?” Being yelled at by Yu Meng, Lewis was so scared that he stepped back and had not dared to speak.

Seeing Jin Lingling’s expectant expression, Lin Qi also understood and said, “Don’t look at me like that!” “Master, what are you going to do tonight?” Lin Qi looked at the system.

Currently, he only had ingredients to cook Fatty Beef with Mushrooms, but he could not take it out openly.

He could only add some fatty beef and mushrooms to the cooking pot.

Taking advantage of the steam, he immediately retrieved the ingredients from the cooking system and poured them into the cooking pot.

Jin Lingling did not even get a clear look at the seasoning before she smelled a fragrance.

Yu Meng and Lewis were also attracted by the aroma.

Lin Qi said happily, “Fatty Beef with Mushrooms, try it!” Jin Lingling could not wait to fill her bowl and taste it carefully.

“It’s so delicious!” She blurted out the few words that Lin Qi was used to hearing.

He sighed slightly, “It’s delicious, right?” Jin Lingling was very curious, “Master, how can you cook such delicious food without using any techniques? How did you do it?” Lin Qi looked at the curious Jin Lingling and said without thinking, “The ingredients themselves are delicious.

Although techniques are very important, some ingredients can be cooked without any techniques!” In fact, Lin Qi’s system had not unlocked the techniques yet.

If he could unlock that function, Lin Qi would be able to learn all kinds of cooking techniques.

Now, he was just fooling around.

On the other side, Luther woke up from his coma.

In his daze, he found that medicine had been applied to his injuries.

“Where… Where am I?” “You’re safe.

You just suffered some critical injuries!” Dong Ling answered from his side.

That made Luther worried, and he hurriedly sat up.

“Don’t be worried.

Just lie down quickly, or the wounds will reopen.

” “Consider this as a thank you.

If it weren’t for you, we might not have been able to get past the stone giant.

” Luther suddenly recalled what had happened and immediately blinked, “Oh right, I have to go back and look for Young Master Lin.

” “You are a guard of the Lin family, right? Don’t worry.

Stay here for one night.

We will send you back tomorrow!” Hearing Dong Ling’s gentle words, Luther’s face flushed red.

He scratched his head and said, “This… This is too embarrassing!” “It’s okay.

You saved us.

Thank you so much!” Luther had not expected the people of Exquisite City to be so grateful.

He even had a beautiful girl to accompany him for one night.

‘If I do not return…’ ‘The young master would be fine without me, right?’ Speaking of Lin Qi, he had already fallen asleep early.

For safety reasons, they took turns to be on night watch every three hours.

After all, that area was still very dangerous.

Now, it was Jin Lingling who was keeping watch.

Yu Meng and Lewis were resting by the tree, while Lin Qi was leaning on Jin Lingling’s shoulder.

“Master… Master, you’re pulling on my hair!” Lin Qi was woken up by the soft voice.

He slowly raised his head and said, “Sorry! I’m used to finding something to lean on when I’m asleep.

” Jin Lingling said indifferently, “It’s okay.

It’s much warmer when the two of us are together…” At that moment, Lin Qi seemed to have heard a rustling sound.

He immediately raised his eyebrows and looked around warily… “Shh! Be silent.

Something is approaching us!”