Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 37

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 37

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation While everyone was resting, a strong explosion came from close-by.

“What’s that sound?” Lewis was scared and quickly got up.

He looked in the direction of the explosion in horror and found that black smoke was rising.

‘Oh no, there was a battle over there!’ Yu Meng stood up and carefully observed the black smoke.

She said indifferently, “It’s an explosion spell, and it’s an intermediate-level one.

It seems that the participants of Exquisite City have engaged in a fierce battle!” Luther suddenly had a strange sense of justice.

Of course, he had some thoughts about the oriental lady of the Exquisite City.

He said to the others, “Why don’t we go and help them?” “Have you forgotten what the city lord had said? It’s against the rules to help them!” “Help them with what? We haven’t even passed the trial yet!” Lewis naturally did not want to do anything troublesome.

However, Lin Qi saw through Luther’s thoughts and smiled lightly.

“How about this? Yu Meng, Lewis, you guys rest here.

Luther and I will go and see what’s going on!” .



Yu Meng suddenly grabbed Lin Qi’s arm, and her eyes revealed that she was worried.

“Don’t worry, we’ll just take a look and come back!” Lin Qi comforted her, then followed Luther and hurried in that direction.

Jin Lingling wanted to follow them, but she was ordered by Lin Qi to stay where she was.

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COM Then, Lin Qi and Luther went through the dense forest and gradually heard the sound of metal blades colliding with something.

When they came close, they stuck their heads out and their eyes instantly widened.

Both of them seemed to be stunned.

What they saw had shocked them.

They saw a huge stone giant in front of Dong Ling.

It seemed that the stone giant was covered in rocks, and its body was extremely hard! “I’ve seen this kind of stone giant before!” Luther said.

“This is a special kind of demonic beast.

Its core is in the middle of its body.

We have to destroy all the rocks before we can cut its core!” “However, the most difficult part is that this stone giant has extremely high defense.

Normally, spells below the intermediate level would not be able to cause any damage to it.

Even a grand swordmaster would find it difficult to cut it open.

” There was only one grand swordmaster in the Exquisite City, and the rest were all mages so it was very difficult to deal with that four-star demonic beast.

Dong Ling was the strongest among them.

Even if she used her family’s explosive magic, it would not have any effect on the stone giant.

Dong Ling was panting.

It seemed that she had almost used up all her magic energy.

Her teammates were all injured and had no strength left.

However, the stone giant in front of them was unharmed.

‘Are we going to die at the hands of this guy before we even set foot on the grassland?’ Dong Ling took a deep breath, raised her magic staff with both hands, and chanted, “Burst Magic: Break!” The sound of an explosion was heard, and the whole area was swallowed by the explosion.

“Wow! What a powerful spell!” Luther shook his head slightly.

“No, this level of spell can’t do any damage to the stone giant!” Sure enough, in the next second, the stone giant broke through the magic and charged toward Dong Ling.

Before Lin Qi could react, Luther rushed over and blocked the stone giant’s charge with his greatsword.

As he was a grand swordmaster, he was able to block the stone giant’s attack with his strength, but it was very strenuous.

“D*mn it… D*mn it!” Dong Ling had not expected that someone would come to help her.

Lin Qi was in the bushes and had not rushed out.

He knew that there were spies everywhere.

If he helped that woman, he might be disqualified.

However, Luther was different.

He was not a trial participant, so he wasn’t restricted by any rules.

“Who… Who are you?” Dong Ling asked curiously.

Luther gritted his teeth and looked extremely embarrassed.

After all, he was currently blocking the stone giant! “Let’s not talk about this for now.

Hurry up and take your companions away!” Dong Ling was quick-witted.

She used the power of her magic staff to sweep her team away.

Luther used all the strength in his body and swung his sword, almost throwing the stone giant a few meters away.

Luther had fought with a stone giant before, but last time, he had run away.

Now, he fought against it as a grand swordmaster.

What would the result be? Seeing that Luther had just used up almost all his strength, Lin Qi immediately cooked a Grilled Steak from the system and threw it in Luther’s direction.

Luther grabbed it with one hand and took a few bites to recover his strength.

The stone giant continued to rush at him.

Luther jumped up and slashed at the stone giant’s shoulder with his greatsword.

The greatsword only slightly chipped stones on the stone giant’s shoulder.

He did not pierce into it at all.

Meanwhile, the stone giant suddenly turned around and threw a punch at Luther.

Although Luther used the greatsword to block the punch, he found that the sword could not withstand it.

He rushed backward and was about to hit the tree.

Suddenly, a blue ray of light shot out from the bushes.

Although the light did not directly penetrate the stone giant’s body, it condensed into a blue ice block on the spot where it hit.

The ice block slowly expanded and completely encapsulated the stone giant.

He could not believe that the stone giant was completely frozen.

Lin Qi looked behind him and found that Yu Meng was casting a spell in the dark.

It turned out that she had secretly followed them, but because she could not help openly, she chose to help from the darkness.

Luther saw that the stone giant had been frozen into ice.

He turned around and cut the ice into pieces.

The ice pieces fell to the ground embedded with rocks.

Soon, they found the core of the stone giant.

Luther turned around and cut the core into pieces.

The stone giant lost consciousness and turned back into a giant rock.

Luther breathed a sigh of relief.

He had just been injured and fainted on the ground due to exhaustion.

Lin Qi was about to go over, but Yu Meng stopped him and said, “We can’t go out.

If we go out, it will be regarded as helping the other participants!” “We can’t just ignore Luther like that!”