Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 34

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 34

Chapter 34: A Difficult Mission Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Lin Qi raised his head and looked at the man in the blue cloak in front of him.

He only used one finger to send Luther’s huge sword flying.

He could only imagine how powerful he really was.

The city lord began to question, “So this is how you carry out my rules when I’m not here?” “No, no, no! City Lord, you’ve misunderstood.

It’s all because of this kid named Lin Qi!” “He provoked us first!” Lin Qi sneered, “It was clearly you who wanted my dimensional pouch, so you came to snatch it!” Hearing the two lines, the city lord’s expression became more and more upset.

However, he could recognize that the young man in front of him was Lin Qi, the young master of the Lin family in New Moon City.

“City Lord, you have to believe me.

It was this kid who waltzed into the Magic Association to stir up trouble, so we…” The city lord began to understand the situation.

Then, his gaze fell on the dimensional pouch in Lin Qi’s hand, and his expression changed slightly.




“Young man, were you planning to go to the Magic Association to exchange money for this dimensional pouch?” “That’s right, but the Magic Association was very shady.

They offered a price that was too low so I didn’t want to sell it.

They even sent people to rob it from me.

They completely ignored the rules you set!” It was unexpected for Lin Qi to speak to the city lord in such a tone.

In Lin Qi’s eyes, it was reasonable that the city lord should be held accountable for the actions of his subordinates.

He did not care about whether the city lord was a lord or not.

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COM “I’m really sorry.

I apologize on behalf of the Magic Association!” It seemed that the city lord was a reasonable person, so Lin Qi did not care too much.

After all, he had nothing to lose.

“Well… How about this? Since you want to exchange the dimensional pouch for money, then sell it for twice as much as you want.

Take it as an apology!” Hearing that, Lin Qi smiled.

“Oh, that sounds good.

” Terry wanted to argue, but the city lord said, “Stop dallying, give him the money!” In fact, the city lord was being wary.

If that matter had spread, the order of the entire Black Wind Castle would be in ruins.

Therefore, the fewer people who knew about that matter, the better.

Terry ordered his men to bring a bag of gold coins over and handed it to Lin Qi with heart-wrenching pain.

“Young Master Lin, are you satisfied with this?” The city lord raised his head confidently.

“Yes, I’m satisfied!” Lin Qi nodded with a smile.

“Then today’s matter…” Only then did Lin Qi realize that the city lord was quite adept at solving matters.

He then looked at Terry, who looked like he had been wronged.

“Forget it, but you really need to change the deacon of the Magic Association.

People like him will only embarrass you!” Lin Qi did not forget to mock him back.

Then, he slowly left with Luther, holding the gold coins in his arms.

Terry’s heart was extremely troubled by those turn of events.

When the city lord saw that Lin Qi and the others had left, his expression immediately turned cold and angry.

He pointed his finger and a bolt of lightning struck right below Terry’s crotch.

Terry was so terrified that his face turned pale.

“City Lord… City Lord, please spare me.

I won’t do it again!” Terry was so scared that he knelt on the ground.

His face was full of panic.

However, the city lord only snorted coldly.

“If you do such things again in the future, then do it discretely.

Do you think that no one will notice in broad daylight?” Hearing the city lord’s words, Terry gradually understood.

He smiled slightly.

“I, I understand City Lord.

In the future, these things will definitely be done more discretely!” The city lord let out a breath.

“That’s enough.

Next time, even if you lose money hire a professional to deal with the trial participants.

It’s not like you don’t know that these guys are all nobles with a lot of face.

Of course, they are not afraid of this small Magic Association!” “In the future, just do as I say.

Go back now!” Terry quickly turned around and left.

Lin Qi had just received the 1,000 gold coins, so he quickly used it to upgrade the system.

Even so, the system still lacked a little experience, so it was better to wait for the experience to accumulate with time.

Anyway, he did not have to worry about money anymore.

Lin Qi returned to the hotel and saw that all the trial participants were present.

They all had serious expressions on their faces.

Looking in the direction they were facing, he saw that the city lord was already standing in front of them.

“Oh, I didn’t expect him to be faster than us!” The city lord’s expression fell slightly.

He stared at the crowd and said to them, “All of you who are participating in the trial are now present.

Now, I will announce the next mission!” At the same time, the participants all had extremely nervous expressions.

Lin Qi was the only one listening calmly as if the trial were just child’s play to him.

His only goal was to upgrade the system first.

“Alright, I’ll announce the mission! From tomorrow until a week later, I need each of you to get five-star magic essence!” As soon as he finished speaking, everyone was stunned… Suddenly, Lewis shouted, “five-star magic essence? Isn’t this like sending us to our deaths?” At that moment, the voices of all the participants began to ring out.

However, the city lord’s expression was serious as he took a deep breath.

“Everyone, calm down.

Let me make it clear.

This mission is to obtain five-star magic essence.

Remember, you cannot aid others!” “This is the trial you need to accomplish before you can graduate.

If anyone is not satisfied, you can choose not to participate.

I can unconditionally have someone escort you back!” At that moment, many people had the thought of retreating.

After all, the five-star magic essence was not an ordinary artifact.

That was something that can only be obtained by defeating five-star demonic beasts and above.

Moreover, it was extremely rare一they would not find it even if they searched the entire New Moon Forest.

“This mission is too harsh!” Yu Meng said helplessly.

However, Lin Qi did not care.

In reality, he had not heard a word the city lord had said because he had been looking at the new dishes in the gourmet system.

At that moment, many people were thinking of retreating.

Some who were obviously not strong enough had already begun to ask the city lord to send them back.

As for Lewis and the participants of New Moon City, they all planned to return.

It did not matter if they graduated or not, as long as they could return alive.

However, Yu Meng said very firmly, “I’m not going back!” “What? Yu Meng, are you crazy? This mission can’t even be completed by a grand swordmaster.

What ability does a low-level mage like you have?” Yu Meng took a deep breath.

“I don’t care.

If I choose to go back… My family will look down on me again!” Seeing that Lewis and the others had chosen to return, Yu Meng turned her gaze to Lin Qi….