Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 33

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Highway Robbery Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation A man at the back walked out and said, “We are the city lord’s guards!” “Oh? Are the city lord’s guards looking for me for something?” Lin Qi asked indifferently.

“We heard that you set up a stall illegally a few days ago, so we came to arrest and interrogate you!” Lin Qi thought it was funny and shook his head.

“No way.

I’m sitting here eating noodles now, and you’re telling me about something that happened a few days ago?” “This is the truth, please cooperate with us!” Lin Qi shook his head.

“I won’t cooperate.

Besides, I’m not a local, and I’m also a participant in the trial, so you have no right to arrest me!” One had to know that when Lin Qi came to the Black Wind Castle, he had already understood the rules there.

Although it was obvious that there could not be any fighting, it was also to consolidate the authority of those nobles and guards.




In other words, they could only beat up ordinary people.

They were simply bullying the commoners.

“Please don’t put up unnecessary resistance and come with us!” “Where to? The Magic Association? Or should I just give you the dimensional pouch?” Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM Lin Qi’s words shocked that group of men.

‘Why was this guy not afraid at all, and he even saw through their scheme.

’ Lin Qi stood up, took a deep breath, and said with an indifferent look, “Please, you have to at least try to act.

Why are you talking about the guards of the city lord? You are obviously the swordsmen of the Swordsman Association!” The few people who were seen through by Lin Qi were also very surprised.

That was the first time they had encountered such a situation, so they were at a loss for how to react.

“If the guards of the city lord came to arrest me, would they send so few people?” “F*ck, this kid can’t be fooled.

It’s time to get serious!” Those swordsmen were seen through, and some of them were desperate.

They drew their swords and pointed them at Lin Qi.

“Oh? Do you really dare to fight here?” The leader of the swordsmen sneered, “This area is the territory of the Swordsman’s Association.

With the help of the Magic Association, we can kill the two of you and be safe!” As the words fell out of his mouth, Lin Qi called to Luther behind him, “Luther!” “Okay, I haven’t exercised my muscles in a long time!” Luther stood in front of Lin Qi and took out a huge sword from his back.

The smile on his face gradually became ferocious.

“This… This guy is a grand swordmaster!” “Sh*t, was there a grand swordmaster here?” The group of swordsmen started to look at each other, not daring to rush forward.

Luther was waiting for them and sneered, “Hey, don’t tell me the Swordsman’s Association is afraid of me? Even the bandits in my village were braver than you!” One of the swordsmen gritted his teeth and was about to rush over.

However, in the next second… After receiving Luther’s hit, he flew a few meters away, and the air suddenly became quiet.

Luther roared, and the rest of the swordsmen turned around and fled in panic.

“Tch, none of them can fight.

They’re really useless!” Lin Qi had not even batted an eyelash and he proceeded to eat his noodles.

He shook his head and said, “Sigh, sit down and eat something…” However, before Luther could sit down, the swordsmen came back.

That time, they brought a big guy with them.

“Oh, it seems that they brought some people here!” Lin Qi did not pay attention to them, but when he took a good look at the large man, he felt a little uneasy.

Not only was there a big guy, but even that old man was here.

When Terry heard that his men were beaten, he was instantly angry so he called his best disciple over.

Seeing the old man walk over with a scowl on his face, Lin Qi sneered, “Old man, you couldn’t get my dimensional pouch so you want to snatch it? Is there no law in Black Wind Castle?” In fact, the old man wanted to deal with Lin Qi himself, but he was no match for a grand swordmaster.

Now, it seemed that he had to bring his disciple here.

The big guy in front of them was gigantic, and he was also a grand swordmaster like Luther, but his physique was slightly larger than Luther’s.

“Young man, in the Black Wind Castle, what I say is the law!” As Terry’s voice resounded throughout the area, the large man angrily rushed toward the two of them.

All of a sudden, Luther immediately used his greatsword to block the big guy’s attack.

However, he had not expected the big guy to be so powerful that he even sent Luther flying a few meters away.

Luther hit the wall hard.

He looked embarrassed and took a deep breath.

“D*mn it!” “Hehe, my best disciple is about to advance past the level of a grand swordmaster.

If you know what’s good for you, bring me your dimensional pouch!” Lin Qi asked Luther, “Are you… Okay?” Luther clenched his teeth and picked up the greatsword.

His eyes became ferocious as he pounced at the big guy like a wild beast.

However, the other party’s strength was too overpowering.

Not only was his swordsmanship superb, but Luther was also no match for him in hand-to-hand combat.

In two or three moves, he was thrown back again.

Seeing that the grand swordmaster was useless, Terry smiled and said, “Hehe, what do you think? If you don’t hand over the dimensional pouch, don’t blame me for getting serious!” Lin Qi looked up indifferently and smiled.

“To save 500 gold coins, you have to go through so much trouble.

You really are stingy!” After saying that, Lin Qi took out sweet potatoes and steak from the system and threw them to Luther, saying, “Eat it!” Luther understood the effects of those two foods, so he finished them in two or three bites.

In an instant, the energy that he had just used up was restored.

At that moment, Luther was almost regenerated to full health, and the big guy seemed to be unable to do keep up because he had just used up most of his energy.

Luther did not give the big guy a chance to recover.

He knocked him to the ground, pressed the greatsword against his neck, and shouted at Terry, “Stinky old man, tell your men to get lost, or I’ll kill him!” That was the first time Terry had been threatened by an outsider.

Although his power was far more than meets the eye, he was helpless in today’s situation.

At that moment, a golden ray of light shot onto Luther’s greatsword, and the greatsword was instantly sent flying more than ten meters away.

Everyone looked in the direction where the golden ray of light came from.

Then, everyone was so scared that their legs were trembling.

“The… The city lord?” Among them, the most panicked one was old man Terry.

The city lord had gone out to do some business those past few days so he dared to act lawlessly in Black Wind Castle.


However, he had not known that the city lord had come back early today to issue a mission to the trial participants.