Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 15

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Sudden Accidents Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Lin Qi’s stall was becoming more and more popular.

Back then, he had the two daughters of the Meister family to help him advertise.

In addition to that, after the nobles who were lured in by the sisters ate once, they wanted to come back again.

After that, Lin Qi’s money was slowly increasing and he was getting closer to his goal.

On the third day, Lin Qi’s Grilled Steak was already famous throughout the entire city.

Everyone had tasted it at least once.

It was indeed a renowned delicacy.

By then, Lin Qi had earned enough money to upgrade the system, so he decisively entered the system and chose to upgrade.

[ Ding! The system is upgrading… ] [ Ding! The system has successfully been upgraded.

Level 2 has been unlocked: Magic Stir-fried Bullfrog, Flaming Swirl Roasted Chicken, Refreshing Drink.

] [ Ding! You have been rewarded the Upgrade Gift Bag! ] [ Upgrade Gift Bag: Enhancement Candy, Explosive Beef Meatballs, Chicken Fillet (x100), Bullfrog (x100)] The system had finally been upgraded, and Lin Qi felt relieved.

Then, he officially left the city to continue on his journey to pass the trial.

At that moment, without the Leonard family, the Yu family, and the other small families, it was much quieter.

Lin Qi was not used to the silence.




While following the route on the map, Lin Qi was in a good mood.

He hummed a little tune and walked carefreely.

However, he soon found the site of an accident! He walked into the area at the foot of a mountain and found that the muddy road was littered with footprints as if many people had fought fiercely there.

Then, Lin Qi found a pile of armor left behind.

The chief guard carefully observed the armor, and his face immediately fell.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM “This… This is the armor of the Yu family’s guards!” As soon as he said that, the other guards turned pale with fright and became vigilant.

Lin Qi tapped his chin and looked around.

The Yu family’s armor was here but where were the people? Lin Qi grew worried.

He took a deep breath and said, “It seems that something must have happened here.

But since we weren’t there when it occurred we can’t jump to conclusions…” At that moment, a guard who was scouting ahead ran back and yelled, “There are bandits up this mountain!” The chief guard was conflicted.

He said to Lin Qi, “Young Master if there are bandits on this mountain, what should we do?” “I suggest we find another way.

Look around, these are the armors of the Yu family’s guards.

This proves that they have been killed!” Lin Qi nodded.


I have long since heard that the guards of the Yu family are carefully selected, elite warriors.

If even they fell to the hands of those bandits, I’m afraid those bandits are a group of very strong warriors.

” “Therefore based on what you have said, it is clear that we should change routes, right?” Lin Qi was a little hesitant and slowly said, “If we change routes, does that mean that no one will come to their aid?” The chief guard was stunned.

He held back a laugh and said, “Young Master, one less participant means one less opponent!” Lin Qi was still a little indecisive, but after careful consideration, he asked, “Are there other people taking part in the trial?” “There are representatives sent from other cities, and there are even experts sent by the Empire’s King.

” Lin Qi rolled his eyes.

He did not think much about it and said, “Then there should be more people on our side to contend against those people.

Let’s go save them!” “Young Master, have you really thought it through?” “Stop talking nonsense and let’s go up the mountain!” The guards followed Lin Qi’s order.

They were just a group of guards.

If they were really in danger, they were not sure if they could protect the Young Master.

However, Lin Qi trusted them very much, even though he was only really relying on himself.

After going up the mountain, they found many traces of people being dragged.

Lin Qi observed.

“These should be the traces of the guards being dragged up the mountain!” “Oh, don’t tell me the bandits captured them to make them slaves?” Lin Qi nodded.

“That’s possible, so everyone must be on high alert!” The group continued to search the mountain, but they still could not find any clues.

Lin Qi asked the guard who had just explored the path ahead of them, “Didn’t you say that there were bandits? Why is it that we are almost at the top of the mountain now, and not a single shadow is seen?” The guard shook his head helplessly.

“I’m not sure either, because these mountain roads branch into all directions.

I forgot which peak the bandits were located!” There were a total of eight mountain peaks connected to that road.

How was Lin Qi going to find them? Moreover, he was still in the middle of the trial.

“Sigh, how troublesome!” Lin Qi stopped to rest for a moment and gave the guards a piece of Grilled Steak to help recover their strength.

Then, they went up the mountain to search again, but that time, they had found something! “Young Master, look! There are footprints here!” Lin Qi went over to take a look, and his eyes immediately widened.

“You’re telling me… Someone wears a shoe this big?” According to the bootprints, that person was probably a humongous guy! “I’m sure the members from the two prominent families can handle this, Young Master… Why don’t we just stop interfering and continue the trial?” “No, it’s not the style of the Lin family to abandon those in trouble!” Lin Qi continued to follow the trail left by the big bootprints and found that there were gradually spots of blood on the ground.

“This blood hasn’t dried yet, it means that we are not far away!” Lin Qi continued to move forward.

All of a sudden, on the peak of Sunset Mountain, stood a stronghold built by bandits and there were sounds of cheering that can be heard coming from within.

“Brother Luther is really powerful! He single-handedly captured all these reckless trespassers!” “Yeah, I told you that brother Luther is invincible!” Hearing those people praise their chief, made Lin Qi assume that he was the man who captured Yu Meng and Lewis! He was the chief of the bandits and a real grand swordmaster.

When he fought against Lewis, he defeated him with a single move! When he fought with Yu Meng, he had not held back either.

In the blink of an eye, he had captured those two heirs.

At that moment, Yu Meng and Lewis were locked in a cage in the mountain stronghold.

Lewis was on the verge of despair and he started to beg for mercy, “Good men, please don’t kill me.

I’ll join you… No, I’ll be your subordinate.

If I can’t do that, then you can treat me like a dog, as long as you don’t kill me!” Yu Meng rolled her eyes at him.

She was completely disappointed in Lewis.

The bandits did not care about them at all.

Only their big brother, Luther, could dictate their fates! Luther was in a great mood, especially since he captured such a beautiful woman.

“Haha, brothers, kill that man tonight as entertainment.

Then as for the lady….

She will be my wife from now on!”