Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 14

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Experience of the Lower Class Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “Kid, don’t you know? Although the Magic Trading Firm doesn’t have control of everything in this city, it’s easy for us to kill a commoner!” His words were full of threats, which made Lin Qi’s haughty expression drop.

He frowned and said, “That’s incredible.

I’ve never been threatened before.

” Mort sneered, “You’re just a nobody who set up a stall.

Do you think anyone would come to help you?” The two mages instantly teleported in front of Lin Qi and were about to use force.

“Kid, I’ll give you another chance.

Either sell those sweet potatoes to me or get out of the city!” Mort gave his final warning, but Lin Qi still ignored it.

Even though the two mages were already too close, he remained calm and composed.

At Mort’s command, those two mages began to make their move.

However, before the two of them could use their magic, a large number of guards suddenly surrounded them.




“Eh? What… What’s going on?” Mort saw a large number of armored guards appear, and he was instantly confused.

He saw the chief guard slowly walk over.

“The guards of the Lin family!” Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM “The Lin family… You mean the Lin family of New Moon City?” A flattering smile appeared on Mort’s face.

The chief guard raised his head.

“That’s right!” The majority of the shares of most the trading firms in New Moon City belonged to the Lin family, so the president of the Magic Trading Firm, Mort, was extremely respectful towards the Lin family.

Even if the person in front of him was only the chief guard of the Lin family, he still spoke humbly.

“Oh right, I heard that Young Master Lin is involved in the trial this time, right? Why… Don’t I see him?” The chief guard was somewhat puzzled.

Tilting his head, he asked, “You don’t know our Young Master?” “I’ve long heard of your family’s great name, but I’ve never seen the heir with my own eyes.

” The chief guard frowned and snapped.

“You have definitely seen him before!” “Uh… I don’t recall ever meeting him.

” Mort was stunned.

The expression on his face became more and more confused.

He scratched his head and smiled bitterly.

“Listen, with all due respect, I believe I should know best whether or not I’ve seen him before, right?” “No, you don’t even know it yourself!” At that point, Lin Qi slowly walked over while chewing on a piece of sweet potato and stood in front of Mort.

“You brat, what are you doing here? Get lost!” Mort’s attitude towards Lin Qi was extremely vile.

After all, to him, all commoners were lowly people.

“You dare treat him that way!” When the guard saw his young master being yelled at, he was instantly enraged and was about to draw his greatsword.

“Hold your horses, don’t be angry.

I’ll teach this brat a lesson!” Mort still tried to get on the chief guard’s good side like a fool.

However, in the next second, the chief guard grabbed his neck and said fiercely, “Look closely and make good use of that brain of yours.

This is the young master of the Lin Family!” His words were like a bolt from the blue and Mort felt as if he was slapped by them.

“He… He is the young master of the Lin Family?” Lin Qi shook his head in amusement.

“I… I really had no idea!” Mort’s terrified expression was mixed with disbelief.

A young master of the Lin family actually set up a stall here to sell sweet potatoes? No one would ever believe that! However, the truth was right in front of him.

The guards were all very respectful towards Lin Qi, and that caused his body to stiffen.

“Please forgive me.

It’s was completely my fault!” What Mort was most afraid of now was that the Lin family would cut ties with the trading company.

That would have a great impact on them in the future.

However, Lin Qi did not care about his family’s business.

Right now, he only wanted to earn money to upgrade his system.

However, that guy overstepped his boundaries, so Lin Qi had to teach him a lesson! “How about this, from now on, you help me sell these sweet potatoes, and I’ll forgive you!” “Well then? Come here quickly!” Lin Qi was leisurely lying on the base of the tree, and Mort, who was the president of the Magic Trading Firm, was actually selling sweet potatoes at his stall.

Passerbys could not help but laugh at him.

“Well… Young Master Lin, at the end of the day, I’m still the president of the trading firm, so doing this…” “Oh? Then do you want me to go back and discuss what had happened with my father?” Mort immediately changed his tune.

His service attitude changed 180 degrees, and he bowed politely to everyone who came to buy sweet potatoes.

As the afternoon passed by, Mort had gained experience living like a peddler.

After he nearly died of exhaustion, Lin Qi reluctantly relieved him of his duties and let him go back.

However, he still had not earned enough money today.

He had to set up a stall for another two days to reach his goal.

The next morning, the Yu family and the Leonard family were about to set off.

They decided to hurriedly leave as soon as they recovered.

However, Lin Qi had not planned to depart.

While everyone was getting ready to leave, he was quietly tidying up his stall.

He planned to set up his stall again today.

Lewis and Yu Meng were dumbfounded.

What was going on with Lin Qi? Was he addicted to his business? He knew that he was in the middle of the trial, and yet he was still in the mood to set up his stall today.

Although Yu Meng saw Lin Qi as an opponent, she still advised him kindly, “Lin Qi, if you don’t want to follow us, you’ll have to face the trial yourself.

We won’t stay and wait for you!” Lin Qi knew what she was trying to say.

She was offering her help should he choose to leave with them now.

However, Lin Qi only had one thing on his mind, and that was to upgrade his system.

Everything else was secondary.

“Then you guys can go on first.

I’ll catch up with you soon!” Lewis walked over and said to Yu Meng, “Yu Meng, Don’t waste your time on him.

It’s useless even if you try.

It’s better for the two of us to work together to pass the trial!” Yu Meng sighed helplessly as if she was a little disappointed in Lin Qi.

She clearly saw him as her opponent, but he was only perfunctory in dealing with the trial.

That only made her even more disappointed.

Yu Meng turned around decisively and did not say a word to Lin Qi.

Lewis also showed a contemptuous smile to him.

However, that meant nothing to Lin Qi.

Compared to the trial, the system was his number one priority.

After seeing the Yu family and the Leonard family leave, the Lin family’s chief guard asked, “Young Master… Why don’t you go with them? Do you really need money? After the trial, there will be plenty back at the Lin family’s residence!” “By then, it will be too late!” Lin Qi replied curtly, but it only left the chief guard even more confused.

“Just be patient.

Anyway, according to this speed, all will be settled in two days!”