Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 4

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Sweet Dream Pig Food! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation The tusked pig’s body was burly, and the air it was huffing out was sweltering causing the entire area to heat up.

Everyone looked up at the huge creature before them.

It was five meters tall and its terrifying tusks were a full five meters long.

It had solid muscles and its exterior was as hard as rocks.

It also… Had two tails! That was enough to prove that it was indeed a four-star devil beast.

“Don’t provoke it.

Hurry before it finds the carcass of the young tusked pig.

Retreat immediately!” Lin Qi forced himself to remain calm.

His voice was low as he ordered the others to get moving.

Instantly, everyone frantically came back to their senses and quickly began retreating.

Fear gripped their hearts due to the beast’s terrifying power and their legs were trembling as they fled.

Unfortunately, it was impossible for the tusked pig to not recognize the scent of its own child.

It immediately discovered the corpse of the young tusked pig that had died miserably.

It wailed in sorrow and used its huge tusk to gently lift the young tusked pig.

It was as if it wanted to support the child to help it get back on its feet.

However, it soon realized that its child would never respond.




It let out a grievous howl that was deafening! The devil beast stomped on the ground in rage and suddenly charged towards the crowd.

“Get into formation and protect all the heirs!” The chief guard shouted loudly.

All the knights scrambled to get in place.

Their mission was to protect the heirs of these great families.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM If all the heirs died, there would be an excruciating punishment awaiting them.

However, with a great big charge from the tusked pig, the formation fell apart.

The group of knights wailed in pain on the ground.

“It’s just a mere four-star devil beast.

How dare it act so barbarically in front of me? I’ll teach it a lesson!” Lewis roared while he wielded a longsword and spurred his horse to charge.

The tusked pig’s eyes were bloodshot.

It caught a whiff of the scent of its child’s blood on that longsword.

Immediately, it shot furiously toward Lewis.

Lewis and his horse were sent flying.

He lied limp on the ground like a ragdoll and no one knew if he was alive or dead.

“Even the grand swordmaster, Lewis, did not stand a chance against that four-star devil beast.

There was no way we could beat it!” “Are we all going to die?” Everyone was in despair.

That four-star devil beast, the tusked pig, was too powerful.

It was not something they could fight against.

Lin Qi’s legs were trembling, and his eyes were brimming with fear.

At that point, it was clear that his calmness was just a facade.

In the face of that dire situation, he felt like an ordinary person facing a life-or-death scenario一he was engulfed in fear and he felt as if he lost control of his entire body.

The giant tusked pig head was huffing and puffing right in front of him.

It was scorching hot and humid, like a deadly swamp.

Lin Qi suddenly realized that that was not the peaceful country in his previous life, but… A mythical world ruled by magic and ordinary human lives were as worthless as grass.

He… Might actually die.

“Ice Magic: Ice Burst!” A delicate voice shouted.

Frost spread across the air.

The magic staff in Yu Meng’s hand flashed with a magnificent light, and the four limbs of the tusked pig were instantly frozen to the ground by the ice.

“Lin Qi, what are you standing there for? Pick up Lewis’s sword and kill that tusked pig.

My ice magic won’t last long.

If you don’t do something soon, all of us will die!” Yu Meng’s anxious shout startled Lin Qi into action.

Still trembling, he picked up the sword on the ground.

He had never even killed a chicken in his previous life.

Now, he had to kill that terrifying demonic beast? He could not help but falter in his steps.

When an ordinary person is faced with such a scene, their first reaction would not be to run away but to be so horrified that they could not even think.

That was what happened to Lin Qi.

The tusked pig roared fiercely, and the freezing spell on its limbs cracked inch by inch.

“Why are you still standing there?” Yu Meng was so angry that her eyebrows furrowed deeply.

She was anxious because the intensity of casting the spell caused her face to turn red in exertion and she was reaching her limit.

“Do you want to die? I can’t hold on any longer!” The tusked pig broke one of its hind legs free! Lin Qi gritted his teeth.

‘I just transmigrated.

The beautiful and luxurious life of a medieval aristocrat had not even begun yet.

There’s no way I’d die here!’ He wielded the longsword in his hand and slashed the huge, ferocious head! Lin Qi panicked as the longsword shattered before his eyes, and the tusked pig’s thick skin was only left with a faint white mark.

“The tusked pig’s strongest attribute is its defense.

There’s no way normal attacks can harm it at all!” The chief guard’s warning made everyone’s heart sink to their stomachs.

Lin Qi was devastated.

If normal attacks were useless, what other methods could they use? ‘Are we just waiting to die?’ The tusked pig completely broke out of the ice entrapping it.

Its blood-red eyes stared at Yu Meng.

It clearly remembered that she was the one who had cast the ice spell that immobilized it.

It wanted revenge! “It’s over.

” Yu Meng’s pretty face was pale.

Overusing her magic had exhausted her.

She did not have the strength to escape at all.

“It’s not over yet!” All of a sudden, Lin Qi thought of the item that he had obtained from the Newbie Gift Bag in his system.

The Sweet Dream Pig Food! [ Sweet Dream Pig Food: Every swine’s favorite feed! Are you bothered by how noisy your pigs are? Are you dissatisfied with how slowly your pigs are growing? Sweet Dream Pig Food can make your pigs eat more to fatten up and sleep more to quiet down.

It’s a wonderful feed for tending to your little pork chops! ] ‘Could using that really work?’ Lin Qi was not sure.

Cold sweat was dripping down his forehead, but he had no other choice now.

“I already have my heart set on becoming the strongest mage.

There’s no way I’d let myself die here!” Yu Meng was not willing to back down.

She had already learned ice magic, which was the advancement of water magic.

She had the talent and qualifications to become an exceptional mage, but now she was going to die at the hands of a demonic beast.

Her fair hands clenched tightly.

She… Was not going to give up! The tusked pig’s terrifying figure barreled toward her, its looming build blotting out the sun.

Just in time, a thin and weak frame blocked her from the beast’s path.

Although the figure was initially shaking, in the next moment, it stood as firm as the city walls.

Her eyes widened.

The wind was strong and blew through the youth’s hair.

Lin Qi’s handsome and resolute face was revealed.

His black eyes told a different story一he was terrified, but he remained steadfast in protecting Yu Meng.

He threw the Sweet Dream Pig Food with all his might into the tusked pig’s mouth.

The tusked pig roared in anger and charged madly.

Suddenly, its footsteps became softer and softer, as if it was injected with a strong anesthetic.

Its huge body fell to the ground with a hard thud.

The tusked pig had fainted.

Everyone stared at it in astonishment.

They had just survived a disaster.

Their rapidly pounding hearts gave them a strong sense of being alive.

The petite figure that was standing in front of the tusked pig trying to catch his breath appeared extremely tall.