Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 3

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: A Four-star Devil Beast! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Out of the rustling grass, a small pig dashed out.

A pair of small sparkling eyes observed everyone curiously.

Instead of being the least bit terrifying, it was utterly adorable.

Even though it was young, its huge tusks that were vastly more intimidating than its small body were enough to prove that it was indeed a demonic beast.

Lin Qi’s eyes flashed in recognition.

That was a young tusked pig! Tusked pigs mainly used their tusks for attacks and their power was a force to be reckoned with.

Demonic beasts were essentially divided into levels—from one to ten-star.

That young tusked pig barely reached the first level.

On the contrary, a fully grown tusked pig was a three-star demonic beast! Levels one to three-star consisted of primary demonic beasts.

Although they were powerful, it was not difficult for ordinary swordsmen to group up and kill them.

Four to six-star demonic beasts were known as devil beasts.

These beings were no longer demonic beasts that regular people could face.

Their bodies had undergone earth-shattering changes.

Normal weapons could not harm them at all.

When angered, even mages would have a hard time dealing with them.

As for demonic beasts above the seven-star level, they were very difficult to come across but were extremely terrifying.

They had the destructive power of a natural disaster.

It was said that in the south of the continent, there were hordes of giant dragons.

Even the weakest giant dragon was a frightening demonic beast above the seven-star rank—possessing the power to destroy the world.




The only way to survive an encounter with a demonic beast above the seven-star level was to escape! Countless mages lost their lives to these incredible creatures.

That should be enough to prove that one should not provoke even a seven-star demonic beast.

“That is a young tusked pig.

It is not aggressive at the moment and is usually gentle toward humans, so there is no need for us to attack it.

” Yu Meng’s voice was gentle, and it carried a hint of excitement.

It was obvious that seeing the cute tusked pig made her very happy.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM ‘Hold on a second…Yu Meng was a woman?’ Lin Qi was stunned.

He quickly remembered a saying that stated that certain magical attributes had a special relationship with specific genders.

Male fire mages tended to progress faster than other mages, while numerous female mages excelled with the water element.

“Don’t try to provoke it!” After deliberating over it, Lin Qi said decisively, “It’s not just because it isn’t aggressive—the tusked pig is a herd animal.

Therefore if there is a young tusked pig, then adult tusked pigs are surely around.

” “Don’t anger the adult tusked pig just because you provoked the younger one!” He did not want to mention it at first, but he was worried that someone would use that opportunity to show off their fighting skills as the young tusked pig was an easy target.

Not far, under the black veil, Yu Meng’s sapphire-like eyes gleamed.

She had not expected that Lin Qi, who was infamous for being a playboy, would know that information.

‘It seemed as though that guy was not as ignorant as the rumors said he was.

’ She thought to herself.

Due to the cover of the black veil, no one noticed her observing Lin Qi.

“Hmph! What can a mere baby tusked pig do? Even if it was a full-grown tusked pig, I would not be afraid.

As a swordsman, I have to charge forward bravely, and not be frightened like you cowards!” Lewis’s face was full of pride, and his eyes lit up.

The longsword in his hand sent the young tusked pig flying.

The little body of the tusked pig twirled in the air, which made Lewis burst into laughter as if he had found an interesting toy.

The ear-piercing, sharp wail of the young tusked pig spread throughout the valley and the surrounding forest.

It was particularly loud in the empty valley.

In the next moment, the longsword in Lewis’s hand ruthlessly pierced through it.

Scarlet blood trickled down his sword.

Everyone was shocked.

Killing that young tusked pig was completely unnecessary.

Under the black veil, her beautiful face soured.

That Lewis did not have the slightest bit of sympathy.

He only knew how to satisfy his selfish desires.

It seemed that the rumors of Lewis’s benevolence and magnanimity were entirely unfounded.

Selfishness and cruelty were his true colors.

Suddenly, Yu Meng noticed something.

“Wait a moment!” Her beautiful eyes focused as she stared at the tail of the young tusked pig’s corpse.

“This isn’t an ordinary tusked pig.

Its tail… Seems to be bifurcating!” Everyone’s hearts stopped, and they could not help but worry.

“Could it be a twin-tailed tusked pig?” “An ordinary adult tusked pig is a three-star demonic beast, but if it’s a twin-tailed tusked pig then it’s a four-star devil beast.

Its strength far surpasses that of a low-level demonic beast.

It’s not something we can win against!” Although there was only one level between a three-star and a four-star demonic beast, the difference was like heaven and earth! A four-star devil beast had a demon’s core in its body.

All the energy in its body coalesces and it was ten times stronger than a three-star demonic beast! The chief guard had a serious look on his face.

“That young tusked pig was not aggressive.

Killing it was a waste of time.

Let’s go!” Immediately, Lewis stood his ground.

He snorted and said, “Why are you so afraid of a mere tusked pig? What a bunch of cowards!” “As a swordsman, you shouldn’t be afraid of anything! If another comes, kill it.

If many more come, kill them all.

We’ll be feasting on pork tonight!” He cackled wildly.

That arrogant laughter resounded in the emptiness of the valley.

Suddenly, an incomparably mournful wail sounded.

That sound was the same one the young tusked pig made.

Heavy footsteps like a beating drum caused the entire valley to shake like the beginning of an earthquake.

“Go! Quickly! That sound is not something a three-star demonic beast can make!” The chief guard’s expression changed drastically.

He had seen many three-star demonic beasts, so he knew that that terrifying might could only be possessed by a four-star devil beast.

‘Once it finds us, we would be dead meat.

’ He worried.

“That, how can that really be a four-star devil beast?” Lewis’s voice wavered and his whole body stiffened.

The hand that was gripping the sword trembled.

Lin Qi took in all of this.

If Lewis really was a grand swordmaster, then he would definitely be able to fight a four-star devil beast.

Although now, based on his reaction… He seemed more like an ordinary swordsman.

‘Was it because of fear, or was it because… His strength was exaggerated?’ Lin Qi wondered.

Suddenly, Lin Qi gazed up.

He could not move due to the tremor, and that terrifying stomping sound was ringing in his ears.

Yu Meng inadvertently saw Lin Qi raise his head.

Had he found the direction the devil beast was coming from? She looked in the same direction as Lin Qi and said coldly, “It’s too late to leave now.

” A humongous tusked pig broke through the layers of trees in the distance.

Its huge tusks were five meters long, and its eyes were filled with bloodlust.

It also had two tails.

That was a twin-tailed, fully-grown tusked pig一a four-star devil beast! Instantly, everyone stood frozen in fear.