I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 106

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 106

Chapter 106: This Is Really Just a Misunderstanding One after another, the Beast Tamers who had surrounded them proposed that this was an unfair challenge.

Standing at the side, Giles also realized that they had probably misunderstood Hash and Annie.

They had all mistakenly thought that Annie had hired Hash, an Elite Beast Tamer, to be the umpire and that behind this challenge was a dirty transaction of power and money.

That was why Giles had taken out a Silver-rank spirit beast to fight Annie’s Gold-rank spirit beast in this challenge.

At the thought of this, Giles quickly explained to everyone, “Everyone, please calm down.

This is actually a misunderstanding!” “The vine belt on the abdomen of my Metal-feathered Eagle was wrapped with the help of Her Excellency Hash.

” “That’s because it had an unfortunate accident some time ago where it lost control of its evolution.

Right now, its evolution is still in an incomplete state.

” “Therefore, it needs this vine belt to help it absorb the spiritual energy in its body.

” However, to Giles’ surprise, his explanation only added fuel to the flames of rage.

“What? This Silver-rank Metal-feathered Eagle is still a state of an incomplete evolution? Your Excellency Hash! You’re too much!” “That’s right! You actually let Giles use the Silver-rank spirit beast that is in a state of incomplete evolution to fight Annie’s Gold-rank spirit beast!” .



“Also, you still want to reinforce the vine belt that is constantly absorbing spiritual energy.

If you limit its strength like this, how can it possibly win?” “Giles, don’t on behalf of this person who’s abusing her power for personal gain! Do you really think that none of us have seen the plant-type skill, ‘Absorption Vines’?” “That’s right! Who would believe such a reason that a skill that continuously absorbs spiritual energy is used as a support?” “Let’s go! Let’s all go to the Beast Tamer Association’s branch to report this person whose character is not good enough for her position!” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM “Giles, if you were forced to agree to their dirty deal because you didn’t have the money to pay the bill for the spiritual energy supply, then come with us.

We can testify for you!” “That’s right! Giles, don’t worry or be afraid.

Isn’t it just a matter of money? We have twenty to thirty people here now.

We can raise the money for you!” “Giles, don’t worry! The money issue is not a problem at all! Anyway, all of us come to Starlux Gym every day to borrow the training ground.

This sum of money we lend you can be treated as advance payment for borrowing the training ground.

” “…” Even though the angry crowd had agitatedly proposed to report Hash for abusing her power for personal gain as an Elite Beast Tamer, they did not forget Giles, who was the “victim”.

They all unanimously told Giles not to worry about the bill for the spiritual energy supply and not to go against the principles he had always adhered to for this sum of money.

If it was just a matter of money, they could use the method of paying for the venue in advance to cough up the money for Giles’ spiritual energy supply.

Giles, who was anxious and finding it difficult to deal with the current situation, felt a warmth in his heart.

This was because he understood the good intentions of these Beast Tamers who lived in the nearby streets.

Although everyone liked to joke around when they chatted with him, they would all show their righteous and reliable side at such a critical moment.

Therefore, there was only one thing Giles wanted to say to this enthusiastic and indignant crowd.

“I appreciate everyone’s kind intentions, but please calm down first! This is really just a misunderstanding!” Seeing that Giles, the “victim,” had taken the initiative to step forward and explain on Hash’s behalf that this was just a misunderstanding, the agitated crowd began to realize that there might really be a misunderstanding.

However, when their emotions gradually stabilized, they realized that at that moment, Hash was squatting in front of the Metal-feathered Eagle, completely ignoring them.

Seeing that everyone’s anger, which had finally dissipated, was about to ignite again, Giles hurriedly called out to Hash, “Sister Hash, please clarify that this is just a misunderstanding!” “Oh? Have they raised all their questions?” Hearing Giles turn around and call out to her, Hash, who was squatting in front of the Metal-feathered Eagle, turned her head and asked Giles this question.

After she had explained the problem of the spiritual energy supply to everyone, the moment she heard someone mentioning that there was a conspiracy behind Annie’s challenge to Starlux Gym, she could not be bothered to answer the questions that they raised after that.

After that, her attention was fixated on the Metal-feathered Eagle.

“Giles, the spiritual energy in Starlux Gym has been restored.

” At that, Hash looked at Giles and pointed to the equipment that had been lit up again in the reception area.

“I’ve already confirmed with the Metal-feathered Eagle that its choice is to accept this challenge.

” “If there’s nothing else, I think we can begin the ability evaluation in the evaluation zone.

” Giles looked at the reception area in Starlux Gym where the lights were turned on.

Then, he lowered his head and stroked the Metal-feathered Eagle.

“Metal-feathered Eagle, is your choice to accept this challenge?” “Yes, Giles.

Senior Garuda has never escaped from any battle, so I won’t back down either!” The Metal-feathered Eagle expressed its thoughts firmly through spiritual communication.

Furthermore, as if it was afraid that Giles would be worried, it even tried to reassure Giles, “Giles, you don’t have to worry about anything unexpected happening to me during the battle.

” “Didn’t Her Excellency Hash mention just now? She can use her spiritual energy to reinforce the vine belt on my abdomen.

” “With the spiritual energy of an Epic-rank Beast Tamer like her protecting me, Miss Annie’s Gold-rank spirit beast will definitely not be able to damage this vine belt.

” “Besides, you said before that apart from training, the fastest way to grow is to fight.

” “Perhaps after today’s battle ends, I can successfully break through to the Gold rank tomorrow.

” Seeing that the Metal-feathered Eagle had actually begun to comfort itself, Giles, who thought it was a little cute, smiled and stroked its head.

“I just said that I will respect any choice you make.

” “Since your choice is to accept the challenge and fight, I’ll do my best with you in the upcoming battle.

” At this point, Giles looked solemnly at Starlux Gym’s challenger, Annie and said, “Annie, you must not underestimate your opponent just because the Metal-feathered Eagle has yet to break through to the Gold rank.

” “My Metal-feathered Eagle is very troublesome to deal with in actual combat.

If you don’t give it your all, you can forget about obtaining the Starlux Gym’s badge.

” Annie smiled as she listened to Giles’ words that were filled with fighting spirit.

“Giles, going all out in battle is the most basic form of respect.

Since you’ve already expressed your respect for me, I naturally won’t be rude.

” “In order to obtain this Starlux Gym badge, I’ve already prepared for more than a month.

Giles, don’t be shocked later!” Just as Giles and Annie were looking at each other and sparks flew from their battle intent, a few inappropriate voices rang out between them.

“What ‘going all out’? What ‘respect for your opponent’? Giles, stop trying to fool us with these pretty pleasantries!” “That’s right! We already know that your Metal-feathered Eagle is a Silver-rank spirit beast that has undergone an incomplete evolution! How can it defeat Annie’s Gold-rank spirit beast when it has an Absorption Vine wrapped around it?” “Giles, to think that we were so kind as to be prepared to pay the bill for your spiritual energy supply.

I didn’t expect that you would go against the principle that you had always adhered to for the sake of money!” “In my opinion, Giles and Annie are saying all this to divert our attention! Your Excellency, please give us an explanation about whether this challenge is fair or not!” “…”