I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 105

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Your Excellency Hash, Please Give Us an Explanation! “Okay, Giles, you’re right.

I was thoughtless.

” Seeing Giles stroke the Metal-feathered Eagle’s head and say that the decision should lie with it instead, Hash nodded approvingly at Giles.

From the Metal-feathered Eagle’s tame reaction, it was obvious that Giles was not being hypocritical.

He sincerely treated the Metal-feathered Eagle as a friend who had grown up with him.

Like her, he clearly thought that spirit beasts should be individuals who could think independently and not tools that Beast Tamers could deal with as they pleased.

However, Hash, who was looking at Giles, did not notice that what she had said previously had already caused a stir among the Beast Tamers in the square.

“Guys, guess what I just heard? Giles’ bird-type spirit beast actually hasn’t broken through to the Gold rank yet!” “I heard it too! Also, I heard Her Excellency Hash telling Giles not to worry.

She will strengthen something.

” “Ah? Could there be something special about this Silver-rank bird-type spirit beast? Otherwise, why would Giles use it to fight Annie’s Gold-rank spirit beast?” “Her Excellency Hash is probably talking about strengthening the belt on the abdomen of that bird-type spirit beast, right? Because that vine belt looks like a characteristic that only plant-type spirit beasts possess.

” “Let me take a closer look… How is that a vine belt? Isn’t that the ‘Absorption Vine’ of a plant-type spirit beast?” .



“Doesn’t the skill ‘Absorption Vines’ continuously absorb the target’s spiritual energy? Why does Giles’ bird-type spirit beast always have that around it?” “Does this mean Her Excellency Hash is actually going to let that Silver-rank bird fight Annie’s Gold-rank spirit beast while it has that ‘Absorption Vine’ around it? How can it possibly win?” “That’s right! If that’s the case, isn’t Miss Annie challenging Starlux Gym equivalent to her obtaining the badge?” “Hmph! I told you previously that Miss Annie specially calling Her Excellency Hash over to be the judge, has to be some conspiracy behind it! You didn’t believe me just now, but I was right!” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM “…” At the end of the discussion, all the Beast Tamers gathered in the square looked indignant.

In their opinion, there must be a conspiracy behind Annie’s challenge against Starlux Gym and especially letting the elite Beast Tamer, Hash, be the umpire! Otherwise, why would Giles use a Silver-rank spirit beast that had an Absorption Vine wrapped around it to fight against Annie’s Gold-rank spirit beast? One had to know that when they challenged Starlux Gym last month, Giles had sent out those few powerful Gold-rank spirit beasts.

Today, Annie brought her Gold-rank spirit beast to challenge Starlux Gym, but Giles sent out a Silver-rank spirit beast that had an Absorption Vine wrapped around it.

No matter how they thought about it, the reason must be because of the Elite Beast Tamer, Hash, who was the umpire.

Therefore, everyone felt that Hash should at least give an explanation for the “violation” that had already been committed.

With this thought in mind, they gathered together and walked towards the entrance of Starlux Gym.

Hash, on the other hand, hadn’t noticed them.

Her eyes were focused on the Metal-feathered Eagle at the moment.

“In that case, what’s your decision, little guy?” When Hash asked the Metal-feathered Eagle this question, she also put aside her Elite Beast Tamer aura.

In her opinion, the Metal-feathered Eagle in front of her was like a child.

She did not want her identity to interfere with the child’s decision.

However, unexpectedly, before the Metal-feathered Eagle could make a choice, a group of people surrounded the entrance of Starlux Gym.

“Your Excellency Hash, please give us an explanation!” Explanation? What explanation? Seeing these Beast Tamers, who had been waiting to borrow the training ground, suddenly gather together and walk over, Hash could not help but feel puzzled.

“Are you talking about the problem of the Starlux Gym’s spiritual energy supply being halted?” “Just now, Miss Annie had already contacted Mr Gars from the Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce to pay the bill.

” “Spiritual energy supply in the work areas of Starlux Gym will probably be restored in a few minutes, so there’s no need for all of you to be anxious.

” When Hash mentioned the problem of the payment for the spiritual energy supply, it made the angry and resentful Beast Tamers think of something else.

Why would Giles accept Annie’s challenge under these circumstances? From the looks of it now, the answer is obvious! This is a transaction of power and money! Annie would pay the bill for the Starlux Gym’s spirit energy supply for Giles, and Giles would accept Annie’s challenge.

When Giles was defeated by Annie in battle, Annie would be able to rightfully obtain the badge of Starlux Gym.

However, based on their understanding of Giles, Giles wasn’t the kind of person who would go against his principles for money.

Unless, of course, Giles no longer had the money to pay for Starlux Gym’s spiritual energy supply! Come to think of it, Gym Leader Alice, who was in charge of the funds for Starlux Gym, had been away for more than a month.

After supporting Starlux Gym for more than a month, it was normal for Giles to not have any money now.

After the spiritual energy supply from Starlux Gym was cut off this morning, Annie, who had come to challenge Starlux Gym, and Hash, who was the umpire, happened to catch Giles’ weakness.

Therefore, Giles could only go against the principle that he had always adhered to and be forced to go along with such a dirty transaction to pay for the expenses deficit.

Poor Giles… When everyone realized this, the anger and resentment in their hearts were about to spew out.

However, in the face of the Elite Beast Tamer, Hash, they still maintained the most basic level of rationality and respect as they raised their own questions.

“Your Excellency Hash, since Miss Annie has invited you to be the umpire for her challenge against Starlux Gym, I would like to ask if you can ensure that the challenge is fair?” “Although we all know that Giles won the championship in the Beast-taming Gym Tournament last month, aren’t you being too unscrupulous in order to let Annie get the badge?” “Miss Annie said that she and her spirit beast had broken through to the Gold rank under Giles’ guidance, but Giles, who accepted Annie’s challenge, sent out a Silver-rank spirit beast.

” “Moreover, Giles’ Silver-rank spirit beast has an ‘Absorption Vine’ that can absorb its spiritual energy continuously, wrapped around it.

Under these circumstances, how can it defeat Annie’s Gold-rank spirit beast?” “That’s right! You’ve added so many restrictions on Giles and his spirit beast.

Why don’t you just let Giles give the badge to Annie? Why do you have to come over and put up a show?” “If you insist on letting Giles use this Silver-rank spirit beast to accept the challenge, then I want to apply to watch the battle in the evaluation section! To ensure that the challenge is fair!” “That’s right! I want to apply to go to the evaluation section to watch the battle too!” “Me too! Count me in!” “…”