I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 89

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 89

Chapter 89: The Linear Graphs Representing Continuous Improvement Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations As Giles stroked it with his right hand, the Metal-feathered Eagle, which felt very comfortable, half-closed its eyes.

It was hard to believe that such a docile-looking creature was so eye-catching just a few minutes ago when it was constantly changing directions in the training ground to avoid the spiritual-energy cannonballs.

After hearing Giles’ congratulatory words, the Metal-feathered Eagle, which had its eyes half-closed, stared at Giles in disbelief.

“Giles, is that true? Did I really break all my previous records today?” Although the Metal-feathered Eagle had made some improvements daily during the past two weeks of training, perhaps because it had reached a bottleneck in the past few days, its condition had begun to fluctuate slightly.

For example, during the training to shoot arrows yesterday, its stats had been maintained better than before.

However, during the training to avoid the cannonballs yesterday, its performance was much worse than the previous two days.

Therefore, when it heard Giles congratulate it for breaking all the records, the Metal-feathered Eagle’s first reaction was to confirm this with Giles in surprise.

The Metal-feathered Eagle’s reaction was within Giles’ expectations, but he also knew that the Metal-feathered Eagle had not understood the recorded statistics yet.

Hence, Giles, who was holding onto the scene simulator, straightened his back and took off his goggles.




He input the goggles and the data that he had recorded on his board, into the scene simulator.

As Giles began to operate the scene simulator, the two small ballistae on both sides of the training ground immediately dissipated into a stream of spiritual energy.

Under Giles’ control, the misty spiritual energy surging in the training ground began to condense into several flat graphs.

The data that Giles had recorded over the past two weeks were now displayed in the form of a linear graph in the training ground.

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COM “Metal-feathered Eagle, fly up and take a look at those lines.

You’ll understand then.

” Seeing that the spiritual energy had finished condensing into graphs, Giles lowered his head and pointed to the Metal-feathered Eagle beside him.

“This graph is the data of you pecking with your eagle beak.

This graph is the data of you attacking with your wings.

This graph is the data of you kicking with your feet claws.

” “This graph is the data of you using your arrows to shoot at the moving targets.

This graph is the data of you using your arrows to shoot at the fixed targets.

Finally, this graph is the data of you dodging the spiritual-energy cannonballs just now.

” “If the undulating lines in the graphs are going upwards, that means that you’ve improved.

Going downwards means that you didn’t perform as well as before.

” After Giles explained it once, although the Metal-feathered Eagle did not understand what the data displayed in the graphs represented, it could still tell how much it had improved during the past two weeks through the rising and falling lines.

For example, during the first week of training, all the lines went up.

This meant that it was improving every day, and the data for all the training programs were getting better by the day.

However, after the second week, the lines did not rise as much as they did during the first week, meaning that they had gradually reached a bottleneck from the second week onwards.

Moreover, the lines in the graphs even had slight fluctuations three days ago, and these three days were when it occasionally failed to function because of its bottleneck.

The Metal-feathered Eagle’s gaze traced the lines on the graphs and finally stopped at the data today.

Although there was no significant improvement over the past three days, all the data today was a little higher than before.

In Giles’ words, it had broken all its previous records! “I actually did it!” After confirming that it had broken all its previous records, the Metal-feathered Eagle let out an excited cry and even jumped a few times on the spot.

“Metal-feathered Eagle, from the data displayed on these graphs, your current strength should have reached its limit and you’ve successfully stepped into the threshold of the Gold-rank for bird-type spirit beasts.

” Giles, who was also happy about this, looked up at the graphs floating on the training ground and continued to analyze the situation with the Metal-feathered Eagle.

“The remaining beast-core spiritual energy in your body has already been absorbed by the vine belt.

If nothing goes wrong, you might break through to the Gold rank tomorrow or the day after.

” “It is extremely rare for one to continue evolving after an incomplete evolution.

Therefore, for safety reasons, from today onwards, you are not to leave my line of sight every day.

At night, you can also come straight to my wooden hut to sleep and rest.

” “This way, even if you suddenly start to break through, I can immediately take care of you to prevent any accidents from happening.

” When it heard Giles mention about breaking through to the Gold rank, the excited Metal-feathered Eagle also recalled the spiritual energy storm caused by its previous evolution losing control.

It, who still had lingering fears about this, quickly calmed down and nodded at Giles.

Then, its eyes suddenly revealed a tinge of worry.

“Giles, will anything happen to me when I break through to the Gold rank this time?” “You can rest assured about that.

” As Giles spoke, he slowly squatted down and gently hugged the Metal-feathered Eagle, who was surprised by his actions.

“With this vine belt given to you by an Elite Beast Tamer like Sister Hash as your guarantee, that situation will definitely not happen again.

” Hearing Giles’ resolute words, the Metal-feathered Eagle’s tensed muscles immediately relaxed.

“Okay! Giles, I trust you!” “In that case, let’s summarize today’s training as usual!” Seeing that the Metal-feathered Eagle was no longer worried about breaking through to the Gold rank, Giles, who had a smile on his face, solemnly summarized the day’s training results with the Metal-feathered Eagle.

“Metal-feathered Eagle, the four offensive and defensive skills that you have learned, as well as your innate skill to increase hardness, have all performed exceptionally well in today’s training.

” “On this note, I congratulate you once again for breaking all your previous records.

Tell me what reward you want.

” After hearing Giles’ praise, the Metal-feathered Eagle, which was holding its head high, narrowed its eyes and rubbed its head against Giles’ right hand.

Needless to say, as Giles’ right hand landed on the Metal-feathered Eagle’s head, the morning training ended.

There was no audience for this final commendation ritual.

Furthermore, be it the reason behind this ceremony or the reward given, they all seemed a little childish and laughable.

However, Giles had always believed that one had to pay attention to the details and rituals when interacting with spirit beasts.

Even the slightest careless move by a Beast Tamer might affect the spirit beast greatly.

For example, the act of him stroking the Metal-feathered Eagle’s head could actually motivate the Metal-feathered Eagle.

After turning off the simulator, for safety reasons, Giles quietly waited for the spiritual energy in the training ground to dissipate.

“It’s almost seven o’clock!” As the spiritual energy gradually dissipated, Giles looked up at the clock on the wall.

Then, he walked towards the main switch that controlled the spiritual energy supply.

“It’s getting late.

We have to hurry and open the door to the gym.

” “Perhaps there are already Beast Tamers who need to borrow the training ground waiting at the entrance of the gym.

” However, before Giles could reach the switch for the main gate, all the lights on the evaluation equipment suddenly went out.

Even the lighting went out.

For a moment, the entire evaluation section fell into darkness.

“Hmm? Is it night time?”