I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 88

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Defensive Skill “Wings Shield” and Innate Skill “Metalize” “As expected of a masterpiece created by five Legend-rank Beast Tamers!” Giles, who was wearing his goggles again, looked at the two small ballistae condensed from the spiritual energy in the training ground.

His respect for the five Legend-rank Beast Tamers couldn’t help but deepen.

Although the two small ballistae made of spiritual energy looked ordinary, the principles involved were extremely precise and complicated.

Today, Giles could actually rely on the scene simulator to condense spiritual energy into two small ballistae after pressing a few buttons.

This was all thanks to the efforts of the five Legend-rank Beast Tamers who had developed the scene simulator.

However, although the two small ballistae simulated in the training ground looked similar to the City Guard’s ballistae, the power of the cannonballs was actually far from the actual ballistae.

The reason was that they were completely condensed from spiritual energy and did not contain any metal or wood.

The cannonballs that were to be launched from the ballistae as well as the springs and bow strings that were used for the launch, were all condensed from spiritual energy.

When the scene simulator simulated the two small ballistae, it could be said that it vividly displayed the unique plasticity of spiritual energy.

Furthermore, the simulator’s control over spiritual energy was not as simple as transforming the shape of spiritual energy.

Just like its name, “Scene Simulator”, in order to completely simulate various scenes, this device could even change the attributes of spiritual energy.

“Metal-feathered Eagle, the new training ground has been set up.

How are you feeling?” .



After setting the attribute of the spiritual-energy cannonball to ‘Rock’, Giles, who was looking down at the Metal-feathered Eagle, wiped the sweat off his goggles.

The Metal-feathered Eagle, which had its eyes closed to compose itself, heaved a sigh of relief when it heard Giles’ question.

Then, it looked up and met Giles’ gaze.

“I’m in a good state now.

I don’t have any issues.

I can start training anytime.

” As Giles looked at the Metal-feathered Eagle in the eye, he could tell that it was in a heated state.

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COM After confirming that the Metal-feathered Eagle was fine, Giles pointed at the center of the training ground.

“In that case, fly into the training ground first.

When I start shouting, the ballistae will begin to fire cannonballs at you.

” “What you have to do is to avoid the ballistae’s cannonballs as much as possible while flying.

” “If you can’t dodge in time, you can also use your Wings Shield to defend yourself.

” “As long as the cannonball doesn’t hit any part other than your wings, it will be considered a success.

” “Once the cannonball hits a spot other than your wings, this training will end.

” In the next training program, Giles not only had to train the Metal-feathered Eagle to dodge attacks when it flew, but he also had to train the Metal-feathered Eagle to use the skill ‘Wings Shield’ to react quickly.

“Wings Shield” was a common skill that all bird-type spirit beasts could learn.

This defensive skill could allow bird-type spirit beasts to use their wings as shields to ward off attacks.

Furthermore, the Metal-feathered Eagle had an advantage that other bird-type spirit beasts did not have.

That was, as a metal-type spirit beast, it also had the innate skill ‘Metalize’ that increased its hardness.

After the innate skill ‘Metalize’ increased the hardness of its wings, the Metal-feathered Eagle’s defense would be enhanced when it used ‘Wings Shield’.

It was because of this that Giles had specially set the attribute of the spiritual-energy cannonball to be ‘Rock’ when he set up the spiritual-energy cannonball.

This was also to increase the power of the spiritual-energy cannonball.

Otherwise, even if the spiritual-energy cannonball hit the Metal-feathered Eagle, it might not even notice the cannonball since it used ‘Metalize’ to increase its hardness.

Seeing the Metal-feathered Eagle flap its wings and fly into the training ground, Giles stretched out his left hand and picked up a dumbbell from a pile of gym equipment.

“Let the training begin!” As Giles shouted for the training to begin, the two small ballistae on both sides of the training ground began to fire their spiritual-energy cannonball at the flying Metal-feathered Eagle.

Facing the pincer attack of the spiritual-energy cannonballs flying towards it from both sides, the Metal-feathered Eagle in the training ground did not panic at all.

It flapped its wings abruptly and rose up, cleanly dodging the first round of attacks from the small ballistae.

As the Metal-feathered Eagle flew around the training ground, it began to skillfully use various flying techniques such as turning sideways and charging to a stop, nimbly dodging the incoming spiritual-energy cannonballs.

Giles, who was wearing the goggles, was observing the trajectory of the Metal-feathered Eagle in the air as he used the dumbbell to move his left arm for rehabilitation.

“There is no abnormal reaction at the wrist joint, no abnormal reaction at the elbow joint, no abnormal reaction at the shoulder joint, and no abnormal reaction at the wound.

” After finishing the rehabilitation exercises for his left arm, Giles confirmed that there were no abnormal reactions from the spiritual energy in his left arm as a result of his activities.

He then continued the remaining physical training exercises in peace.

As the Metal-feathered Eagle’s current training program required a long time, Giles also carried out training programs such as squats, frog jumps, and sit-ups while observing the statistics through his goggles.

As time passed, the sweat on Giles’ forehead began to gather and drip, but he did not feel exhausted.

Giles could clearly sense that under the guidance of the Little Fox’s spiritual energy, his body was using the paste made from the Pulse Condensation Grass as a medium to absorb the spiritual energy in his left arm.

This was also a pattern that Giles had discovered during the past two weeks of training.

Whenever he was about to reach his limit, his body would absorb a wisp of spiritual energy from his left arm.

After the wisp of spiritual energy spread throughout his body, the aching and swelling pain in his entire body would gradually disappear.

After doing his research online, he also verified that the situation occurring in his body was consistent with the characteristics of Beast Tamers who enhanced their physique by absorbing spiritual energy.

In other words, through these two weeks of training, Giles’ strength as a Beast Tamer was also increasing incessantly.

However, as he had to manage Starlux Gym every day, Giles had yet to go to the Beast Tamer Association to evaluate which rank he had reached.

Bang! “Beep! The spiritual-energy cannonball’s first hit is at 10 minutes and 25 seconds!” After hearing the recording sound from the goggles, Giles, who was still doing his squats, began to focus his attention on the Metal-feathered Eagle.

This was because the recording sound meant that the Metal-feathered Eagle could not dodge in time and could only use its ‘Wings Shield’ skill to defend.

The frequency at which it used “Shield Wings” to defend would also increase because its physical fitness was no longer enough for it to continue using its flying skills to dodge the attacks of the small ballistae.

The actual situation in the training ground was as Giles had imagined.

After the Metal-feathered Eagle used its ‘Wings Shield’ to defend once, the frequency that it used its flying skill to dodge the spiritual-energy cannonballs decreased.

The interval between the usage of its defense skill ‘Wings Shield’ also became shorter and shorter.

Bang! Bang! Bang…! “Beep! The spiritual-energy cannonball tenth hit is at 12 minutes and 48 seconds! This training is over!” As this recording sound rang out from the goggles on Giles’ face, the two small ballistae stopped attacking the Metal-feathered Eagle.

Seeing that the training was over, the Metal-feathered Eagle flapped its wings and flew towards Giles from the training ground.

“Hu!” After doing the last squat, Giles heaved a sigh of relief and slowly held the scene simulator and stood up.

Seeing the Metal-feathered Eagle fly in front of him, Giles, who was holding onto the scene simulator, bent down slightly and reached out his right hand to stroke its head.

“Metal-feathered Eagle, congratulations on breaking all your previous records!”