I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 86

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Legend-rank Beast Tamer and the Power of the Universe Tap tap tap….

Buzz… After Giles pressed a few buttons on a precision device, a spiritual shield, which was used whilst accepting challenges from Beast Tamers, appeared at the edge of the evaluation section.

Giles did not stop operating the equipment.

While he kept pressing the buttons, the originally empty venue began to change.

Mist-like spiritual energy kept rising from the arena.

After the spiritual energy completely enveloped the entire arena, it gradually began to condense from the misty state to a solid state.

Under Giles’ operation and adjustments, targets that condensed from spiritual energy appeared in the arena and the training ground used by the Gym Leader had become a shooting range.

Watching the scene where the misty spiritual energy kept surging and condensing into a solid form, the Metal-feathered Eagle, which was flapping its wings in the air, could not help but exclaim, “I can’t get sick of this scene no matter how many times I look at it!” “That’s right.

After all, all the scene simulators used in the Beast-taming Gyms were created by the joint efforts of five Legend-rank Beast Tamers who had comprehended the powers of energy gathering and forming shapes.

” After Giles stopped operating the equipment, he also heard the Metal-feathered Eagle’s exclamation through their spiritual communication.

The device he had just operated was called the “Scene Simulator”.

It had the function of highly compressing invisible and intangible spiritual energy into a solid form.

The principle was similar to freezing the water in the air into ice and using ice sculptures to simulate the training scene.

However, the efficiency of spiritual energy condensation was higher, and the shape condensed from the spiritual energy could also be freely set by the operator.




As the controller of the simulator’s setting, Giles excitedly began to introduce the origin of this device to the Metal-feathered Eagle.

“In order to develop this scene simulator, the five Legend-rank Beast Tamers who had comprehended the Power of the Universe spent three years worth of effort.

” “In these three years, they failed thousands of times.

Furthermore, every failure meant that they had to fight against Death.

” “Because the moment they fail, the enormous amount of spiritual energy controlled by the equipment that maintains the stability of the spiritual energy will lose control and trigger a Legend-rank spiritual energy storm.

” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM After learning about the story behind this magical equipment from Giles, the Metal-feathered Eagle could not help but feel deep veneration for the five Legend-rank Beast Tamers.

When it heard Giles say that they had experienced thousands of failures and thousands of spiritual storms during the research and development of the scene simulator, its heart also became nervous with Giles’ slightly serious words.

The spiritual energy storm that nearly destroyed it and Giles’ bodies was only at the Silver rank, but they had faced Legend-rank spiritual energy storms thousands of times! However, Giles’ last sentence finally made the nervous Metal-feathered Eagle heave a sigh of relief.

“Fortunately, although they experienced thousands of failures and faced thousands of Legend-rank spiritual energy storms, with the protection of the five Legend-rank Beast Tamers, no major casualties occurred during the development of the scene simulator and it turned out successful.

” After hearing this unexpected outcome, the Metal-feathered Eagle couldn’t help but ask Giles curiously, “Giles, are Legend-rank Beast Tamers who have comprehended the Power of the Universe that powerful?” “That’s a Legend-rank spiritual energy storm! They actually managed to survive without any casualties.

” “Metal-feathered Eagle, a Legend-rank spiritual energy storm is indeed terrifying.

If there’s no intervention, the subsequent destruction will be enough to affect an entire base city.

” Giles first told the Metal-feathered Eagle about the destructive power and influence of the Legend-rank Spirit Storm.

Then, he mentioned the important role the Power of the Universe played in this.

“However, as the creators of the scene simulator, the five Legend-rank Beast Tamers, who had comprehended the Power of the Universe, had a unique understanding of controlling spiritual energy.

” “Every time the spiritual energy goes out of control and triggers a spiritual energy storm, they and their spirit beasts would immediately unleash spiritual energy that was no less than the spiritual energy storm, so as to fight against it.

” “Then, in conjunction with the energy-gathering and shape-shifting powers that they had learned, they would limit the spiritual energy storm to a specific area and gradually disperse it and absorb the spiritual energy inside.

” “To them, the Power of the Universe that they have comprehended was akin to having the ability to restrict a blazing fire to within an enclosed area and draw out the oxygen supply.

” “In this way, no matter how intense the fire is, it will not be able to continue burning and will gradually extinguish because there is no oxygen supply.

” After hearing Giles’ explanation, the Metal-feathered Eagle realized how powerful the Power of the Universe, which was still out of its reach, was.

“I haven’t broken through to the Gold rank yet.

I don’t know when I can reach the Legend rank where I can comprehend the Power of the Universe.

” “Metal-feathered Eagle, you don’t have to think too much about this.

This is because when you reach the Epic rank, you should be able to feel a trace of the Power of the Universe.

” If the Legend rank was the process of gradually understanding the Power of the Universe, then the Epic rank before that was a threshold that determined whether or not one could attain the Power of the Universe.

As for the highest Mythic rank, they were existences that could completely control the Power of the Universe.

The Metal-feathered Eagle’s exclamation also reminded Giles.

Giles had already had a rough speculation about the Power of the Universe that the Metal-feathered Eagle might comprehend.

Under normal circumstances, the Power of the Universe that spirit beasts could comprehend was usually related to their innate skills.

The Metal-feathered Eagle was similar to other metal-type spirit beasts in the beginning.

Its innate skill was’ Metalize ‘, which increased its hardness.

If nothing unexpected happened, when the Metal-feathered Eagle reached the Legend rank, it would understand the Power of Controlling Metal.

However, after listening to Garuda’s story, the Metal-feathered Eagle had learned its new innate skills, ‘Devour’ and ‘Feather Arrows’.

Therefore, it was very likely that the Metal-feathered Eagle would comprehend other Power of the Universe because of these two innate skills.

After realizing this, Giles looked at the Metal-feathered Eagle in anticipation.

One had to know that in battles above the Epic rank, it was a competition of one’s understanding and use of the Power of the Universe.

On the other hand, when spirit beasts that had comprehended two types of Power of the Universe used both powers in actual combat, they would usually be able to exert the effects of ‘one plus one is greater than two’.

However, even for Legend-rank spirit beasts, there were very few who could comprehend two types of Power of the Universe.

The Metal-feathered Eagle had extraordinary potential.

Perhaps it could grow to the Mythic rank in the future! However, before that, it still had to train hard and let the Metal-feathered Eagle break through to the Gold rank first.

With this in mind, Giles retrieved a device that looked like a pair of goggles from the scene simulator and put it on his head.

Then, he looked towards the Metal-feathered Eagle and pointed at the shooting range.

“Metal-feathered Eagle, the training ground has been simulated into a shooting range.

” “Next, let’s see whether your Feather Arrows can continue to break your previous record.