I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 85

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 85

Chapter 85: The Metal-feathered Eagle’s Strength Has Officially Reached the Gold-rank Threshold Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations Whoosh! Bang! Ding! “Okay, 43.

6kg, Metal-feathered Eagle.

One more time.

” After receiving the message from Giles through spiritual communication, the Metal-feathered Eagle, which was 50 meters away from the strength detector, flapped its wings and flung out a feather again.

Whoosh! A golden light flashed.

Bang! Then, a piece of golden feather entered the spiritual shield released by the strength detector.




Ding! A mechanical sound rang out from the strength detector, and the number displayed on it changed from 0 to 44.



4kg, not bad! You improved a little compared to yesterday.

Looking at the numbers displayed on the machine, Giles nodded at the Metal-feathered Eagle which was not far from him.

Then, he wrote the number ‘44.

4’ on the record board in his hand.

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COM Apart from the ‘Devour’ skill that it had not used for the past two weeks, the Metal-feathered Eagle had also learned another innate skill from Garuda’s story, ‘Feather Arrows’.

The innate skill ‘Feather Arrows’ allowed the Metal-feathered Eagle to shoot out its feathers, which were as hard as steel and like arrows, by flapping its wings.

After Giles’ evaluation over the past two weeks, the Metal-feathered Eagle could fire up to 52 feathers through ‘Feather Arrows’ in an hour.

If it exceeded this number, the Metal-feathered Eagle would clearly feel the burden on its spiritual energy when it generated feathers.

As for how many feathers the Metal-feathered Eagle could shoot with the ‘Feather Arrows’ skill in a day, Giles would stop the Metal-feathered Eagle that was trying to challenge the limits of its body, so as to ensure the Metal-feathered Eagle’s safety.

However, Giles had evaluated that ‘Feather Arrows’ could only shoot four feathers at once.

Furthermore, the effective killing distance of the feathers was about 200 meters, and the optimal distance for maximum fatality was less than 100 meters.

“Metal-feathered Eagle, fly over with all your might! Next is pecking!” As Giles waved at him from beside the strength detector, the Metal-feathered Eagle that had received the message flapped its wings and began to accelerate.

Bang! A few seconds later, a loud bang rang out in the evaluation section, and the Metal-feathered Eagle’s beak pecked into the spiritual shield released by the strength detector.

Ding! The machine sounded again, and the number on it changed from 0 to 334.



7kg, Metal-feathered Eagle.

Show me the speedometer.

” After the Metal-feathered Eagle pulled out its beak from the spiritual shield, Giles squatted down and looked at the speedometer around its neck.


6 km/h, 20.

1 m.

Similar to the previous two days.

” Giles even smoothed out the tufts of feathers on the Metal-feathered Eagle’s head that had curled up slightly from the pecking.

“Don’t be discouraged, Metal-feathered Eagle.

Next time, adjust your breathing first.

Don’t rush forward.

” “Let’s see if we can break the record you left behind two days ago today.

” Upon hearing this, the Metal-feathered Eagle looked up and exchanged a glance with Giles.

Then, with a slight nod, it turned around and flew back to the starting point.

All the best, Metal-feathered Eagle! After sensing the Metal-feathered Eagle fighting spirit and determination from its eyes, Giles subconsciously clenched the pen in his hand and began to cheer the Metal-feathered Eagle on in his heart.

After the Metal-feathered Eagle returned to its starting point, it did not charge straight at the strength detector like before.

Instead, it closed its eyes and took a deep breath.

As its chest heaved, the Metal-feathered Eagle that was slowly exhaling suddenly opened its sharp eyes and flapped its wings as it charged forward.

Bang! Ding! “336.

1 kg! 110.

2 km/h! 19.

8 m! Metal-feathered Eagle, you succeeded!” After hearing the numbers displayed on the detector and speedometer, the Metal-feathered Eagle jumped into Giles’ arms excitedly.

Giles also caught it with a smile on his face.

After this planet experienced the resurgence of spiritual energy, it became many times larger, so some rules of calculation had also undergone a huge change.

The Metal-feathered Eagle now had the strength to peck at 336.

1 kg, with a speed of 110.

2 kilometers per hour, and an explosive strength that could help it reach its speed limit within 20 meters from the starting point.

Although it had yet to break through to the Gold rank, this number meant that it had officially stepped into the threshold of a Gold-rank bird-type spirit beast.

“Metal-feathered Eagle, don’t get excited yet.

While you’re in a heated state, let’s test the remaining data first.

” “Alright! There’s also the charging and kicking with claws, right?” “That’s right.

” Bang! Ding! Bang! Ding! Bang! As the sound of impact and mechanical voice continued to ring out in the evaluation section, Giles’ voice became more and more excited when he reported the data.

Even his hand, which was recording the numbers, trembled slightly.


2 kg! 323.

9 kg! 95.

7 kg! 96.

2 kg!” After evaluating the data of the Metal-feathered Eagle using its wings to ram and using its claws to kick, Giles, who had a happy expression on his face, took the initiative to hug the Metal-feathered Eagle.

“Metal-feathered Eagle, the data that I just measured for you has already indicated your strength as a Gold-rank bird-type spirit beast.

” However, the Metal-feathered Eagle seemed to have recalled something and was not as happy as Giles.

“But Giles, my shortcomings are still very obvious!” As the Metal-feathered Eagle spoke, it slowly stretched out its hands.

Compared to its muscular legs, its arms were still too weak.

In front of Giles, the Metal-feathered Eagle raised its hand and grabbed the spiritual shield of the strength detector.

Ding! As the machine’s sound rang out, the number ‘8.

1’ popped out.

Then, the Metal-feathered Eagle flapped its wings and flew to the strength detector, using its claws to grab the spiritual shield.

Ding! As the machine’s sound rang out, the number ‘79.

5’ popped up.

“Metal-feathered Eagle, you don’t have to worry about this.

” Looking at the numbers that were nearly ten times different from the previous numbers, Giles was not surprised.

After all, before those two claws grew out, the Metal-feathered Eagle had long been used to grabbing items with its feet.

This was like getting someone who was used to using his right hand learn to use his left hand.

He would not be able to get used to it anytime soon.

Furthermore, there were still some problems with the Metal-feathered Eagle’s hands.

“The reason why your hands have always been weak is because your evolution is incomplete.

” “As long as you can break through to the Gold rank and complete your evolution, this problem will naturally be resolved.

” During the past two weeks of training, the word “Gold-rank” had left a very deep impression on the Metal-feathered Eagle.

This was also the goal that the Metal-feathered Eagle had been working hard towards.

Giles’ words also reminded the Metal-feathered Eagle that it was only one step away from the “Gold-rank” it dreamed of.

“Giles, I won’t waste time on being depressed and dejected anymore!” The Metal-feathered Eagle, who had regained its composure, looked determinedly at Giles.

“Since the evaluation is over, let’s begin today’s training!”