I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 81

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Regaining One’s Pride as a Beast Tamer! Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations The sun rose in the east and the sky turned white.

The first ray of morning sunlight penetrated through the dome of the greenhouse in the spirit-beast section and illuminated the small wooden hut in the forest.

Feeling the sunlight coming through the crack in the window, Giles’ closed eyes lifted slightly.

Giles, who was gradually waking up, slowly raised his left hand to block out the sunlight.

Then, he opened his eyes slightly and propped himself up with his right arm before sitting up on the bed.

Just as Giles was about to get up and wash up, he suddenly realized that his legs were numb.

Rubbing his eyes gently with his hand, Giles found the Little Fox sleeping on his blanket with its head on his leg.

“Hah…” Looking at the sleeping Little Fox, Giles sighed softly.




He had actually been wanting to make a nest for Little Fox all this while.

However, for some reason, the Little Fox stuck to him when it slept.

Therefore, every day when Giles woke up, he could see the scene of the Little Fox sleeping on his leg.

However, even though he was sighing, Giles was already familiar with the current situation.

Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM He slowly reached his hands under the blanket and gently lifted the Little Fox up.

Then, he quietly moved his legs away from the Little Fox’s body.

After moving his legs completely away from the Little Fox, Giles placed the Little Fox on the bed again and slowly pulled out his hands.

Seeing that the Little Fox didn’t show any signs of waking up, Giles, who was holding his breath, slowly heaved a sigh of relief.

He knew very well that this little princess’ temper was much bigger than her body.

However, looking at the cute Little Fox who was sleeping soundly, Giles, who wanted to take a tinge of “revenge”, couldn’t help but touch her.

As for the Little Fox, it merely wagged its tail nonchalantly at Giles’ caress before curling up and falling asleep in a different posture.

When his numb legs gradually regained consciousness, Giles got up and washed up.

After Giles washed up, he had just put down his cup and toothbrush when he heard a gentle knock on the wooden door.

Giles’ first reaction when he heard the knock on the door was to turn around and look at the clock on the table.

[Morning, 5:26] “Alright, two minutes earlier today than the day before.

” After silently making this evaluation, Giles tiptoed to the door and opened it.

Looking at the heaving chest of the Metal-feathered Eagle standing outside the door, Giles reached out his right hand and stroked its head approvingly.

“You did well, Metal-feathered Eagle.

You were two minutes earlier than yesterday.

” “Right now, the timing you take to fly ten rounds around the entire Starlux Gym has more or less stabilised to less than thirty minutes.

” The Metal-feathered Eagle comfortably enjoyed the Giles’ caress.

Then, it proposed the next training program to Giles.

“Giles, let’s go and run now!” “No problem, but I have to stretch my entire body first to prevent any leg cramps during the run,” Giles said as he walked out of the wooden hut and began to stretch himself at the door.

Seeing this, the Metal-feathered Eagle mimicked Giles’ actions and stretched its four claws.

“Metal-feathered Eagle, did you lose your balance during your recent flights?” While he was still stretching, Giles asked about the Metal-feathered Eagle’s recent flight status.

On the same afternoon that Rex brought Hash to Starlux Gym, Giles came up with a training plan based on the Metal-feathered Eagle’s body.

From the next day on, Giles, with his left arm that had yet to recover, had been supervising the training of the Metal-feathered Eagle from five o’clock in the morning.

As for why he woke up so early to train, it was also because Starlux Gym was in the same situation as the other Beast-taming Gyms.

Although the gym was temporarily closed under the Beast Tamer Association’s notice, the training area of the gym was still opened to other Beast Tamers for their spirit beasts’ training as usual.

Therefore, from 7a.


to 7p.


every day, Giles’ main focus was still on managing the training ground for Starlux Gym.

Although he could also find time to use the training ground to train the Metal-feathered Eagle during this period, the effect of this training was actually not as good as him waking up early in the morning and focusing on training the Metal-feathered Eagle.

Furthermore, the Metal-feathered Eagle was also concerned about Giles, who was still injured.

The next day, it had wobbled as it mastered the technique of controlling its body’s balance while flying.

Thus, from the third day onwards, the Metal-feathered Eagle said that it could steady itself and maintain its flight.

It wanted Giles to sleep a little longer, but Giles, who worried about the Metal-feathered Eagle, insisted on getting up early.

It was not until two days later, when the Metal-feathered Eagle could finally flap its wings and agilely perform various movements in the air, that Giles proposed to the Metal-feathered Eagle the next training program for flying.

In other words, he would train the Metal-feathered Eagle’s endurance by having it fly ten rounds around the entire Starlux Gym.

Now, it had been two weeks since Giles returned to Starlux Gym, and the time it took for the Metal-feathered Eagle to fly ten rounds around Starlux Gym had gradually reduced from the initial forty to fifty minutes to less than half an hour.

“I didn’t.

Right now, flying ten rounds around Starlux Gym is just a warm-up for me.

” As the Metal-feathered Eagle had already flown ten rounds, it took much less time than Giles to stretch its body in its warmed-up state.

As if to prove its flying ability, the Metal-feathered Eagle flapped its wings and flew into the air.

It began to display all kinds of flying skills in front of Giles – spinning, rising, turning sideways, and coming to an abrupt stop.

Looking at the various flying techniques displayed by the Metal-feathered Eagle, Giles felt very pleased.

In the two weeks that he had been training the Metal-feathered Eagle, not only had its various abilities improved, but he had also gradually regained his pride as a Beast Tamer.

Presently, he was no longer the silly kid that had relied on telling stories to forcefully increase the strength of his spirit beasts.

Even if his current strength had yet to reach the Gold rank that Hash mentioned, he was still a genuine Silver-rank Beast Tamer.

He was not the lucky one who had obtained an Epic-rank Beast Tamer badge by relying on a few powerful spirit beasts.

“Okay, I can tell that you’re in a warmed-up state.

” Seeing the Metal-feathered Eagle steadily stop in front of him and lower its head to ask for a pet, Giles, who had just finished his warm-up exercises, habitually stroked its head.

“By the way, about the remaining beast cores in your body, do you still feel any discomfort when you absorb them through the vine belt?” When it heard Giles ask about the remaining beast-core energy in its body, the Metal-feathered Eagle suddenly became excited.

“Giles, after flying around the entire Starlux Gym ten times today, the remaining beast core spiritual energy in my body was finally fully absorbed by the vine belt!” “Oh? Is that so? Let me see!” Giles was also happy for the Metal-feathered Eagle when he heard the news.

He quickly squatted down and checked the Metal-feathered Eagle’s vine belt.

During the past two weeks, every time the Metal-feathered Eagle absorbed spiritual energy, he would stand aside cautiously in a nervous mood, ready to deal with the situation of its spiritual energy losing control.

Now that the Metal-feathered Eagle had told him that all its spiritual energy had been absorbed by the vine belt, he could finally relax.

Giles realized that the vine belt was in a fully-charged state as usual and there was nothing unusual about it, so he reminded the Metal-feathered Eagle, “Metal-feathered Eagle, as long as you slowly absorb the spiritual energy in the vine belt, you can try to break through to the Gold rank.

” “Therefore, you must not be anxious now.

Let’s continue training steadily.

You will definitely break through in the next few days!” The Metal-feathered Eagle nodded.

Ever since the last accident, it would not act rashly on its own.

“Okay! Giles, I’ll listen to you!” Giles slowly stood up and pointed towards the exit of the spirit-beast section.

“In that case, let’s begin the next training program.

We’ll run three laps around Starlux Gym!”