I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 82

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Laying the Foundation to Learn Fighting Skills At the core of the series of training plans that Giles had come up with, the most important thing was to use these training sessions to help the Metal-feathered Eagle overcome the problems it faced due to its incomplete evolution.

For example, having the Metal-feathered Eagle fly around Starlux Gym ten times a day was to train its balance and endurance.

He had taught it flying skills to train its reaction speed and control.

As for Giles, he was running with the Metal-feathered Eagle now because he realized that after the Metal-feathered Eagle grew its two arms, its body shape had already met the requirements of a “human-shaped spirit beast”.

“Human-shaped spirit beasts” were as their name suggested, no matter how large they were, their bodies were similar to that of humans.

Therefore, ‘human-shaped spirit beasts’ could more or less learn the combat skills invented by humans during the initial period of the spiritual energy resurgence to fight against the ferocious beasts.

After Giles asked the Metal-feathered Eagle about its opinion, he realized how determined it was to become as strong as the Garuda in the story.

Thus, while Giles was drafting a training plan for the Metal-feathered Eagle, he had already begun to lay the foundation for the Metal-feathered Eagle’s future learning of combat skills.

Due to its incomplete evolution, the Metal-feathered Eagle’s claws on its chest not only affected its flying balance, but also its running balance.

Therefore, Giles’ first step in laying the foundation for the Metal-feathered Eagle was to train it to run on its hind legs.

This was the same reason why the Metal-feathered Eagle flew around the Starlux Gym.

It was to train its balance and endurance.




“Metal-feathered Eagle, it’s been two weeks since we started waking up in the morning to run.

” Giles and the Metal-feathered Eagle ran around Starlux Gym three times before returning to the spirit-beast section.

On the way to the wooden hut in the forest, Giles couldn’t help but praise the Metal-feathered Eagle, “Your improvements have been evident over the past two weeks.

You can almost catch up with me now.

” Although the Metal-feathered Eagle had absorbed most of the remaining beast core energy in its body over the past two weeks, its body did not change much.

It was a little taller, but it was still only about a meter tall.

It just about reached Giles’ waist.

Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM Therefore, when it ran with Giles, it had to take two or three steps for every step that Giles took.

Otherwise, even if Giles had been jogging, it would not have been able to keep up with Giles’ pace.

The reason Giles praised the Metal-feathered Eagle for its obvious improvement was not just because its speed had increased.

“Yeah, Giles.

Two weeks ago, I could barely walk, let alone run.

” After hearing Giles’ praise, the Metal-feathered Eagle’s eyes narrowed into slits.

Hearing that the Metal-feathered Eagle mentioned two weeks ago, Giles recalled his first run with the Metal-feathered Eagle.

The running plan that he had designed for the Metal-feathered Eagle was divided into several stages.

Now, “Running three laps around Starlux Gym” was the second stage of “endurance training,” while the first stage was “Balance Training”.

When Giles first brought the Metal-feathered Eagle to do a hundred-meter sprint, he had looked back when he reached the finishing point.

The Metal-feathered Eagle, which was wobbling on its feet, could not run at all.

As long as it took a larger step, it would lose its balance and fall over.

Thus, Giles patiently began by teaching the Metal-feathered Eagle how to walk.

It was only then that he realized the main problem with the Metal-feathered Eagle’s inability to control its balance while walking.

That was, it still couldn’t control the way its arms moved as it walked.

As a result, whether it was walking or running, it would lose its balance and fall to the side because its hands and feet on the same side of the body move at the same time as it walked.

Therefore, in order to solve the Metal-feathered Eagle balancing problem, Giles spent two to three days correcting its walking posture.

Until last week, the Metal-feathered Eagle could finally maintain its balance when it walked and ran.

Although it wasn’t running very quickly at that time and Giles had to wait for it at the finishing point for three to four seconds after their hundred-meter sprint, Giles would always stand at the finishing point and smile at the comical sight of the clumsy Metal-feathered Eagle trying to run.

However, it was not a mocking smile, but a smile that encouraged the Metal-feathered Eagle.

Just like that, after two weeks of hard work by Giles and the Metal Feather Eagle, the Metal Feather Eagle gradually went from being unable to walk steadily to gradually catching up to Giles with its running speed.

Furthermore, after it could control its body’s balance, it successfully entered the second stage of Giles’ running plan, which was “Running three laps around Starlux Gym”.

As a training ground mainly for Beast Tamers and spirit beasts, Starlux Gym was similar to other Beast-taming Gyms and was divided into several areas.

Therefore, be it Starlux Gym or other Beast-taming Gyms, the area they occupied was not small.

It could basically be considered a large park with all kinds of equipment.

In fact, a Beast-taming Gym that was completely developed and in operation, could be considered a theme park with a different style.

It could also be a unique sight-seeing spot in the base city and had a certain value in touring it.

After running three rounds around Starlux Gym, Giles’ clothes were already drenched in sweat.

The chest of the Metal-feathered Eagle, which was following behind him, rose and fell incessantly as it breathed in the fresh air in the spirit-beast section.

Seeing that Giles’ bandaged left hand was dripping with sweat, the Metal-feathered Eagle went over to Giles and asked worriedly, “Giles, how are the injuries on your left arm?” “This? Didn’t I mention this once last week? The wound on my left arm has pretty much healed.

” Giles raised his left arm and waved it at the Metal-feathered Eagle twice.

“But because I have to absorb spiritual energy through applying the Pulse Condensation Grass every day, I have to constantly replace it with new gauze.

” “Ah! We’re here!” As they chatted along the way, Giles and the Metal-feathered Eagle returned to the door of the wooden hut.

“Shh! Let’s be softer.

It’s still early.

Little Fox might not be awake yet.

” Giles gestured at the Metal-feathered Eagle to communicate telepathically if it had anything to say.

Then, Giles reached out his right hand and patted the Metal-feathered Eagle on the head.

“I’ll go in and wipe off my sweat first.

Wait for me at the door.

” “When I come out, we’ll go to the evaluation area to continue the remaining training segments.

” Seeing the Metal-feathered Eagle nod obediently, Giles turned around, opened the door, and walked into the wooden hut.

Just as he took off his clothes and was about to wipe his body with a towel, the Little Fox’s voice rang out from the bed behind him.

“So do you still want to continue with the rehabilitation training for your left arm today?”