I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 67

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Taking a Photo to Record This Heartwarming Scene Spirituality was a combination of ‘intelligence’ and ‘assimilation’.

The higher the spirituality of the spirit beast, the stronger its learning ability would be.

Furthermore, spirituality was also a major standard that drew the line between spirit beasts and ferocious beasts.

The improvement of learning ability for ferocious beasts was mostly reliant on their survival instincts, which were made up of brutality and the survival of the fittest.

In other words, they had an unruly ‘ferocious nature’.

Rational spirit beasts could communicate telepathically with humans, but crazy ferocious beasts were irrational most of the time.

However, be it spirituality or ferociousness, they were both embodiments of learning abilities.

Through their unique learning methods, spirit beasts and ferocious beasts could continuously assimilate some innate skills that uniquely belonged to their own race.

Furthermore, they could also learn some common skills through getting trained by Beast Tamers as well as their usual battles.

Based on what the Little Golden Eagle had described, coupled with the accident that had just happened, Giles made a bold speculation.

Under the influence of his spiritual power, ‘telling stories to spirit beast cubs’ became a special method to increase their ‘spirituality’.

After a spirit beast cub finished listening to the story, its spirituality would rapidly increase, far exceeding that of ordinary spirit beasts.




That was why they were immersed in the story he told them, as they were playing the main character in that world and assimilating the skill.

In addition, there was an abundant supply of spiritual energy in the warm room of the spirit-beast section, which could continuously transmit spiritual energy for the growth and evolution of the spirit beasts.

Under these circumstances, the spirit beast cubs that had heard the story would not stop growing and evolving after absorbing spiritual energy.

The main reason why the Little Golden Eagle had lost control of its evolution this time was because it had activated the ‘Devour’ skill and swallowed four additional beast cores.

This resulted in the spiritual energy turbulence in its body.

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COM This was because even if it did not use its skills to swallow the beast cores, the spiritual energy provided within the spirit beast section was sufficient.

At that thought, Giles recalled something Madam Janice had told him at the blood pool.

Madam Janice noticed that the bodies of Giles’ spirit beasts, which had fallen into a deep slumber, contained a tremendous amount of spiritual energy.

This might be one of the reasons why their combat strength far exceeded other spirit beasts of the same rank.

By soaking in the blood pool and sleeping, not only could they strengthen their bodies, but they could also slowly digest and absorb the immense spiritual energy in their bodies.

Coupled with the speculation he had just made and the viewpoint proposed by Madam Janice, Giles speculated that the previous spirit beasts must have absorbed too much spiritual energy when they evolved after listening to the stories, resulting in a situation similar to ‘overnutrition’ occurring in their bodies.

Moreover, they did not have the Little Golden Eagle’s innate skill ‘Devour’, which could quickly digest and absorb spiritual energy.

Therefore, even after evolving to the Gold rank, there was still a huge amount of spiritual energy left in their bodies that had not been completely absorbed.

As such, their combat strength far exceeded that of spirit beasts of the same rank during battle.

However, just as excess nutrition would bring some harm to the body of a human, the prolonged storage of such a large amount of spiritual energy in the body of a spirit beast would also be accompanied by a certain degree of risk.

There might even be some side effects, such as high spirits, violent temperaments, and so on.

Fortunately, the appearance of the blood pool and Madam Janice helped them resolve the hidden danger in their bodies.

With the help of the blood pool to absorb the remaining spiritual energy in their bodies, coupled with the fact that Madam Janice’s main body was a Legend-rank spirit beast, only then did Giles feel assured leaving his spirit beasts in the blood pool and wait for their transformation.

Madam Janice’s words also reminded Giles that his method of ‘telling stories to accelerate the growth of spirit beasts’ actually had some hidden dangers and even had quite a few side effects.

Previously, when the few spirit beasts were absorbing the spiritual energy, he did not intervene and did not restrain them from absorbing the spiritual energy.

As a result, they ended up in a situation similar to ‘overnutrition’.

This was just like when humans replenish a large amount of fat, vitamins, and proteins through overeating within a short period of time, but they had not undergone a large amount of training to promote digestion and absorption in the stomach.

In this way, although their bodies had become larger and their weight had increased, they were still just fat people.

This method of ‘allowing the spirit beast to absorb spiritual energy continuously after listening to the story so as to accelerate its growth’ was not only detrimental to the spirit beast itself, but also did not conform to the Beast Tamer guidelines.

What Beast Tamers needed to do was to teach spirit beasts combat skills and let them learn some common skills during their growth process together with their spirit beasts.

It was not enough to just raise their spirit beasts.

This was just like how parents had to let their children learn and guide them to discover their hobbies and specialties during their growth.

They would not just release their children after their children had eaten their fill and grown up.

After noticing this, Giles scanned the sleeping spirit beast cubs around him and made a decision.

“Looks like whether it’s for them or for myself, I have to control my spiritual power when I tell stories in the future.

” “Otherwise, even if situations like that of the Little Golden Eagle’s special situation today, did not occur again, there would still be a hidden danger of absorbing and penting up a lot of spiritual energy like the other spirit beasts.

” “But looking at the effect of the lullaby I hummed just now, the impact of my powerful spiritual power doesn’t seem to be limited to telling stories.

” When Giles was humming the lullaby earlier, he had deliberately tried to control his spiritual power, only letting out a trace of it to see how it worked.

The outcome was as he had expected.

Under the influence of that trace of spiritual power, the spirit beast cubs who heard the lullaby quickly relaxed their tense nerves and entered a deep sleep.

“Since I can freely control that immense spiritual power, I’ll have to try to control the effects of my spiritual power on them the next time I tell a story.

” Feeling the gentle breeze blowing into the courtyard of the spirit beast section, Giles looked at the sleeping spirit beast cubs beside him and suddenly felt that this scene was very warm and adorable.

He then took out his camera, which he had not used in a while, from his spatial wristband.

After making sure that the camera lens and the shutter were okay, Giles looked at the nearly used-up film in his camera, Seeming to remember something, he suddenly sighed.

“Hai, I haven’t taken pictures of them in a long time.

I wonder if they still remember this.

” Before Giles replaced Alice to be in charge of Starlux Gym, he, who was responsible for taking care of the spirit beast cubs, would take pictures of them every day to record their daily lives and growth.

The spirit beast cubs also enjoyed this.

Sometimes, they would even criticise Giles for not taking good photos of them when he took shots of them, and would then get Giles to take a few more.

However, recently, not only Giles, but even the spirit beast cubs seemed to have forgotten about this matter.

“Forget it, I’ll just treat this as a long-awaited surprise.

” Thinking of this, Giles tried his best to straighten his right hand and raised the camera high up.

He aimed it at himself and the spirit beast cubs surrounding him before pressing the shutter of the camera.

Click! The heartwarming scene beside Giles was frozen in the photo that the camera slowly printed out.