I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 66

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 66

Chapter 66: The Reminder from Madam Janice Under Giles’ questioning and guidance, the little golden eagle roughly described the scene it saw after listening to the story.

“…In the end, I even felt that I had become the Senior Garuda in the story, and a memory suddenly appeared in my mind.

It was through that memory that I assimilated Senior Garuda’s ‘Devour’ Skill.

” After hearing the Little Golden Eagle’s description, Giles fell into deep thought.

Through the content described by the Little Golden Eagle coupled with the situations during the evolution of the few spirit beasts after they had heard a story, Giles felt that the Little Golden Eagle’s sudden swallowing of the beast core was a complete accident.

That might not even have been its own idea.

This was because after the few spirit beasts heard the story, they felt that they had completely integrated into the world in the story.

Furthermore, without any exception, they had all subconsciously used the skills they had learned in the story.

Clearly, the Little Golden Eagle, who had learned its innate skill, ‘Devour’, had also encountered this situation.

Therefore, it suddenly swallowed the beast cores and began to absorb spiritual energy.

In the end, its body could not withstand such a large amount of spiritual energy, resulting in its evolution getting out of control.

Furthermore, because Giles had interfered in the evolution process midway by forcefully helping the Little Golden Eagle, which had lost control of its evolution, to stop absorbing spiritual energy.

As a result, the Little Golden Eagle did not completely absorb the four beast cores in its body.

This was why the Little Golden Eagle’s evolution had failed.

“Giles, although I didn’t break through to the Gold rank, for me to grow to my current size and even have these two sharp claws, it shouldn’t be considered a complete evolution failure.

” .



Seeing Giles remain silent, the Little Golden Eagle did not want Giles to worry about it.

As if trying to prove its point, it stretched out its two additional sharp claws that were on both sides of its chest.

However, its two sharp yet weak claws did not seem convincing.

However, the Little Golden Eagle’s words reminded Giles.

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COM Based on the conclusions he had derived from reading up on information and observing the spirit beasts in the past, under normal circumstances, the bodies of spirit beasts would not undergo any changes after their evolution failed.

Furthermore, they might even be injured because of the failed evolution.

This was also the reason why Giles had checked on the Little Golden Eagle’s body condition immediately after hearing that its evolution had failed.

However, to his surprise, not only had the Little Golden Eagle’s body undergone an obvious change, but it also did not suffer any injuries from this incident.

Giles kept trying to recall if there was a situation similar to that of the Little Golden Eagle, before finally coming to a conclusion.

“Your line of thought is correct.

Your current situation is more like an incomplete evolution than a failure.

The reason is probably because you haven’t completely absorbed the spiritual energy of the four beast cores in your body.

” After hearing Giles’ conclusion, the Little Golden Eagle looked troubled.

After absorbing the spiritual energy that caused its evolution to go out of control, it did not even dare to mobilize the spiritual energy in its body now.

However, according to Giles’ conclusion, if it did not absorb the spiritual energy in the four beast cores, it would not be able to completely evolve to the Gold rank.

Must I remain at Silver rank forever? Giles, who was sitting at the side, could tell that the Little Golden Eagle was worried.

He reached out his right hand and stroked its head.

“Don’t worry.

As far as I remember, your situation shouldn’t be the first case.

” “I’ll look through the information later and I’ll be able to find a solution soon.

” Feeling Giles’ touch, the Little Golden Eagle gradually calmed down.

After experiencing the moment of life and death just now, the Little Golden Eagle was filled with confidence in Giles.

Since Giles said that he could find a way to solve this problem, there will definitely be a way! Seeing that the Little Golden Eagle had finally relaxed and closed its eyes to rest, Giles heaved a sigh of relief.

However, based on the Little Golden Eagle’s description of its situation after listening to the story, Giles could not help but reevaluate the effects of the stories he had told to the spirit beasts.

Based on his speculation that was derived from consolidating the previous evolutions of the other spirit beasts, his powerful innate spiritual power was the main reason why spirit beasts could grow faster and assimilate the skills in the story.

The facts had proven that it was indeed the case.

However, this was only a change that occurred after the spirit beast finished listening to the story, and not a feeling that arose from listening to the story.

Based on the Little Golden Eagle’s description, when it was listening to the story, the scenes in the story seemed to form in its mind.

In the end, it even felt like it had become the Garuda in the story.

A memory suddenly appeared in its mind, allowing it to assimilate Garuda’s innate skill, ‘Devour’.

Looks like under the influence of my spiritual power, the entire story-telling process is like a movie to the spirit beasts.

Furthermore, their souls can even be completely immersed in the world of stories.

By acting as the main character of the story, they can accelerate their growth and assimilation of skills.

After realizing this, Giles suddenly thought of Little Fox’s mother, Madam Janice.

After the Blood Pool Battle ended, Madam Janice had reminded him to pay attention to the influence of ‘spiritual energy’ and ‘spirituality’ on the spirit beasts.

Spiritual energy was a special energy that provided the creatures of this world with growth and survival.

Hundreds of years after this world experienced the resurgence of spiritual energy, all the known species of humans had completely adapted to the existence of spiritual energy.

Over the years, even humans, who seemed unaffected by the spiritual energy at the beginning, had subtly changed after contracting with their spirit beasts.

Although they did not look much different compared to the human beings in the past, their body had already developed a reliance on spiritual energy.

In other words, spiritual energy was like oxygen in another form to humans.

If a person stayed in a place with weak spiritual energy for too long, the various functions of their body would begin to decline, and their mental state would become listless.

Those who lived in areas with abundant spiritual energy for a long time were full of energy and great fitness every day.

After so many years, the influence of spiritual energy on humans had become extremely outrageous.

The ferocious beasts and spirit beasts that had been evolving since the awakening of their spiritual energy had a higher demand for spiritual energy than humans.

By absorbing spiritual energy, it could shorten the growth period of ferocious beasts and spirit beasts.

At the same time, it could strengthen their bodies and extend their lifespans.

They could even learn to control and use this special spiritual energy.

Just like the Little Golden Eagle’s situation, it accelerated its growth by absorbing the spiritual energy inside the beast cores.

However, because the ‘Devour’ skill it activated had absorbed a tremendous amount of spiritual energy that its body could not withstand, it resulted in the evolution getting out of hand.

As for why the Little Golden Eagle could assimilate Garuda’s innate skill, ‘Devour’, that was related to the ‘spirituality’ that Madam Janice mentioned.