I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 45

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 45

Chapter 45: New Challenge, Gym Leader with Terrifying Abilities Eugene City in Maryland was the venue of the Beast Tamer Friendly Match.

After Giles rushed over, he immediately felt that something was different.

“There are so many people here,” Ryder said as he looked at the bustling crowd walking along the street.

Giles nodded in agreement.

This was also what he was thinking.

As for why Ryder had tagged along, it was because he was also a contestant for this Beast Tamer Friendly Match.

Giles was not surprised.

After all, he had become an Epic-rank Beast Tamer at a young age and was qualified to participate in the competition.

Without stopping for long, Giles led the group to search for a hotel.

The competition wouldn’t begin until the next day, so Giles and the others couldn’t just wait around.

After finding a hotel and settling in, Alina found Giles.

“Giles, I’ll head over to the Beast Tamer Association first to validate that stalk of Dragon Blood Grass.

” .



Giles nodded.

In his opinion, this was normal.

After all, the Dragon Blood Grass concerned Alina’s life and death.

It was impossible for her not to take it to heart.

After Alina left, Giles felt that he couldn’t just wait around.

He prepared to head to the Beast-taming Gym in the city to issue a challenge and obtain the third gym badge.

After telling Ryder about it, Ryder also agreed with him.

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COM Thus, the two of them walked out of the hotel and asked passersby about the location of the gym before heading there.

Soon, the two of them arrived at their destination.

The name of this gym was Gene Gym.

When Giles and Ryder walked in, they were surprised to see a lot of people around.

“Sophia? Is she here to challenge the gym too?” Ryder said when he saw a familiar figure in the crowd.

“Oh, Sophia is the girl I like.

I didn’t expect her to be here too,” Ryder explained when he saw that Giles was confused.

Upon hearing this, Giles smiled.

“Probably because the Beast Tamer Friendly Match has yet to begin, so many people have the same idea as us.

They all conveniently came to challenge the gym.

” Giles couldn’t help but recall the Gym Tournament from before.

At that time, Flange Gym in Flange City had probably been challenged by many people.

However, Giles hadn’t thought of this at that time and didn’t know the details.

Ryder nodded in agreement.

Just then, there was a discussion in the crowd.

“Look, it’s York.

He’s at the Epic rank at such a young age.

I wonder if he can defeat the Gym Leader.

” “Hard to say.

York is indeed powerful, but the Gym Leader is very experienced in combat.

It’s hard to say.

” “I think so too.

If it’s that easy to defeat the gym leader, how can there be so many people?” … Hearing the discussion around him, Giles sized up the two people in the arena.

The Gym Leader was a beautiful woman in her thirties.

She had a pretty face and a curvy figure that made people urge to commit a crime.

This was obvious from the way many men were gawking at her.

Across from the Gym Leader was a handsome young man.

At that moment, he was staring fixedly at the Gym Leader, his face filled with fighting spirit.

Then, he summoned an Epic-rank beast, the Silver-horned Rhinoceros.

On the other hand, the Gym Leader had also summoned her Epic-rank beast, the Saber-toothed Tiger.

Upon seeing the Gym Leader’s spirit beast, Giles could not help but take a second glance.

This was because the leader of the Beast Blood Sect group they had run into previously, was also a Saber-toothed Tiger.

The two people in the arena did not know about Giles’ thoughts.

The battle between the two began.

“Silver-horned Rhinoceros, use your ‘Thunderbolt’ skill.

” Under the command of the young man named York, the Silver-horned Rhinoceros’ horn emitted a thunderbolt that shot towards the Saber-toothed Tiger.

The Gym Leader remained composed and commanded the Saber-toothed Tiger to successfully dodge the attack.

After that, the Gym Leader’s counterattack ensued.

“Saber-toothed Tiger, use your ‘Speed’ skill.

” “Saber-toothed Tiger, use your ‘Diamond Claw’ skill.

” The next moment, the Saber-toothed Tiger’s speed increased in a split second.

Then, it turned into a blur as it charged towards the Silver-horned Rhinoceros.

York’s expression changed drastically.

He knew that he had to withstand the Saber-toothed Tiger’s attack, or else this battle would end in his failure.

York didn’t even think about dodging the attack.

The reason for that was because with the Silver Horned Rhinoceros’ size, it was impossible for it to dodge.

Therefore, it could only forcibly withstand this attack! “Silver-horned Rhinoceros, use your skill ‘Thunderbolt Shield’.

” The next moment, a flash of thunder appeared from the Silver Horned Rhino’s horn again.

Then, the thunderbolt spread out in front of it, forming a shield made of thunderbolts.

At the same time, the Saber-toothed Tiger’s attack arrived.

York watched nervously.

The outcome of this battle would depend on whether he could hold up against this attack.

A cold gleam flashed across the Saber-toothed Tiger’s eyes.

Then, it quickly arrived beside the Silver-horned Rhinoceros.

The next moment, it extended its sharp claws.

Then, under York’s shocked gaze, it broke the Thunderbolt Shield in front of the Silver-horned Rhinoceros and landed on the Rhinoceros’ body.

The Silver-Horned Rhinoceros let out a deep cry and collapsed onto the ground.

It seemed to have lost its ability to fight.

Seeing this, Giles stroked his chin.

This Gym Leader was terrifyingly powerful, and Giles had a feeling that her Saber-toothed Tiger was not simple.

“York actually lost.

He couldn’t even withstand a single blow.

” “That’s normal.

You aren’t a local, are you? Ever since the current Gym Leader took over the gym, no one has successfully won a challenge against her.

” “What? Is she that powerful?” “Hehe, another person wants to challenge the Gym Leader.

You’ll find out after you continue watching.

” … Giles looked towards the arena.

He realised that the new challenger was Sophia, the girl whom Ryder fancied.

After Sophia went up to the arena, she did not say anything and simply summoned her Epic-rank beast, the Purple-winged Wind Butterfly.

The Gym Leader continued using the Epic-rank Saber-toothed Tiger.

“Gym Leader, I’m going to begin,” Sophia said softly while staring at the beautiful woman.

The Gym Leader nodded.

“Purple-winged Wind Butterfly, use your ‘Tornado’ skill!” The next moment, a tornado that was visible to the naked eye enveloped the entire arena, including Saber-toothed Tiger.

However, the Saber-toothed Tiger did not seem to be affected at all.

Its four claws dug into the arena like nails, and its body remained motionless.

Only the fur on its body swayed with the wind.

“Purple-winged Wind Butterfly, use your ‘Sleeping Pollen’.

” Sophia did not expect to defeat the Gym Leader by just using the ‘Tornado’ skill and continued unleashing her spirit beast’s skills.

Immediately, a colorful and sparkling powder scattered from the wings of the Purple-winged Wind Butterfly and flew towards the Saber-toothed Tiger along with the tornado.

“That pollen can cause spirit beasts below the Legend rank to fall into a deep slumber.

I wonder if the Gym Leader’s Saber-toothed Tiger can withstand it.

” “Are you kidding? How can the Gym Leader remain still and let the opponent counterattack? Look, the Gym Leader’s attack is about to begin.

” “As a local, I know the Gym Leader’s strength very well.

She definitely won’t lose.

” … Sophia could hear some of the chatter below the arena, but she ignored it.

Instead, she stared hard at the Saber-toothed Tiger.

“Saber-Toothed Tiger, use your ‘Tiger Roar’ skill.

” The next moment, a loud roar came from the Saber-toothed Tiger.

When this voice reached everyone’s ears, they immediately felt a buzzing in their ears and the image of a ferocious tiger howling in the forest appeared in their minds.

In the arena, the Purple-winged Wind Butterfly that the Saber-toothed Tiger had locked onto, suffered the blow and fainted.

It fell to the ground and lost its ability to fight.

“Like I said, the Gym Leader is very powerful.

She won’t lose.

” “That’s true.

The outcome of these two matches were decided in one blow.

As expected of the Gym Leader.

” “With these two precedents, I don’t think anyone will want to challenge the Gym Leader anymore,” someone in the crowd said.

However, just as someone beside him nodded in agreement, a youth in his twenties stepped into the arena.

He smiled at the Gym Leader, revealing his white teeth.

“Gym Leader, I’m here to challenge you.