I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 44

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Collecting the Second Gym Badge and Heading for the Match In the mountain range.

The Legend-rank beast that had transformed into a woman had wiped out the people from the Beast Blood Sect in just one blow.

Giles could not help but be secretly shocked.

After all, he had never come across the power of a Legend-rank beast.

At that moment, the woman’s beautiful face was filled with anger.

Clearly, she was furious.

Previously, it was the Beast Blood Sect that had attacked and tried to take her descendant away.

Unexpectedly, they still did not give up.

This undoubtedly enraged this Legend-rank beast.

After getting rid of all the members of the Beast Blood Sect, she turned around and looked at Giles and the others.

The anger on her face gradually dissipated.

She gave the little fox in Giles’ arms a long look.

Even so, she didn’t change her decision and let Giles take the little fox away.

This was because when she first saw Giles, she had already sensed his extraordinary aura.

It was not a hallucination, but the innate skill of a ferocious beast like her.

Her true form was a Nine-tailed Celestial Fox.




Although it was called a nine-tailed beast, it only had one tail when it was born.

Only when it became stronger would a new tail grow out.

For example, she only had six tails at the Legend rank now.

Only if she evolved to the Mythic-rank, would she be able to have nine tails.

Aside from that, ferocious beasts like her also had a special innate skill, Luck Seeking and Avoiding Danger.

It literally meant that one could sense danger and opportunities.

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COM When she saw Giles, she had an inexplicable feeling that there would be unimaginable benefits from following him.

However, as a Legend-rank ferocious beast, she was the ruler of this mountain range.

She had always advocated peace and suppressed the ferocious beasts in the mountain range to prevent them from attacking human cities.

It was impossible for her to just up and leave.

Therefore, she changed her plans and prepared to hand her descendant over to Giles.

Perhaps her descendent could benefit from it.

“Mr Giles, beyond this dense forest is Saint Etienne City.

I won’t be sending you off.

Have a safe journey, everyone,” the woman said to Giles and the others.

Giles nodded.

“Thank you for your help, Madam.

I’ll see you again if there’s a chance.

” The woman smiled and took one last look at the Little Fox.

Her eyes were filled with reluctance but she still left in a flash.

When the Little Fox saw this, it scratched Giles’ chest a few times with its claws before falling silent.

“Ryder, you lead the way.

We’re going to Saint Etienne City,” Giles said.

At the same time, Giles also established a contract with the Little Fox in his arms.

After all, this was a wild beast.

He would only be at ease after contracting it.

Perhaps the woman had reminded the Little Fox previously, so there was no resistance from it at all and they successfully established the contract.

Seeing this, Giles couldn’t help but feel a little moved.

Previously, he was just a Bronze-rank Beast Tamer who was called trash.

Now, he had actually contracted so many spirit beasts.

However, there were many Bronze-rank spirit beasts amongst them.

Other than the Little Fox, they had all been brought out from the gym.

At the same time, Giles was also curious about how powerful his soul strength was.

After all, most Beast Tamers could not contract so many spirit beasts.

Even for Bronze-rank spirit beasts, they would not be able to contract many of them.

This was because if they controlled too many ferocious beasts, it would be very difficult for Beast Tamers to withstand the chaotic thoughts of those spirit beasts.

Therefore, most Beast Tamers only contracted a few spirit beasts before stopping.

In the world of Beast Tamers, there had never been someone like Giles, who had contracted more than ten beasts as if it were nothing.

Furthermore, Giles didn’t feel any different.

He even felt like he could contract more beasts.

Apart from that, Giles felt that his soul strength had already exceeded the Epic rank.

Perhaps he could attempt to fuse with the spirit beast and possess their power.

This was an ability that only Legend-rank Beast Tamers could possess.

Needless to say, Giles was very envious of this ability.

However, after reading through a lot of information, Giles had tried to amalgamate with a beast’s spirit but failed.

Perhaps it was not a failure, but rather, there had been no reaction at all.

It was not until later that Giles learned that a unique method was needed to amalgamate with a beast’s spirit.

This method was strictly kept by the Beast Tamers and could only be obtained by passing the Beast Tamer Association’s evaluation and becoming a Legend-rank Beast Tamer.

Although his few spirit beasts had sick abilities, Giles did not think that he could pass the evaluation.

Only by waiting till he possessed a Legend-rank spirit beast could he obtain the method to amalgamate with the beast’s spirit.

After all, Giles had always yearned to possess the power of a spirit beast.

Of course, it wasn’t like that of the Beast Blood Sect.

Their method simply didn’t treat humans as humans and just turned them straight into ferocious beasts.

It was utterly crazy.

There was no problem with the Beast Blood Sect’s early doctrine.

However, the mistake was that the actions of the Beast Blood Sect members had already severely deviated from this doctrine, and it eventually caused many Beast Tamers to scorn them.

“Giles, this is the Beast-taming Gym in our city.

” After leaving the Solomon Mountain Range, Giles and the others rode the Swan Beast to the Beast-taming Gym in Saint Etienne City.

Just then, a thought suddenly occurred to Giles.

“Ryder, was it you who painted the graffiti at the Conor Gym in Erding City?” The young man scratched his head embarrassedly.

“That’s right, I did it.

” Giles was curious.

“Why did you do that?” Faced with Giles’ curiosity, Ryder explained the reason with a red face.

It turned out that Ryder had taken a fancy to the daughter of Conor Gym’s Gym Leader.

He was shy and did not dare to court her directly.

He could only use this method to attract the girl’s attention.

Upon hearing this, Giles wasn’t the only one who was speechless.

Even Alina covered her mouth and chuckled when she heard this.

“How can you court a girl like that? That girl probably wants to beat you up,” Giles said with a smile.

“By the way, I just challenged the gym leader there.

I didn’t see the girl you mentioned.

” “She’s a genius Beast Tamer in our area.

She’s already an Epic-rank Beast Tamer at a young age.

A few days ago, she received an invitation from the Beast Tamer Association and went to the location of the Beast Tamer Friendly Match.

” When Giles heard this, he was a little surprised.

Unexpectedly, he had heard information about an opponent before he even reached the competition venue.

“That’s a coincidence.

Giles is also participating in the Beast Tamer Friendly Match.

When the time comes, we can see what kind of girl made Ryder so infatuated,” Alina smiled and said.

Ryder looked at Giles in shock.

He had not expected Giles to be participating in the Beast Tamer Friendly Match as well.

However, when he thought of Giles’ two terrifying spirit beasts, he immediately understood that Giles was indeed qualified.

The Beast-taming Gym in this city was called the Joseph Gym.

The Gym Leader was also an Epic-rank Beast Tamer, but he was powerless against Giles’ extraordinary King Kong Beast.

Giles successfully obtained the badge exclusive to the second gym.

Beside him, even though Ryder had witnessed Giles’ terrifying strength previously, he was still extremely shocked.

Giles did not stay in this city for long, as the next city was the location of the Beast Tamer Friendly Match.

Furthermore, it was almost time for the competition to begin.